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National Comics #36

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National Comics
PublisherQuality | Date: | Lang: English
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NotesThere is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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National Comics #36 (38 of 79)
Additional Information
PublicationOctober 1943 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1 | Frequency: Monthly
NotesThe Kid Patrol is shown on the cover, but not found in the comic.
FeaturingUncle Sam
CreditsPencils: Alex Kotzky | Inks: Alex Kotzky
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: Uncle Sam; Buddy [Buddy Smith]; G-2 [Captain Don Leash]; Destroyer 171 crew; Sally O'Neil; Kid Patrol; Quicksilver [Max Crandall]; Salty Waters
NotesThe Kid Patrol is shown on the cover, but not found in the comic.
Comic StoryBriefcase At the Hotel Bizum (11 pages)
SynopsisHotel Bizum in Russia becomes a miniature battlefield of World War II.
FeaturingUncle Sam
CreditsPencils: Art Seymour (signed) | Inks: Art Seymour (signed)
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: Uncle Sam; Buddy [Buddy Smith]; Captain Ivan (introduction); the Nazis (villains)
Comic StoryThe Midget (1 page)
SynopsisNothing like a second cup of coffee.
FeaturingWindy Breeze
CreditsScript: Jack Cole | Pencils: Jack Cole | Inks: Jack Cole
ContentGenre: Humor | Characters: Windy Breeze
NotesSame art as in issue #35.
Comic StoryGhost Ship In the Yukon (7 pages)
SynopsisThe Indian man Shoshone helped Quicksilver search for the Japanese in Alaska, and helps save the life of Mrs. Bailey, who takes a shine to him and offers him the job of her handyman.
CreditsScript: Fred Guardineer (signed) | Pencils: Fred Guardineer (signed) | Inks: Fred Guardineer (signed)
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: Quicksilver [Max]; Shoshone (Indian man); Mrs. Bailey (introduction); Mrs. Bailey's son (introduction); the Japanese (villains)
Comic StoryThe Murderous Three (6 pages)
SynopsisThe Unknown investigates a code book found on a dead spy, revealing three master spies responsible for all the many atrocities across the globe. In the end, the Murderous Three went down in flames when the Unknown shot down their airplane.
FeaturingThe Unknown
CreditsPencils: Rudy Palais (signed) | Inks: Rudy Palais (signed)
ContentGenre: War | Characters: The Unknown; The Murderous Three [Piano Charley; Marion Wells; the Dutchman] (villains, introduction for all, all die)
NotesSigned at bottom of splash panel.
Comic StoryThe Reanimation Formula (6 pages)
SynopsisProfessor Noddle is hard at work at his new discovery of how to bring the dead back alive.
FeaturingProfessor Noodle
CreditsScript: Sid Lazarus (signed) | Pencils: Sid Lazarus (signed) | Inks: Sid Lazarus (signed)
ContentGenre: Humor | Characters: Prof. Noodle (first appearance); Morguen (first appearance); Zambini (first appearance);Zambini's wife (first appearance)
Notesnext app. in FEATURE COMICS #73
Comic Story"I'm sure this'll make you feel better..." (1 page)
SynopsisSalty's sun-burn balm also attracts birds.
FeaturingSalty Waters
CreditsScript: Bernard Dibble | Pencils: Bernard Dibble | Inks: Bernard Dibble
ContentGenre: Humor | Characters: Salty Waters; Captain
Comic StoryKapitan Feltig Vs. Lt. Commander Blake (7 pages)
SynopsisDestroyer 171 hunts U-boats off Iceland.
FeaturingDestroyer 171
CreditsPencils: Jon Blummer | Inks: Jon Blummer
ContentGenre: War | Characters: Kapitan Carl Wilhelm Feutig (first appearance; villain; death); the Nazis (villains); Lt. Commander Harvey Blake (first appearance)
NotesBlummer is credited on this feature by Jerry Bails' Who's Who, and the art with marked jawline, ears, hands and faces match his credited Hop Harrigan stories in All-American Comics #78, and also Captain X in Star Sprangled Comics #1.
Comic StoryQueen of the Beggars (8 pages)
SynopsisThe Queen of Beggars living in a waterfront section of the city, exerts a sinister influence upon all who cross her path.
FeaturingSally O'Neil Policewoman
CreditsPencils: Al Bryant (signed) | Inks: Al Bryant (signed)
ContentGenre: Detective-mystery | Characters: Sally O'Neil; The Beggar Queen and her gang (first appearance; villains); Blind Sam (first appearance; villain); Dopey (first appearance; death)
Text StorySmoke In Your Eyes (2 pages)
SynopsisAir attack on Talugi Island.
CreditsLetters: typeset
ContentGenre: Aviation; War | Characters: Randall Holmes (Squadron Leader); Mel Handley (Squadron Leader); Lieut. Moran
Comic StoryThe Case of the Yoga Yeggs (5 pages)
SynopsisMobsters practicing Yoga.
FeaturingChic Carter
CreditsScript: Vernon Henkel (signed) | Pencils: Vernon Henkel (signed) | Inks: Vernon Henkel (signed)
ContentGenre: Detective-mystery | Characters: Chic Carter; Repulsive Reardon (first appearance; villain); Loathsome Louie (first appearance; villain); T. Hamadraba (first appearance; villain)
Comic StoryButter To Cows (1 page)
SynopsisCupid's arrow changes the butter back to milk and milk back to cows.
FeaturingCyclone Cupid
CreditsScript: Gill Fox | Pencils: Gill Fox | Inks: Gill Fox
ContentGenre: Humor | Characters: Cyclone Cupid
Comic StoryCase No. 10 (9 pages)
SynopsisA new woman spy chief arrives in American by U-boat specifically to capture G-2. However, he gets the drop on her, turning her over to the authorities because, as he puts it, "I don't shoot women"!
CreditsPencils: Louis Zansky? | Inks: Louis Zansky?
ContentGenre: Spy | Characters: G-2 [Captain Don Leash]; Fraulein Thura (villain, introduction, Nazi spy chief); Kurt (villain, introduction); Ebo (villain, introduction)
NotesArt originally credited to Don Rico, but his signed Black X stories in Smash Comics #51 and #53, and his credited G-2 story in the previous issue are drawn much more simply than this story, so it is not by him. The eyes with iris and pupil are more similar to Jack Spranger's credited Captain Triumph stories, but there is no signed work to confirm this. His credited stories are mostly uncertain. (Adland) Compared with Zansky's Classics Illustrated work - this appears to be him. (Bob Hughes) Zansky is credited with work on this feature in Bails' Who's Who.
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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