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Welcome to a whole new section of pages that are currently being developed.

Here we list all our books, by contributor. This could be the person who originally scanned the book, an editor or maybe the person who uploaded it.

Please remember this is all very much in its infancy so there is plenty more work to be done before it is finished.

Finally, we were slightly unsure how to name this section, until eventually settling on the term "Contributor Pages". But that matters little, if it was not for these kind souls there would not be a Comic Book Plus, so we are eternally grateful for all their hard work!

Bob Hughes has helped to contribute 10 books to our site!

You are WELCOME to enjoy our site & read ALL our books online. But to download & join our forum please create a FREE account or login

Books Contributed By Bob Hughes

Issue Title Publisher Cover
# of
Uploader Rating # of
# of Com
Big Shot 7 (b&w/fiche) Big Shot Columbia 68 Mar 7, 2013 Bob Hughes 10/10 (2) 2238 106 None
Blackhawk 52 Blackhawk Quality 36 Sep 15, 2012 Bob Hughes N/A 2425 101 None
Blue Beetle 25 Blue Beetle Holyoke 68 Feb 27, 2011 Bob Hughes N/A 2584 149 None
Blue Beetle 30 Blue Beetle Holyoke 68 Jan 17, 2011 Bob Hughes N/A 3472 168 None
Blue Beetle 31 Blue Beetle Fox Feature Syndicate 52 Jan 3, 2011 Bob Hughes 10/10 (2) 3077 175 None
Blue Beetle 42 Blue Beetle Fox Feature Syndicate 36 Jul 19, 2013 Bob Hughes N/A 2750 159 None
Feature Funnies 3 Feature Funnies Quality 68 May 9, 2016 Bob Hughes 5/10 (1) 1904 130 None
Jumbo Comics 9 (b&w/fiche) Jumbo Comics Fiction House 68 Apr 7, 2013 Bob Hughes 6/10 (1) 3655 159 None
More Fun Comics 18 (DigiCam) More Fun Comics Other Titles 68 Jun 23, 2017 Bob Hughes N/A 925 127 None
More Fun Comics 20 (fiche) More Fun Comics Other Titles 69 Jun 26, 2017 Bob Hughes / Kracalactaka N/A 1235 124 None
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