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Welcome to the Comic Book Plus Category pages.

These are a whole new way of viewing all the books in our site. Many late nights were spent analyzing all the titles we hold. We then placed them into the various categories, that you see beneath.

So, now at long last you can find all the major genres, such as horror, western or science-fiction books all in one place.

However, we were not content with just that and have gone a stage further creating other more defined categories.

So if you are just browsing, or have a particular interest, then we are sure that if we have the book, you will find it very easily by looking through our category pages!

Our Category Pages compliment our Collections where we have created editorial groupings of basic themes. You may also like to try our Insite Pages, which show you selections of books chosen by date and popularity.

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Category Pages - Finding The Titles You Want


Adventure Books

An explorer and a frightened woman
If you are finding life a bit tedious then grab one of the books from our adventure category. It will soon liven up your day more ...

Children/Teenagers Books

A child protesting about her pocket money
Most of the children in this section are not the angels they'd have you believe, in fact they are little monsters up to no good more ...

Crime Books

A cop running after a robber
Tempted to become a criminal? Read these books, as they demonstrate crime never pays and that the law always wins more ...

Fantasy/Whimsy Books

Peter Wheat on a glamorous witch's broomstick
The category where imagination runs wild. The impossible becomes possible, complete with a wealth of stunning art work more ...

Horror Books

Ghouls scaring an already frightened woman
In this category you are sure to find "ghouls and ghosties and long legged beasties and things that go bump in the night" more ...

Humor Books

A cartoon boy about to be bitten by a sawfish
If laughter really is the best medicine, that must mean our humor category is the best tonic that you can have more ...

Jungle Books

A tiger creeping in the jungle
Deep in the forest a mighty beast awakes. The roar announces that the time has come for some comic book jungle adventures more ...

Media/Stars Books

James Stewart and Jeab Hagen in a publicity still
The stars of yesteryear prepare to take a bow and invite you to join them in a nostalgic trip down a celluloid memory lane more ...

Mixed Bag Books

Doll Man and some scissors
If you like variety in your reading matter, this is the place for you! These titles have everything that your heart desires more ...

Military Books

A soldier throwing a grenade
Who protects us from Nazis and Communists threatening our way of life? The armed forces fighting for our freedom more ...

Non-Fiction Books

An example cover from a non-fiction comic
Whilst the titles in this section purport to be non-fiction, the truth may have been bent rather too much. You decide more ...

One-Shots Books

A comic book representation of a crying woman
Sadly there are titles that just didn't get off the launch pad. This is the place to see these one hit wonders more ...

Religious Books

A disciple or a missionary preaching
Religion is not the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the words "comic book". But indeed there were a few titles more ...

Romance Books

A couple eloping through the window
It is often said that "The course of true love never did run smooth". These titles certainly prove this to be the case more ...

Science Fiction Books

A spaceman drifing away from his craft
What a feast is in store for you! Page upon page of spacemen, robots and aliens set in strange and fabulous worlds more ...

Superhero Books

Capt Marvel, Capt Marvel Jr and Mary Marvel
Surely, in the whole of history there has never been as big a collection of superheroes and superpowers as we have here more ...

Western Books

Buck Jones swinging a punch
Saddle your horse, pack your supplies and journey with us as we seek justice and adventure in the Wild West more ...

Other More Defined Categories

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Atomic Books

The cover for a pamphlet instructing what to do in the case of a nuclear explosion
The 1950s saw huge enthusiasm for nuclear energy. Apart from the bomb bit, it was the solution to all man's problems more ...

Automobiles Books

An old fashioned racing automobile
The roar of engines. The smell of gasoline. Speed demons testing their nerve as they push their machines to the limit more ...

Aviation Books

A frightened looking pilot with a face mask and goggles
Here the daring aviators in our books experience one of mankind's ultimate dreams, as they sore and fly like the birds more ...

Boxing/Martial Arts Books

Joe Palooka landing a punch
Ouch, a punch on the chin that could be clearly felt at ringside. The pugilists are indulging in the ultimate slugfest more ...

Classic Tales Books

Hamlet fighing with Laertes over Ophelia's grave
The tales and characters in this category should be familiar to you all. Here we retell some of the world's greatest stories more ...

Detective Books

Sherlock Holmes smoking a pipe
What is held in this mysterious section? All the clues point to the fact that somewhere very close are detective books! more ...

Funny Animals Books

A baby kangaroo and his mother being confronted by a truancy officer
Anthropomorphic is a big word. So instead we'll just say that the animals in this section walk and talk like humans more ...

Leading Ladies

Sheena about to throw a spear
Here we prove that the fairer sex are no meek kittens. Meet the toughest and most glamorous ladies in town more ...

Masked/Mystery Men Books

A head shot of the Black Cobra
Who are they? Nobody knows, well sometimes the secret is exposed. But don't let them know that we have found out more ...

Medical Romance Books

A nurse crying
The love life of doctors and nurses. They may mend broken bones, but can they find a cure for their own broken hearts? more ...

Monster And Beast Books

Konga beating his chest
They are big. They are dangerous. They are the beasts and monsters who roam in the deadliest category of them all more ...

Pirate Books

A pirate shotting his pistol
Shiver me timbers ... splice the main brace. Join us and the buccaneers as we set sail under the Jolly Roger more ...

Robin Hood Books

Robin Hood about to shoot an arrow with a pink castle in the background
A favorite for generations, the master of Sherwood Forest and his Merrie Men grace the pages of the books here more ...

School Books

A school boy getting a punch from a jack-in-the-box
Not only are our school days full of laughter and frolics, they also contain a good dose of adventure and danger more ...

Spinoff Books

My Little Margie and her father
They were a success on radio and screen. So it was time to see if more money could be made by creating their own titles more ...

Sporting Books

Willie Mays about to hit a ball
Real life stars mingle with fictional characters, as they all strive to achieve sporting excellence and take the gold more ...

Spy/Espionage Books

A US counter intelligence officer fighting with a spy
Careless talk costs lives. You never know who is listening. Learn more about this in the most secret of all our categories more ...

Smart Animals Books

Rocky Lanes Black Jack jumping a fence
A selection of thrilling titles where it is not humans, but animals that take center stage and show us how smart they really are more ...

Water/Boats Books

A navy officer pointing at an enemy fighter
A nice restful time on a boat sounds a cool idea! Unfortunately in our books water and boats tends to mean lots of action more ...

Western Heroes Books

Davy Crockett
Yet another section where truth did not stand in the way of a good story. The taming of the West as it never happened more ...

Western Romance Books

A cowboy with a guitar singing to a cowgirl
Despite all the daily hardships they face the cowboys and cowgirls take some time out for romance, western style more ...

Western Stars Books

A photograph of Gene Autry
There was once a massive industry featuring western stars. Rediscover some of the forgotten heroes of screen and music more ...

Native Americans Books

Red Hawk abouit to fire a flaming arrow
Not exactly known for their historical accuracy, the comic book creators excelled themselves with these books more ...
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