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Newspapers and Magazines


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Available Online:Titles: 1 | Books: 9
Latest Comic Book:The Star Weekly 1945-05-12 | Uploaded: Aug 13, 2015
Titles:The Star Weekly (6)

The American Magazine

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Title:The American Magazine
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:The American v114 01 | Uploaded: Aug 11, 2012
Categories:Mixed Bag
The American Magazine was a periodical publication founded in June 1906, a continuation of failed publications purchased a few years earlier from publishing mogul Miriam Leslie. The original title, Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly, had begun publishing in 1876 and was renamed Leslie's Monthly Magazine in 1904, and then was renamed again as Leslie's Magazine in 1905. From September 1905 through May 1906 it was called the American Illustrated Magazine; then subsequently shortened as The American Magazine until publication ceased in 1956. It kept continuous volume numbering throughout its history.

In June 1906, muckraking journalists Ray Stannard Baker, Lincoln Steffens and Ida M. Tarbell left McClure's to help create American Magazine. Baker contributed articles using the pseudonym David Grayson. Under John S. Phillips, who served as editor until 1915, the monthly magazine departed somewhat from the muckraking style and focused on human interest stories, social issues and fiction. Initially published by his Phillips Publishing Company of Springfield, Ohio, it later was taken over by Crowell Publishing Company, which merged with Collier's. The American Magazine was published by Crowell-Collier until the last issue which was displayed on newsstands in August 1956. (Source: wikipedia)

Buz Sawyer

Thumbnail for Buz Sawyer
Title:Buz Sawyer
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:1947 Buz Sawyer Dailies - 05 | Uploaded: Jun 15, 2014
Categories:War/Armed Forces | Aviation | Water/Boats

Collier's Weekly

Thumbnail for Collier's Weekly
Title:Collier's Weekly
Issues Available:14
Latest Issue:Collier's Weekly v081 08 | Uploaded: Dec 28, 2014
Categories:Mixed Bag | Non-fiction
Collier's is an American magazine, founded in 1888 by Irish immigrant Peter F. Collier (1849-1909). As a result of Peter Collier's pioneering investigative journalism, Collier's Weekly established a reputation as a proponent of social reform. When attempts by various companies to sue Collier ended in failure, other magazines became involved in what Theodore Roosevelt described as "muckraking journalism."

Collier left Ireland at age 17. Although he went to a seminary to become a priest, he instead started work as a salesman for P. J. Kenedy, publisher of books for the Roman Catholic market. When Collier wanted to boost sales by offering books on a subscription plan, it led to a disagreement with Kenedy, so Collier left to start his own subscription service. P.F. Collier & Son began in 1875, expanding into the largest subscription house in America.

In April 1888, Collier's Once a Week was launched as a magazine of "fiction, fact, sensation, wit, humor, news". By 1892, with a circulation climbing past the 250,000 mark, Collier's Once a Week was one of the largest selling magazines in the United States. The name was changed to Collier's Weekly: An Illustrated Journal in 1895. With an emphasis on news, the magazine became a leading exponent of the halftone news picture. To fully exploit the new technology, Peter Collier recruited James H. Hare, one of the pioneers of photojournalism.

The magazine ceased publication with the January 4, 1957 issue and didn't resume again until it was briefly revived in February 2012. (Source: wikipedia)


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Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Confidential v02n03 | Uploaded: Jun 21, 2013
Categories:Non-fiction | Media/Stars

Davy Crockett's Almanack

Thumbnail for Davy Crockett's Almanack
Title:Davy Crockett's Almanack
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Davy Crockett's Almanack 1839 | Uploaded: Oct 25, 2013
Categories:Western | Western Heroes
Davy Crockett maybe known as the "King of the Wild Frontier", but after reading these Almanacks, "Star of the Wildest Stories Ever" would certainly be a better description.

Davy Crockett Almanacks and other literature purporting to have been written by him began appearing a year or so before his death at the Battle of the Alamo, March 6, 1836. It is also pretty certain that Crockett didn't have a hand in any of them.

The Almanacks we house here contain ridiculously tall stories ... teaching a pet bear and alligator to dance the polka ... a fight with 2,000 snakes ... being carried UP Niagara falls by his pet alligator. Although there were fanciful tales of Crockett (some of which told by himself) when he was alive, these books published after his death helped cement the myth of Davy Crockett and indeed that of the Pioneering West.

Our 1938 Almanack states that posthumous material and anecdotes were still being discovered along with his own drawings. The later Almanack's "editor" and teller of numerous tales is Ben Harding, an old-timer and good friend of Crockett. Believe it all if so you wish!

Fantastic Monsters of the Films

Thumbnail for Fantastic Monsters of the Films
Title:Fantastic Monsters of the Films
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Fantastic Monsters of the Films v01 04 | Uploaded: Oct 28, 2012
Categories:Monsters | Horror

Flying Cadet

Thumbnail for Flying Cadet
Title:Flying Cadet
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Flying Cadet Magazine v1 3 | Uploaded: Nov 10, 2016
Publication History: Active: - | Number of Series: | Number of Issues:
Branding:Indicia Publishers: | Brand Groups: | Brand Emblems: 0
Categories:War/Armed Forces | Non-fiction | Aviation
Publication History:Issues: 17 |  Sequence: #1 - v2 #7 |  Dates: Jan 1943 - Oct 1944
External Links:Grand Comics Database
v1 and v2 some have comics some do not.


Thumbnail for Follies
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Follies v02 12 | Uploaded: Aug 11, 2012
This is a risque title. By today's standards it is a mild PG.

Horror Monsters

Thumbnail for Horror Monsters
Title:Horror Monsters
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Horror Monsters v01 01 | Uploaded: Oct 29, 2012
Categories:Monsters | Horror
Charlton horror magazine


Thumbnail for Laughter
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Laughter v03 03 | Uploaded: Aug 12, 2012

Mad Monsters

Thumbnail for Mad Monsters
Title:Mad Monsters
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Mad Monsters 06 | Uploaded: Oct 28, 2012
Categories:Monsters | Horror
A Charlton publication

The Magazine of Fun

Thumbnail for The Magazine of Fun
Title:The Magazine of Fun
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:The Magazine Of Fun v01 01 | Uploaded: Aug 11, 2012

Picture Show

Thumbnail for Picture Show
Title:Picture Show
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Picture Show 336 | Uploaded: Sep 29, 2012
Picture Show was a film magazine, published in the United Kingdom between 3 May 1919 and 31 December 1960, and thus one of the longest running film entertainment magazines in United Kingdom.

It was a weekly magazine produced by Amalgamated Press. (Source: wikipedia)


Thumbnail for Secrets
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Secrets v42 06 | Uploaded: Feb 23, 2017
Secrets Magazine was published by Ace Publications

The World Liberator

Thumbnail for The World Liberator
Title:The World Liberator
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:World Liberator v02 01 - China | Uploaded: Jul 14, 2013


Thumbnail for You
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:You 01 | Uploaded: Oct 14, 2012
Alaska Sportsman v05 10 36 wolfhound Oct 5, 2013 119.62 2529 46
American Woodsman V03 011 53 Twobyfour / DREGS Oct 21, 2013 43.85 2606 32
Blighty 0487 24 unknown Oct 21, 2013 15.32 3546 95
Clicks Cartoon Annual (1940) 133 unknown / hoover Oct 5, 2013 131.40 4871 213
Comic Cuts 0001 7 harmsworth / josemas Oct 28, 2012 6.98 5272 106
Hit! v01 01 34 D&M Oct 3, 2013 48.30 4343 156
Picture Scoop v01 02 36 D&M Oct 5, 2013 39.73 4256 104
Picture Story Magazine - 1 The Doctor and the Model 68 Pulpshmoo Oct 25, 2013 34.93 3702 65
Public Ledger, Color Supplement, Sep 7, 1919 9 Pulpshmoo Oct 25, 2013 198.27 2929 37
Richardson's Sketch Book. 51 melbee Sep 20, 2015 29.97 2291 48
Saturday Magazine 065 8 aloening Sep 19, 2015 1.80 1850 19
Sunday Pictorial 005 24 unknown / hoover Oct 5, 2013 55.47 3054 47
Television v01 01 56 unknown / hoover Oct 4, 2013 121.42 3888 125
The American Needlewoman v35 11 33 DREGS Oct 21, 2013 32.50 2354 33
The Cosmopolitan v28 01 233 unknown / hoover Oct 5, 2013 141.01 2858 56
The Farmers Wife v35 10 37 DREGS Oct 21, 2013 32.49 3231 53
The Smart Set v60 04 152 hoover Apr 1, 2014 131.94 2701 57
True Experience v54 01 87 Gorgon776 Oct 5, 2013 129.85 3150 70
Victory v17 12 80 CosmicJukebox Oct 5, 2013 46.60 3203 52
Whisper v3 7 44 Kracalactaka Dec 27, 2016 48.70 1098 93
Xmas 1939 Gift Catalogue 148 unknown / hoover Oct 5, 2013 73.74 4960 191
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