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Thumbnail for Comic Book CompilationsOur favorite characters often appear in many different issues and take some finding. In this section some kind souls have gathered them all into one place!

Apart from the well known, such as the Fightin' Yank and Lady Luck, we also the slightly more obscure comic book characters like the Duke of Darkness and Mann of India.

So please enjoy the books we have here and give thanks to those who spent their time making them for us.

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Comic Book Compilations

Airboy Archives

Thumbnail for Airboy Archives
Title:Airboy Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Airboy Archive Part 3 | Uploaded: Aug 5, 2016
Categories:War/Armed Forces | Aviation
Airboy is a fictional flying hero based during the Second World War. He was created by writers Charles Biro and Dick Wood and artist Al Camy.

His name was David Nelson II, the son of an expert pilot and despite his youth an excellent pilot himself. An orphan, Davy was raised in a monastery by Franciscan monk Brother Francis Martier, who was himself a keen flyer. Martier created a revolutionary aircraft that flew by flapping its wings. Unfortunately, Martier was killed while test-flying it, because its fuel lines had been sabotaged. Davy rebuilt the craft, and wearing a uniform left to him by Martier, Davy named himself 'Airboy' and his new plane 'Birdie'. He helped the Allies during World War II, and soon earned the respect of enemy fliers.

Amazing Man

Thumbnail for Amazing Man
Title:Amazing Man
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Amazing Man Collection 2 | Uploaded: Jun 15, 2012
Amazing-Man (John Aman) is an American Comic Book Superhero whose adventures were published by Centaur Publications during the 1930s and 1940s. Bill Everett is credited with his creation. Amazing-Man first appeared in Amazing-Man Comics #5 (Sept. 1939).

John Aman was an orphan from the West, chosen for his 'superb physical condition' to be raised by monks in Tibet for the first 25 years of his life. Each member of 'The Council of Seven', as the monks were known, trained him to a superhuman degree of physical and mental ability, while also giving him the ability via a chemical solution to disappear into a cloud of green mist, earning him the secondary title of 'The Green Mist'. After completing his final tests, he is sent into the wide world to use his skills and abilities to do good. Opposing Aman, as he was often known, is his nemesis 'The Great Question', a disgruntled member of the Council of Seven.

The Art of Walt Kelly

Thumbnail for The Art of Walt Kelly
Title:The Art of Walt Kelly
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Peter Wheat Omnibus [PWN25-27] | Uploaded: Dec 26, 2015
Walter Crawford Kelly, Jr. (August 25, 1913 - October 18, 1973), better known as 'Walt Kelly', was an American animator and cartoonist, best known for the comic strip 'Pogo'.
He began his animation career in 1936 at Walt Disney Studios as a story man and animator, with credits on 'Pinocchio', 'Fantasia', and 'Dumbo'.
In 1941 Kelly transferred at the age of 28 to work at Dell Comics, where he worked exclusively during the 1940's. During this period, he created 'Pogo', which eventually became his platform for political and philosophical commentary.
He died in 1973 from diabetes complications, following a long and debilitating illness that had cost him a leg.

Billy the Kid (UK Sun) Archives

Thumbnail for Billy the Kid (UK Sun) Archives
Title:Billy the Kid (UK Sun) Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Billy the Kid (UK) SUN Collection Pt.3 | Uploaded: Mar 14, 2016
Categories:Adventure | Western | Western Heroes
Billy the Kid, born Henry McCarty, also known as William H. Bonney (September 17, 1859 - July 14, 1881) was an American Old West gunfighter. He is known to have killed eight men. He died from a gunshot wound inflicted by Sheriff Pat Garrett. He was just 21 years old.
A comic strip loosely based on his exploits appeared in the 'Sun' (published by Amalgamated Press Ltd.) between 1952 and 1959, and dominated the cover for the majority of this period.
The characterisation was based on the portrayal by the actor Robert Taylor, in 'Billy the Kid' (1941).

The Black Dwarf Archives

Thumbnail for The Black Dwarf Archives
Title:The Black Dwarf Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Black Dwarf Collection Pt2 | Uploaded: Dec 18, 2015
Categories:Science Fiction
Ex-Professional football player 'Shorty' Wilson retired from the game and decided to use his skills to 'turn the heat on the Underworld'. Taking the name 'The Black Dwarf' he dons a wide brimmed gaucho hat, a monk's robe and a red-lined cape. Shorty had no super powers, but was extremely athletic and an excellent scrapper. He was helped in his war on crime, by his sniper girlfriend Patricia 'Arsenic' Gaynes, explosives expert, Joseph 'Nitro' Lemerise, and the human fly, Terry 'Fly' Holcomb.
He first appeared in Spotlight Comics #01 (November 1944). His adventures were republished and reprinted under the name 'The Blue Monk' By St. John Publications.

Blue Beetle Archives

Thumbnail for Blue Beetle Archives
Title:Blue Beetle Archives
Issues Available:13
Latest Issue:Blue Beetle Comics Compilation Part 6 (of 6) | Uploaded: Apr 17, 2016
The Golden Age Blue Beetle first appeared in Mystery Men Comics #01, published by Fox Comics. His alter ego was Dan Garrett, the son of a Police Officer killed in the line of duty, who himself became a cop.
He originally fought against the Underworld without superpowers, however he had a bulletproof blue costume, made of chain-mail that was described as 'thin and light as silk but stronger than steel'. He also temporarily gained superhuman strength and increased stamina by taking Vitamin 2X.
He intimidated his opponents by leaving his signature scarab symbol where it could easily be found.
He had a side-kick for a short time called Sparkington J. Northrup, better known as 'Sparky'.

Other regular characters were, Joan Mason, a beautiful blonde reporter for 'The Daily Blade', Mike Mannigan, Dan's Irish partner on the force, who was convinced that the 'Blue Beetle' was a member of the criminal fraternity, and Dr. Franz who invented the bullet-proof and the Vitamin 2X formula, as well as many other useful gadgets to assist the 'Blue Beetle'.
The 'Blue Beetles' powers gradually increased, over time, including the ability to fly and x-ray vision, amongst other endowments. As Super-heroes fell out of favour during the late 1940's, his abilities were reduced, until all his super-human powers were removed. His adventures then became darker until eventually the character was put on hold.

Charlton Comics revived the character in the mid-fifties and DC Comics re-introduced the 'Blue Beetle' in the 1980's.

Bulletman Archives

Thumbnail for Bulletman Archives
Title:Bulletman Archives
Issues Available:16
Latest Issue:Bulletman Archive Vol 16 | Uploaded: Oct 26, 2016
Categories:Superhero | Adventure | Crime
Bulletman is a Golden Age Super Hero. He first appeared in Nickel Comics #01 (May 1940) published by Fawcett Comics.

Bulletman was Jim Barr, the son of a police officer, who was killed in the line of duty, and as a result of this, decided to fight crime. He tried to join the Police Force, but was rejected for physical reasons, but he got a job working in ballistics.
He experimented with chemicals to develop powers for himself. He gained increased muscle mass and brain function. He also invented a 'Gravity Regulator Helmet', which was bullet shaped and gave him his name. It allowed him to fly and deflect bullets. His formula was shown to make him strong enough to smash a tank.
Bulletman created a second helmet for his girlfriend and later wife Susan Kent, daughter of policeman Sergeant Kent. She adopted the name Bulletgirl. The helmet is shown to be so strong that when Bulletgirl was run over by a Nazi tank, she was only knocked out.
Bulletman and Bulletgirl regularly battled villains such as, Joker, Weeper, Shade, and Doctor Light. They also appeared a few times with Captain Marvel and his family.

Capt. Marvel Archives

Thumbnail for Capt. Marvel Archives
Title:Capt. Marvel Archives
Issues Available:26
Latest Issue:Capt. Marvel Compilations Vol 24 | Uploaded: Jan 6, 2017
'Captain Marvel' was a Golden Age Super-hero, who was arguably Superman's greatest comic book rival during the 1940's, even surpassing him in sales at one point. He first appeared in Whiz Comics #02 (1940), published by Fawcett Comics. He was created by writer, Bill Parker and artist C.C. Beck.

His alter ego was Billy Batson, an orphaned teenage radio broadcaster and orphan. He was brought by a magic train to an underground lair, where he met the mysterious wizard 'Shazam'. The wizard gives him superpowers to combat the forces of evil. To use these powers all Billy had to do was say the wizard's name 'Shazam!'

Captain Marvel's main foe was Dr. Sivana, a mad scientist bent on world domination. Captain Marvel also fought Captain Nazi, Ibac, and the despicable Mister Mind and his Monster Society of Evil. During World War II, he even fought Adolf Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo.

Captain Marvel was assisted in his fight against crime and evil by the 'Marvel Family', which included Billy's twin sister Mary, who becomes 'Mary Marvel' when she says 'Shazam'. It also includes Freddy Freeman, who after being mortally wounded by Captain Nazi, was given the power to become Captain Marvel Jr. when he says 'Captain Marvel'.
Captain Marvel has the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.

The character now appears in DC Comics, who hold the trade-marks for the names 'Shazam' and 'Billy Batson', however as Marvel Comics owns the trademark for the name 'Captain Marvel' (for a different character) DC comics renamed the comic book Shazam!

Capt. Marvel Jnr Archives

Thumbnail for Capt. Marvel Jnr Archives
Title:Capt. Marvel Jnr Archives
Issues Available:21
Latest Issue:Capt. Marvel Jnr Compilation Vol 21 | Uploaded: Dec 1, 2016
Captain Marvel Jr. first appeared in Whiz Comics #25 in December 1941. He is a member of the Marvel Family team of super-heroes headed by Captain Marvel.
Original published by Fawcett and later by DC comics, Captain Marvel Jr.'s alter-ego was Freddy Freeman, a crippled newsboy saved by Captain Marvel from the villainous Captain Nazi.
Captain Marvel Jr. derived his powers from Captain Marvel himself, while the other members of the family obtained their powers from the wizard 'Shazam'.
By uttering the name 'Captain Marvel', Freddy is transformed into Captain Marvel Jr. Unlike Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr., remains a teenager in his altered form.

Captain Wings Archives

Thumbnail for Captain Wings Archives
Title:Captain Wings Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Captain Wings Archive Vol.4 (Fiction House) | Uploaded: May 3, 2016
Categories:War/Armed Forces | Aviation
Captain Wings first appeared in Wings Comics #16 (December 1941) published by Fiction House. Written and created by Major T.E. Bowen.
His alter-ego is plain Captain Smith, who was both a special agent and a R.A.F. veteran. In his many adventures, the heroic pilot Captain Wings fought villains ranging from the Nazis to Communists and even space aliens.

However, starting with Wings Comics #23 the character undergoes a change of personality and background.
He is now Captain Boggs of the American Airforce, who during the Blitz over England fell subject to 'Blackouts' and was sent back to the USA to desk duty.
Frustrated he flies his own P-51 Mustang and wages his own private war on the Japanese and various costumed criminals. After the war he continues to fight Communists and U.F.O.s.

Charlie Chan Archives

Thumbnail for Charlie Chan Archives
Title:Charlie Chan Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Charlie Chan Stories from Quality's Feature Comics | Uploaded: May 4, 2015
Categories:Crime | Detective
The character of Charlie Chan was originally created by Earl Derr Biggers in 1919, while visiting Hawaii. He was inspired to create a Chinese-American police officer, as an alternative to the stereotypical Asian 'Yellow Peril' villains, in particular 'Fu-Manchu'.
He has appeared in six novels written by Earl Derr Biggers. The character has also appeared in many Feature Films, Radio Drama and Television Series, frequently assisted or hindered by 'Number One Son'.
He has also appeared in numerous comic books almost continually from 1940 through to 1960 and then sporadically afterwards. They include, Big Shot Comics published by Columbia Comics, Favorite Funnies published by DynaPubs Enterprises, Feature Comics published by Quality Comics and many versions entitled Charlie Chan Comics.

The Complete Torchy

Thumbnail for The Complete Torchy
Title:The Complete Torchy
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:The Complete Torchy part 5 | Uploaded: Apr 25, 2015
Categories:Children/Teenagers | Humor | Leading Ladies
Torchy's first appearance was as a comic strip in the Fort Hamilton Base newspaper in 1944. Her comic book debut was in Quality Comics' 'Doll Man' #8 in 1946. She was created by Bill Ward in 1944.

Torchy Todd, was the blonde bombshell that all the men loved. She began her long and colourful life mainly as a morale booster for the US Army. She is one of the most risqué comic characters of The Golden Age!

Torchy's depiction changed from story to story. Sometimes she was naive and didn't realise the effect she had on men. Other times she understood that effect, but couldn't quite get her head around the reason why she had it. Yet in other stories, Torchy deliberately used her assets to her own advantage.

Daredevil Archives

Thumbnail for Daredevil Archives
Title:Daredevil Archives
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Daredevil - The Complete Archive Part 6 | Uploaded: Jul 27, 2016
Not to be confused with the Marvel character, this Daredevil is an American comic book superhero that starred in popular comics from Lev Gleason Publications during the 1930s-1940s.

In his debut appearance in Silver Streak #06 (September 1940), he was introduced as Bart Hill, who as a child had been rendered mute by the shock of seeing his father murdered and himself being branded with a hot iron. Orphaned, he grew up to become a marksman with the boomerang, in homage to the boomerang-shaped scar left on his chest. He wore a pale yellow and dark blue costume.

In the following issue Silver Streak #07 (January 1941), only Hill's identity, spiked belt, and the boomerang remained, the mute angle was dropped without explanation, and his original costume of pale yellow and dark blue was redesigned to a dark red and blue. In Daredevil #018 (August 1943) his origin was re-written to show him being brought up by Australian Aborigines in the Outback.

Eagle and Buddy Archives

Thumbnail for Eagle and Buddy Archives
Title:Eagle and Buddy Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:The Eagle and Buddy Compilation Part 4 | Uploaded: Feb 4, 2016

Firehair Archives

Thumbnail for Firehair Archives
Title:Firehair Archives
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Firehair Golden Age Archives V5 | Uploaded: Dec 29, 2012
Categories:Western | Leading Ladies

The Flame Archives

Thumbnail for The Flame Archives
Title:The Flame Archives
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:The Flame Wonderworld Comics Part 3 (of 3) | Uploaded: Feb 25, 2016

Fox Features Archives

Thumbnail for Fox Features Archives
Title:Fox Features Archives
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Fox Features Presents 10 | Uploaded: Jan 27, 2016
Categories:Mixed Bag

The Green Hornet Archives

Thumbnail for The Green Hornet Archives
Title:The Green Hornet Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Green Hornet Archive vol. 04 | Uploaded: Nov 21, 2015
Categories:Masked/Mystery Men | Crime

Green Mask Archives

Thumbnail for Green Mask Archives
Title:Green Mask Archives
Issues Available:8
Latest Issue:Green Mask II Compilation Part 2 | Uploaded: Mar 15, 2016

The Hawk Archives

Thumbnail for The Hawk Archives
Title:The Hawk Archives
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:The HAWK Archive Vol 10 | Uploaded: Jan 18, 2017
Categories:Adventure | Pirates | Water/Boats

The Heap Golden Age Archives

Thumbnail for The Heap Golden Age Archives
Title:The Heap Golden Age Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:The Heap Golden Age Archive - Part 2 | Uploaded: Aug 9, 2016

Hopalong Cassidy Archives

Thumbnail for Hopalong Cassidy Archives
Title:Hopalong Cassidy Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Hopalong Cassidy, Tom Mix, Rod Cameron From Master Comics | Uploaded: Feb 8, 2014
Categories:Western | Western Stars

Hydroman Archives

Thumbnail for Hydroman Archives
Title:Hydroman Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Hydroman Golden Age Archive III (of III) | Uploaded: May 18, 2013
Hydroman was created by Bill Everett and appeared in Eastern Color's Reg 'lar Fellers Heroic Comics #1-29 (August 1940-March 1945).
Everett drew the first nine stories and was succeeded by Ben Thompson who was in turn succeeded by H. C. Kiefer.
These archives showcase all of Hydroman's stories as well as the Rainbow Boy crossover stories.

IBIS The Invincible Archives

Thumbnail for IBIS The Invincible Archives
Title:IBIS The Invincible Archives
Issues Available:20
Latest Issue:IBIS The Invincible Vol 20 | Uploaded: Jan 11, 2017

illustrations from Spanish Pulps

Thumbnail for illustrations from Spanish Pulps
Title:illustrations from Spanish Pulps
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:El Ultimo Vampiro | Uploaded: Oct 12, 2016
Categories:Adventure | Science Fiction | Crime | Science Fiction
Collections of covers and interior illustrations from Spanish pulps, c. 1930's, featuring winged villains; hooded mystery men and women; an adventuress and a superhero.

Iron Jaw Archives

Thumbnail for Iron Jaw Archives
Title:Iron Jaw Archives
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Iron Jaw Archive v5 | Uploaded: Mar 2, 2015
Categories:Crime | Spy/Espionage

Jim Tyer Collection

Thumbnail for Jim Tyer Collection
Title:Jim Tyer Collection
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Jim Tyer Collection pt1 | Uploaded: May 18, 2013
Categories:Humor | Funny Animals

Kaanga Archives

Thumbnail for Kaanga Archives
Title:Kaanga Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Kaanga vol.4 -Jungle Comics Archive (Fiction House) | Uploaded: May 13, 2016

The Loony World Of Alan Fraser

Thumbnail for The Loony World Of Alan Fraser
Title:The Loony World Of Alan Fraser
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:The Loony World Of Alan Fraser Part3 | Uploaded: Oct 19, 2015

Minute Man Archives

Thumbnail for Minute Man Archives
Title:Minute Man Archives
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Minute Man Archive Vol 11 | Uploaded: Dec 30, 2016

Phantom Lady Archives

Thumbnail for Phantom Lady Archives
Title:Phantom Lady Archives
Issues Available:9
Latest Issue:Phantom Lady Archives v3.1 - The Ajax Year | Uploaded: Mar 29, 2015
Categories:Crime | Leading Ladies

RangerHouse Archives

Thumbnail for RangerHouse Archives
Title:RangerHouse Archives
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:003 - The Complete Purple Zombie | Uploaded: Jan 6, 2016
Categories:Mixed Bag

Rocketman Archives

Thumbnail for Rocketman Archives
Title:Rocketman Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Rocketman Archive Pt.2 | Uploaded: Dec 3, 2013

Samson and David Archive

Thumbnail for Samson and David Archive
Title:Samson and David Archive
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Samson Comics Compilation Part 2 | Uploaded: Mar 2, 2016

Sky Girl Archives

Thumbnail for Sky Girl Archives
Title:Sky Girl Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Sky Girl Collection, The Rest of Part 1 | Uploaded: Jul 17, 2016
Categories:Adventure | Aviation

Space Rangers Archives

Thumbnail for Space Rangers Archives
Title:Space Rangers Archives
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Space Rangers Archive Vol1 Pt.2 addenda | Uploaded: Dec 10, 2012
Categories:Science Fiction

Spy Smasher Archives

Thumbnail for Spy Smasher Archives
Title:Spy Smasher Archives
Issues Available:15
Latest Issue:Spy Smasher Archives Vol 15 | Uploaded: Oct 24, 2016

Tiger Girl Archives

Thumbnail for Tiger Girl Archives
Title:Tiger Girl Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Tiger Girl Archive 3 | Uploaded: Aug 5, 2012
Categories:Jungle | Adventure | Leading Ladies

Tom Mix Stories

Thumbnail for Tom Mix Stories
Title:Tom Mix Stories
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Tom Mix stories From Fawcetts Master Comics - Volume 3 | Uploaded: Sep 18, 2012

V-Man Archives

Thumbnail for V-Man Archives
Title:V-Man Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:V-Man Compilation Part 3 (of 3) | Uploaded: Feb 10, 2016
Categories:Superhero | Masked/Mystery Men

Weird Stories of the Supernatural Archives

Thumbnail for Weird Stories of the Supernatural Archives
Title:Weird Stories of the Supernatural Archives
Issues Available:8
Latest Issue:Weird Stories of the Supernatural Archives Vol 8 | Uploaded: Dec 20, 2016

Yarko the Great Archives

Thumbnail for Yarko the Great Archives
Title:Yarko the Great Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Yarko the Great Part 3 | Uploaded: Feb 19, 2016
Categories:Crime | Adventure
Ace Code Approved Reprints 01 57 narfstar Dec 10, 2012 29.09 4255 55
Ace Code Approved Reprints 02 50 narfstar Dec 10, 2012 29.69 2867 43
Ace Powers Collection (Lev Gleason) 31 mask84 Dec 10, 2012 18.63 3310 48
Amazing Stories - First 2 Buck Rogers Stories 60 Jim Thorpe Oct 3, 2012 16.73 7870 176
Archie From MLJ Jackpot 50 Drahken Oct 8, 2012 17.90 5599 268
Archie in Pep Comics 346 dgb Mar 11, 2013 77.20 6498 366
Beaver Patrol 37 Boutje Fedankt / paw broon Jul 24, 2015 60.33 2512 52
Bill Wayne, The Texas Terror (Lev Gleason) 37 mask84 Dec 10, 2012 23.95 2943 42
BingBang Buster by Wolverton Collection 40 OtherEric Oct 26, 2012 28.58 3728 114
Black Angel Archive 188 Heaven4Heroes Mar 29, 2015 98.73 3298 148
Black Fury Archive 62 Roygbiv666 / josemas Aug 17, 2012 18.32 4847 94
Black Lion & Cub Compendium 57 mr_goldenage Jan 15, 2016 106.92 1205 45
Black Orchid Archive (Consolidated 1944) 26 Roygbiv666 / josemas Aug 17, 2012 9.17 4981 107
Black Slink 5 paw broon Feb 6, 2016 740.25 1730 59
BOB PHANTOM 185 Lancelott Feb 3, 2016 52.98 1545 99
Buck Jones (Fawcett Master Comics) vol 1 99 Jim Thorpe Sep 18, 2012 6.90 3600 51
Buck Jones (Fawcett Master Comics) vol 2 82 Jim Thorpe Sep 18, 2012 6.64 2646 44
Buck Jones Stories - Crackajack Archive 73 prime user Aug 11, 2016 39.25 906 46
Captain Fight Compilation 56 prime user Jul 2, 2016 45.04 1283 53
Captain Flash Complete 81 narfstar Jul 23, 2013 77.59 3892 150
Captain Future 25 paw broon Jul 18, 2016 8.45 1011 52
Chums 1930-31 Serial - Rogues of the Roaring Glory by S. Walkey 72 minotaur Dec 23, 2013 120.18 1706 47
Clyde Beatty Stories Part 1 - Crackajack Archive 87 prime user Aug 13, 2016 47.70 809 30
Clyde Beatty Stories Part 2 - Crackajack Archive 43 prime user Aug 13, 2016 24.69 668 29
Commander Steel Collection 01 - Canadian 52 Roygbiv666 Dec 10, 2012 24.62 3917 100
Cosmic Carson Compilation 66 mr_goldenage Feb 21, 2016 79.77 1695 96
Culture Corner by Basil Wolverton, The Complete (Fawcett) 68 Yoc Dec 10, 2012 17.37 3400 106
Dan Brand And Tipi Pt. 1 (Frank Frazetta) 63 prime user / josemas Aug 10, 2012 30.04 4608 124
Dan Brand And Tipi Pt. 2 (Frank Frazetta) 50 prime user / josemas Aug 10, 2012 21.89 3667 109
Dart and Ace Compilation Part 1 66 mr_goldenage Jan 28, 2016 55.25 1532 78
Dart and Ace Compilation Part 2 70 mr_goldenage Jan 29, 2016 60.38 1386 90
Detective June's Most Thrilling Case 64 paw broon May 7, 2016 9.83 1210 43
Dick Barton and The Flying Saucer Mystery, plus bonus story 73 paw broon Feb 9, 2016 31.28 1832 112
Dixon Hawke Short Stories 1929-30 107 hoover Nov 17, 2016 62.96 379 84
Dixon Hawke's Rival 25 hoover Nov 17, 2016 13.22 362 55
Don Deeds Adventures 29 jimpy / LennyBunter / paw broon Feb 25, 2016 33.31 1186 71
Don Winslow of the Navy - Crackajack Archive 178 prime user Aug 25, 2016 103.29 684 49
Duke Of Darkness Collection ver 2 -fixed 40 Roygbiv666 Jul 6, 2012 15.70 3444 70
Dynamo Compilation Part 1 103 mr_goldenage Jan 31, 2016 86.96 1894 75
Dynamo Compilation Part 2 60 mr_goldenage Feb 1, 2016 89.08 1387 65
Ellery Queen Detective - Crackajack Archive 140 prime user Aug 25, 2016 85.10 1009 82
Fantom of the Fair Archive Vol 1 (Centaur) 59 Roygbiv666 Dec 10, 2012 20.60 3261 77
Fantomah Archive Part 1 (Fiction House) 99 turoksonofstone Dec 10, 2012 38.32 5697 198
Fantomah Archive Part 2 (Fiction House) 210 turoksonofstone Dec 10, 2012 88.48 3881 152
Fighting Yank Archive part 1 185 Yoc Jan 21, 2011 62.69 3563 106
Fighting Yank Archive part 2a 181 Yoc Jan 21, 2011 77.92 2760 109
Firebrand Archives - Featuring Reed Crandall artwork 115 misterxus Dec 10, 2012 47.31 4317 133
Flag Archives Vol 1 (Ace Comics) 119 Roygbiv666 Dec 10, 2012 76.67 3036 70
Flaming Avenger from The Rover 40 bede / paw broon May 24, 2015 51.13 2630 56
Flip Falcon in the 4th Dimension Compilation Part 1 66 mr_goldenage Feb 27, 2016 76.98 1518 81
Flip Falcon in the 4th Dimension Part 2 60 mr_goldenage Feb 28, 2016 84.38 1023 63
Full Speed Ahead To The Worlds Of Fear 122 hoover Feb 8, 2016 87.96 1356 54
Futura Archive (Planet Comics 43 64) 135 prime user / josemas Aug 12, 2012 45.97 6221 214
Gene Autry In Movie Comics Magazine 23 Jim Thorpe Oct 10, 2012 6.43 3774 65
Golden Eagle Archive (Contact Comics) 71 lazarus06 / josemas Aug 12, 2012 20.66 4002 69
Golden Lad Compendium v1.0 117 capnted / josemas Aug 12, 2012 34.46 3212 100
Great Publications Compilation 160 mr_goldenage Apr 24, 2016 93.22 1419 73
Grim Reaper Vol 1 (Better) 77 Roygbiv666 / josemas Aug 18, 2012 33.94 3812 70
Grim Reaper Vol 2 (Better) 74 Roygbiv666 / josemas Aug 18, 2012 28.16 2706 64
HAWKS of the SEAS 34 David Miles Oct 12, 2016 10.39 572 58
Heaven4Heroes Archive 01 - Wildfire (Quality) 69 Heaven4 Dec 5, 2014 58.27 2854 141
Heaven4Heroes Archive 02 - Spider Widow (Quality) 102 Heaven4 Dec 5, 2014 79.56 2600 127
INVISIBLE BULLETS FROM NOWHERE 25 hoover Feb 16, 2016 19.66 1323 38
Jak of The Jaguars on The Planet of Peril 47 jimpy / josemas, narfstar, paw broon Feb 18, 2016 21.15 1735 108
John Stanley's The Hair-Raising Adventures of Peterkin Pottle 79 rmdavidson Apr 5, 2013 61.79 2845 79
Judy Of The Jungle Archive Better Pub upgrade 171 prime user / josemas Aug 14, 2012 69.86 5048 159
Keeper of the Dread Sword Collection 13 paw broon / hoover Feb 21, 2014 9.01 3685 84
Kenton of the Star Patrol Collection 44 prime user Jun 7, 2016 36.71 1385 91
Lady Luck Archive Pt1 154 prime user Feb 6, 2011 88.82 5034 205
Lady Luck Archive Pt2 156 prime user Feb 6, 2011 92.41 4179 166
Lady Satan Archive 40 WileyJ Jul 7, 2012 10.24 6109 136
Lightin' and the Lone Rider 39 chuck006 Mar 18, 2014 150.50 2619 66
Lost World Archive Pt.1 (21 45) r 247 prime user / josemas Aug 12, 2012 73.25 4524 180
Lost World Archive Pt.1 Added text story 2 prime user / josemas Aug 12, 2012 657.49 2813 51
Lost World Archive Pt.2 (46 70) r 234 prime user / josemas Aug 12, 2012 74.75 3250 148
Madam Satan Collection 43 jriddle / josemas Aug 11, 2012 17.74 4891 127
Madam Zero Secret Files ver2 17 phabox / josemas Aug 12, 2012 6.15 3892 75
Man Of War Archive 42 Roygbiv666 / josemas Aug 12, 2012 39.18 3530 65
Maneely at Charlton 86 OtherEric May 19, 2013 49.72 3058 97
Marga the Panther Woman Compilation Part 1 76 mr_goldenage Feb 4, 2016 85.89 1789 91
Marga the Panther Woman Compilation Part 2 66 mr_goldenage Feb 4, 2016 69.99 1589 81
Miss America Quality Archive 61 phabox / yoc Aug 11, 2012 24.28 4955 177
Miss Masque Archive 62 lazarus06 Nov 5, 2012 11.62 4803 141
Monster Society of Evil Part 1 123 prime user / josemas Aug 10, 2012 47.16 6432 229
Monster Society of Evil Part 2 113 prime user / josemas Aug 10, 2012 46.69 4543 199
Moth, The Complete Archives (Fox) 25 diablo666 Jul 19, 2014 13.33 2596 67
Movie Cowboy Stories From Early Dell Comics: 82 Jim Thorpe Oct 10, 2012 48.60 3923 97
Mr. Justice 260 Lancelott May 2, 2016 82.04 1201 89
Myra North Stories - Crackajack Archive 137 prime user Oct 8, 2016 79.65 703 38
Mysta Archive 251 Heaven4Heroes Mar 29, 2015 106.12 2503 172
Mystic Moot And His Magic Snoot by Basil Wolverton, The Complete 80 SteveD Dec 1, 2015 129.15 1507 84
Navy Jones Compilation Fox Feature Syndicate 82 mr_goldenage Feb 3, 2016 72.00 1019 63
Nick Swift of the Planet Patrol 68 paw broon Feb 24, 2016 37.65 1125 94
Origins of Capt. Nazi - Capt. Marvel Jnr Saga 62 David Miles Aug 23, 2016 16.14 571 46
Origins of Capt. Nazi - Capt. Marvel Jnr Saga 62 David Miles Aug 20, 2016 16.03 589 42
Owl Collection, The Pt.1 (Dell Comics) 111 prime user Dec 10, 2012 46.24 4983 148
Owl Collection, The Pt.2 100 prime user Dec 10, 2012 44.07 3351 122
Pat Patriot Archive 68 prime user Dec 5, 2014 49.13 2404 87
Phantasmo Collected Dell The Funnies 97 turoksonofstone / josemas Aug 11, 2012 48.19 3259 70
Phantom Falcon Archive Pt.1 151 prime user Jul 4, 2016 87.18 1259 86
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