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Thumbnail for Firehair Archives'Firehair' first appeared in Rangers Comics #21 (Fiction-House) February 1945. She appeared in every issue up to issue #65 (May 1952). She also appeared in eleven issues of her own quarterly title from 1948 to 1952

She is first seen travelling with her Bostonian father, who is killed in Texas by outlaws disguised as Red Indians. Left for dead, she is found by a member of the real Indian tribe. They nurse her back to health, but discover she has lost her memory. Raised by the tribe, she masters many of their native skills and is soon better than anyone else around.

'Firehair' is very strong and athletic and is a fierce and capable hand to hand fighter, often beating male opponents. She is also an accomplished horse rider and quickly tamed a wild stallion, which she named 'Devil's Eye'. She is also skilled at using a knife, bow and arrow and a revolver.

'Firehair' eventually regains her memory where she discovers her real name is Lynn Cabot and travels back to Boston to claim her inheritance, but soon discovers she prefers life in the West and returns to continue fighting outlaws.
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Firehair Archives

Firehair Golden Age Archives V1 154 Michael Barnes Dec 29, 2012 85.23 7120 309
Firehair Golden Age Archives V2 147 Michael Barnes Dec 29, 2012 84.18 3287 213
Firehair Golden Age Archives V3 141 Michael Barnes Dec 29, 2012 77.22 3733 215
Firehair Golden Age Archives V4 141 Michael Barnes Dec 29, 2012 71.13 2557 187
Firehair Golden Age Archives V5 132 Michael Barnes Dec 29, 2012 59.02 4347 194
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