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Thumbnail for Space Rangers ArchivesThe Space Rangers first appeared in Planet Comics #26 (Sept 1943) published by Fiction House.

Due to wartime paper shortages, the page count on Planet Comics was reduced. Fiction House rather than drop any of their regular characters, decided to combine two of their most popular, Flint Baker (Issues 01-25) and Reef Ryan (Issues 13-25) to become 'The Space Rangers'.
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Space Rangers Archives

Space Rangers Archive Vol0 Pt.1a 158 moonled Dec 10, 2012 86.38 4298 258
Space Rangers Archive Vol0 Pt.1b 76 moonled Dec 10, 2012 47.02 2627 185
Space Rangers Archive Vol0 Pt.2 108 moonled Dec 10, 2012 61.35 2139 175
Space Rangers Archive Vol1 Pt.1 142 prime user Dec 10, 2012 64.38 2408 187
Space Rangers Archive Vol1 Pt.2 140 prime user Dec 10, 2012 64.41 2442 170
Space Rangers Archive Vol1 Pt.2 addenda 6 prime user Dec 10, 2012 3.12 3029 139
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