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Thumbnail for Oaky DoaksOaky Doaks was created by Bill McCleery the comics editor of The Associated Press and illustrated by cartoonist Ralph Fuller. The strip debuted June 17, 1935 and a Sunday edition was added later in 1941.

The strip, set in medieval times centers on Oaky Doaks, a farm boy who wore a suit of armor that he had made from the tin roof of a shed. His steed is named Nellie, and before joining Oaky on his adventures, pulled his father's plow.

Oaky Doaks has the usual knightly adventures, fighting dragons and rescuing damsels in distress. But as he is just a simple lad much mayhem ensues. In the early years Oaky Doaks was accompanied by the rather rotund King Cedric, who really was not suited for kingly duties.

Later Oaky strikes out on his own and settles in Uncertainia. Here he marries King Corny's beautiful daughter, Princess Pomona, who bears him a son. Presumably he is still there, as that is the last we heard of him, back in 1961.
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Oaky Doaks

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