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Thumbnail for Adam AmesAdam Ames was a short-lived strip lasting from 1959 to 1962. The story is pure soap opera revolving around Adam Ames, a widower, his housekeeper and two teenage children. Although the strip is not well know, its artist most certainly is!

Adam Ames was drawn by Lou Fine. He is considered one of the greatest artists working during the the Golden Age of comic books. Fine joined the Eisner-Iger comic book shop in 1938, where he contributed to Wilton of the West, The Count of Monte Cristo, and most famously the Flame.

He then finished his comic book career drawing for Quality Comics, where he illustrated the Black Condor, Stormy Foster, and Uncle Sam. In 1944 he left comic books to draw Sunday advertising strips, presumably for financial reasons. During this period he worked extensively with Don Komisarow. Their creations include 'Charlie McCarthy' and 'Mr. Coffee Nerves' for Chase and Sanborn Coffee, and 'Sam Spade' for Wildroot Cream Oil.

Adam Ames was created late in Fine's career and was followed by his last strip, a complete change of genre with private eye Peter Scratch. Will Eisner, called Lou Fine one of the greatest draftsmen ever. Joe Simon, named him his: "favorite artist.... He was also Jack Kirby's favorite artist. I know that Jack was a fan of and greatly influenced by Fine's work". Can there be higher praise?
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Adam Ames

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