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Thumbnail for Danny DreamerThe artist behind Danny Dreamer was a man named Clare Briggs, and to add further confusion his daughter was also named Clare.

Brigg's was a prolific creator of strips. His first hit was with 'A. Piker Clerk', which debuted in 1904. His later comic strips included: 'When a Feller Needs a Friend', 'Ain't It a Grand and Glorious Feeling?' and 'The Days of Real Sport'.

When Briggs died in 1930 Franklin P. Adams wrote:

"I feel acutely the loss of a cartoonist whose work I have enjoyed hugely for 30 years. I enjoyed it so much that I got him to leave Chicago so that his work could appear in the New York Tribune with mine. It helped the paper so much that Clare stayed there for 15 years, seven years longer than I did. To my notion, he drew no dud cartoons. I never knew anyone who so enjoyed working. Often while drawing a cartoon I have seen him laugh uproariously at it. He was a sweet and merry boy, if a rotten poker player, and the public, poorer for his leaving it, is a big winner in having him at all."
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Danny Dreamer

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