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Thumbnail for Don Dixon and the Hidden EmpireDon Dixon and the Hidden Empire launched as a Sunday page on October 6, 1935. It was syndicated by The Daily Eagle, a small newspaper located in Brooklyn. The series was written by Bob Moore, with Carl Pfeufer providing the artwork.

The story starts with a young Don and a Doctor Lugoff exploring new lands. In their adventures they discover the lost world of Pharia. Don soon finds love interest in the beautiful Princess Wanda and the stage is now set for some ripping yarns.

It is quite noticeable that Don Dixon bears more than a passing resemblance to Flash Gordon. In fact the main difference appears to be whilst Flash is exploring the universe, Don Dixon is most definitely Earth bound.

Don's five and half year comics strip run ended on March 6, 1941, but no doubt there have been many untold adventures since that date.
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Don Dixon and the Hidden Empire

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