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Thumbnail for Horner's Penny StoriesHorner's Penny Stories was a small tabloid story-paper published by W.B. Horner & Son based in London.
It was first published in September 1893 and ran for a total of approximately 2,400 issues.
It ran as Horner's Penny Stories from 1893 to 1917, then as:
Horner's Penny Stories and Woman's Own from 1917 to 8th March 1919, then as:
Horner's Stories from 15th March 1919 to 5th April 1919, then as:
Horner's Stories and Woman's Own from 12th April to 28th June 1919, then finally:
Horner's Stories from 5th July 1919 until its demise in 1940.
A romantically based publication it usually featured a full length story per issue.
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Horner's Penny Stories

Horner's Penny Stories 043 - Broken Fetters 22 ufikus Nov 22, 2016 6.02 457 24
Horner's Penny Stories 084 - The Winning of Beulah 22 ufikus Nov 22, 2016 6.34 392 20
Horner's Penny Stories 381 - Hugh Annesley's Love 24 ernesto / josemas Sep 5, 2012 15.61 2646 68
Horner's Penny Stories 441 - Second Fiddle 25 ufikus Nov 22, 2016 28.20 521 24
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