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Thumbnail for Young Folks TalesYoung Folks' Tales was published by James Henderson and Sons based in Fleet Street, London, UK.
It ran from September 1906 to May 1921 for a total of 546 issues. It then becomes Young Folks' Tales (New Series).
It initially published 4 issues a month until 1910 when it was reduced to 3 issues a month.
The title was taken over by the Amalgamated Press in April 1920 and a new cover introduced in May 1920.
The first editor was Roland Quiz (Richard M. H. Quittenton), author of the old Tim Pippin stories, who was 73 and retired when he took the position.
It at first reprinted long stories from Our Young Folk's Weekly Budget which had appeared in 1871-75. After two years however they had used the complete stock of Quiz's Tim Pippin/Giantland tales. From issue 61 the stories were mostly originals, with half of the new stories being written by Roland Quiz himself.
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Young Folks Tales

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