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Thumbnail for The Popular MagazineThe Popular Library was a monthly magazine published by Street & Smith based in New York, USA.
It ran from November 1903 to October 1931 for a total of 612 issues.
It originally was intended to be a boys' magazine, but after three issues it changed to a more mature mens' pulp magazine.
It went through a number of name changes in its publishing run:
The Popular Magazine for Boys and 'Old Boys': November 1903
The Popular Magazine: December 1903 - September 1927
The Popular Stories: September 1927 - December 1927
The Popular: January 1928 - October 1928 and finally again,
The Popular Magazine: October 1928 - October 1931.
It featured short stories, novellas, serialized larger works, and even entire short novels. The magazine's subject matter covered a number of different genres, although it contained mostly men's adventure stories.
The magazine can be considered a forerunner of the pulp fiction magazines that were prominent from the 1920s to the 1950s, as it avoided more highbrow fare in favour of fiction 'for the common man'.
One of the magazine's earliest successes came with the publication of H. Rider Haggard's novel Ayesha in 1905. Other well-known authors published by The Popular Magazine include H.G. Wells, Rafael Sabatini, Zane Grey, John Buchan, Sax Rohmer and Edgar Wallace.
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The Popular Magazine

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