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Thumbnail for The All-Story MagazineThe All-Story Magazine was first published in January 1905 by the Frank A. Munsey Company based in New York, USA.
It went through a few title changes in its publishing history: The All-Story, All-Story Magazine, All-Story Weekly & All-Story Cavalier Weekly.
Its authors included Sax Rohmer, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Zane Grey & Damon Runyon.
It ran for a total of 444 issues before merging with Argosy in July 1920. It is widely regarded as one of the most important of the early fiction magazines.
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The All-Story Magazine

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All-Story Magazine v027 004 269 ufikus / DPP Oct 4, 2013 187.75 1680 77
All-Story Weekly v067 003 196 ufikus / DPP Oct 4, 2013 115.52 1858 59
All-Story Weekly v093 002 186 unknown / hoover Oct 4, 2013 72.00 1802 55
All-Story Weekly v098 002 194 ufikus / DPP Oct 4, 2013 155.98 1979 57
All-Story Weekly v098 003 190 ufikus / DPP Oct 4, 2013 155.18 1421 58
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