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Thumbnail for Between Shots and That Rookie From The 13th SquadIn this section we have a two books by Percy Crosby, which predate his most notable creation the popular and critically acclaimed Skippy comic strip. Crosby enlisted in the Army during World War I, where he was wounded in battle and awarded both the Purple Heart and Victory medal. Somehow, despite the carnage of war, he managed to create these two humorous gems. They star the misadventures and thoughts of a very naive rookie name Private Dubb.

Writing in 1928 Thomas L. Masson said:
"These sketches had been made in no-man's land. Lying on the ground, with the detonations of battle all around him, while waiting to move, he had amused himself with these fancies. Human beings in action. They were terribly funny-crude, but what of that? I was afraid he would spoil them if he did them over within the mechanical atmosphere of a modern studio, or wherever he worked. And so they were reproduced - with some difficulty - just as he drew them."

Crosby would soon find fame and fortune with Skippy. But, his personal life suffered from alcoholism, expensive lawsuits against Skippy peanut butter (who used the name without Crosby's permission) and his political outbursts. In 1948, he was committed to a psychiatric unit and soon declared a paranoid schizophrenic. Percy Crosby died in an asylum on December 8, 1964. The real reasons for his incarceration are still disputed, but his artistic talent isn't!
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Between Shots and That Rookie From The 13th Squad

Name Cover
Pages Uploader Date
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Between Shots (1917-1919) 104 JonTheScanner Nov 3, 2012 7.53 5369 213
Rookie From The 13th Squad 60 JonTheScanner Nov 3, 2012 6.54 4031 160
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