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Dutch Language Books

De Moker

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Title:De Moker
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:De Moker 03 - Mensenjacht mist kaff | Uploaded: Oct 29, 2014
Categories:Superhero | Adventure | Crime | Masked/Mystery Men
Dutch costumed hero from the late 1940's. Another example of the mini comics of the time in the Netherlands.

De Schaduw

Thumbnail for De Schaduw
Title:De Schaduw
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Dwars Door De Schaduw 03 | Uploaded: Oct 21, 2016
Categories:Adventure | Crime
This is a Detective Beeldverhaal, released in the Netherlands sometime between 1945 and 1950. Published by ATH, Rotterdam.

Lex Brand

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Title:Lex Brand
Issues Available:23
Latest Issue:Lex Brand 23 - Het Kwan-Ti Beeld | Uploaded: Nov 17, 2015
Categories:Detective | Crime | Adventure
Lex Brand is a Private Detective from The Netherlands. The comic is an example of a Beeldverhaal, a popular format , roughly 13cm. x 10cm., which reflects the paper shortage in the low countries in the years following WW2. Creator was Ben Abas.

Mirakel Man

Thumbnail for Mirakel Man
Title:Mirakel Man
Issues Available:9
Latest Issue:Mirakel Man 09 - Giftige Gasbommen | Uploaded: Aug 17, 2017
Categories:Superhero | Masked/Mystery Men | Crime
Publication History:Issues: 20 |  Sequence: #1 - #20
External Links:Grand Comics Database
Reprint of the Spanish comic Superhombre ( which was reprinted in the U.K. as Miracle Man)


Thumbnail for Raka
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Raka 03 - Het drijvende eiland | Uploaded: May 3, 2017
Categories:Adventure | Science Fiction

Sjors Van De Rebellenclub

Thumbnail for Sjors Van De Rebellenclub
Title:Sjors Van De Rebellenclub
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Sjors Van De Rebellenclub 41 | Uploaded: Mar 27, 2016
Categories:Adventure | Mixed Bag

Steve Drake

Thumbnail for Steve Drake
Title:Steve Drake
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Steve Drake 03 - Duivels Spel | Uploaded: Aug 17, 2017
Categories:Crime | Adventure | Spy/Espionage
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