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Log Cabin Library

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Title:Log Cabin Library
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Log Cabin Library 362 | Uploaded: Oct 27, 2013
Categories:Western | Adventure
Log Cabin Library is a late 19th century publication by Street & Smith based in New York. It ran weekly from 1889 until 1896 for a total of approximately 404 issues. It featured stories with such characters as Buffalo Bill and the James Gang.

Mammoth Western

Thumbnail for Mammoth Western
Title:Mammoth Western
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Mammoth Western v02n06 | Uploaded: Aug 11, 2012
Mammoth Western was a pulp western magazine published by Ziff-Davis based in New York. It ran from September 1945 to January 1951 for a total of 51 issues.
It featured stories and articles based on the culture of The Old West. it was well known for its colourful illustrated covers featuring artists such as Albert Kohn and Robert Fuqua.

Two-Gun Western

Thumbnail for Two-Gun Western
Title:Two-Gun Western
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Two-Gun Western Novels Magazine v03 02 | Uploaded: Aug 11, 2012
Two Guns Western was a pulp western magazine that went through a number of incarnations.
It was originally published in 1928 by Metropolitan as Two Gun Stories then Two Gun Western Stories. It was then published by Red Circle a division of Western Fiction Publishing and it ran until 1957.
Total number of issues is uncertain but thought to be approx. 100.
It featured stories by the likes of Louis L'Amour and Elmore Leonard.

Wild West Weekly

Thumbnail for Wild West Weekly
Title:Wild West Weekly
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Wild West Weekly 531 | Uploaded: Jun 7, 2012
Wild West Weekly originally started life as a dime novel published by Street & Smith Corp. based in New York.
In August 1927 it was released as a pulp magazine and was published for the next fifteen years. It dropped Weekly from its title in July 1943, finally folding later on that year. It ran for a total of 822 issues.
10 Story Western Magazine v41 01 101 unknown / hoover Oct 5, 2013 29.10 2058 62
Action-Packed Western v04 04 100 Oak Oct 5, 2013 46.53 1791 67
All-Story Western v02 n03 132 unknown / hoover Oct 6, 2013 46.82 1663 77
Complete Cowboy v03 02 115 unknown / hoover Oct 5, 2013 64.63 1388 59
Double Action Western v12 06 116 hoover Apr 1, 2014 158.37 1395 57
Fifteen Western Tales v26 03 116 unknown / hoover Oct 5, 2013 93.13 1614 66
Fire Cloud by Samual Fletcher 101 Pulpshmoo Oct 27, 2013 172.04 1344 40
Frontier Stories v15 12 132 hoover Apr 1, 2014 113.49 1904 81
Indian Stories v01 03 96 D&M / DPP Oct 5, 2013 79.67 1647 65
Masked Rider Western v28 03 132 Wilddog / DPP Oct 21, 2013 34.65 2241 63
Texas Rangers Dec 1943 69 Gorgon776 Sep 30, 2013 71.18 2270 83
Thrilling Western v42 01 101 narfstar Mar 19, 2013 37.83 2136 66
Treasure of the Brasada by Les Savage Jr. 200 Pulpshmoo Oct 27, 2013 71.97 1770 59
Wild West Weekly 1 32 Unknown / paw broon Dec 3, 2014 21.48 2453 75
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