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Thumbnail for The Complete TorchyTorchy's first appearance was as a comic strip in the Fort Hamilton Base newspaper in 1944. Her comic book debut was in Quality Comics' 'Doll Man' #8 in 1946. She was created by Bill Ward in 1944.

Torchy Todd, was the blonde bombshell that all the men loved. She began her long and colourful life mainly as a morale booster for the US Army. She is one of the most risqué comic characters of The Golden Age!

Torchy's depiction changed from story to story. Sometimes she was naive and didn't realise the effect she had on men. Other times she understood that effect, but couldn't quite get her head around the reason why she had it. Yet in other stories, Torchy deliberately used her assets to her own advantage.
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The Complete Torchy

The Complete Torchy part 1 122 Dave Hayward Apr 25, 2015 89.00 3811 278
The Complete Torchy part 2 132 Dave Hayward Apr 25, 2015 95.18 2464 194
The Complete Torchy part 3 109 Dave Hayward Apr 25, 2015 82.30 1903 183
The Complete Torchy part 4 138 Dave Hayward Apr 25, 2015 99.44 1843 199
The Complete Torchy part 5 123 Dave Hayward Apr 25, 2015 88.74 2429 184
The Complete Torchy part 6 43 Dave Hayward Apr 25, 2015 23.86 2123 171
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