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Thumbnail for Fox Features ArchivesFox Features Archives #01
The Birdman first appeared in Weird Comics #01 (Apr 1940). His last appearance was in Weird Comics #04 (June 1940).
A young Indian in the American Southwest, who not only flies but has the keen senses of a bird of prey.
He is apparently descended from an ancient Indian god. Armed with bow and arrow and knife he is a skilled fighter with or without his weapons.

Fox Feature Archives #02
Electro appeared in only one issue of Teen Ventures #17 (Dec 1950).
Electro otherwise known as Richard Darrow a famous inventor can become Electro, the master of electricity!

Fox Feature Archives #03
Bishop And Halo only appeared in Blue Beetle #24 (Aug 1943).
Halo was a crime fighter who disguised himself as a bishop.

Kalkor appeared in Fantastic Comics #22 and #23 (Sept/Nov 1941).
Kalkor was to be a high priest of Isis in Ancient Egypt, but a high priestess named Nagana, also known as the Queen of Evil, wanted him to forego his vows and rule Thebes by her side. Kalkor resisted her temptation and remained faithful to Isis. He confronted Nagana resulting in both the temple and city being destroyed, and Nagana becoming a statue.
3,000 years later, Nagana was found by archaeologists and was revived. In order to combat the Queen of Evil, Isis returned her faithful servant Kalkor to life. In order to blend in, Kalkor took on the civilian guise of John Kerry.

Lu-Nar The Moon Man appeared in Wonderworld Comics 28-33 (1941).
Lu-Nar or Lunar is an alien with some super-strength who crashed on earth and has some difficulty understanding our way of life. Beansie a cab driver befriends him and keeps a watchful eye on him.

Fox Feature Archives #04
Blackbird appeared in Blue Beetle #09 (Oct 1941).
Jake Baxter is the inventor and pilot of his own special airplane and is the heroic Blackbird when trouble arises. He's helped out by his mechanic Raftery.

Black Fury first appeared in Fantastic Comics #17 (Apr 1941).
The second incarnation of Black Fury was the alter ego of John Perry, gossip columnist for the Daily Clarion. Perry used his newspaper connections to uncover information on crime and corruption, which he would then fight in his costumed form. He had no superpowers, and was assisted by Chuck Marley (Kid Fury), the son of a slain policeman.

Fox Feature Archives #05
The Tumbler made his appearances in Green Mask 07 & 08 (1941).
Lee Brothers is a superb acrobat and trapeze artist for the circus. After an incident with criminals who killed his old trainer Sockey, the underworld thinks he is dead. He takes on the name of John Dowe and makes up a costume to become a mystery man using his circus performing name, the Tumbler.

Fox Feature Archives #06
Bronze Man appeared in Blue Beetle 42 & 44 (No issue 43). Major Randy Ronald is an ace of aces whose face was marred when escaping from the enemy and is presumed dead by the general public. In reality he goes around wearing the impassive bronze mask and waging war against injustice.

Thor appeared in Weird Comics 01-05 (1940).
Grant Farrel, an ordinary mortal is suddenly invested with the supernatural powers of the ancient god, Thor, son of Odin, supreme ruler of Valhalla!

Fox Feature Archives #07
Merciless the Sorceress appeared in All Your Comics #01 (Spring 1946)
The second version of Merciless the Sorceress was ruler of the land of Volcano People. Her enemies included Captain Bob Darlington, his assistant 'the Professor', and his pilot 'Happy' Jack Smiles. Her powers included transforming men into animals, being bulletproof, disintegration, flight, and numerous other powers.

Fox Feature Archives #08
The Black Rider, decked in black with a mask, Jack Cody is a modern western cowboy riding his horse Black Devil.
He first appeared in Weird Comics #17 (Aug 1941).

Night Bird aka newspaper photographer 'Lens' Crockett is secretly the non-powered mystery-man Night Bird. He is frequently paired up with lady reporter Dell Daniels.
He first appeared in Green Mask #06 (Aug 1941).

Typhon is a two-fisted type who is an undersea adventurer and inventor and commander of various submarines.
He first appeared in Weird Comics #01 (Apr 1940).
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