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Thumbnail for Captain Wings ArchivesCaptain Wings first appeared in Wings Comics #16 (December 1941) published by Fiction House. Written and created by Major T.E. Bowen.
His alter-ego is plain Captain Smith, who was both a special agent and a R.A.F. veteran. In his many adventures, the heroic pilot Captain Wings fought villains ranging from the Nazis to Communists and even space aliens.

However, starting with Wings Comics #23 the character undergoes a change of personality and background.
He is now Captain Boggs of the American Airforce, who during the Blitz over England fell subject to 'Blackouts' and was sent back to the USA to desk duty.
Frustrated he flies his own P-51 Mustang and wages his own private war on the Japanese and various costumed criminals. After the war he continues to fight Communists and U.F.O.s.
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Captain Wings Archives

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