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Smash Comics #1

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Smash Comics
PublisherQuality | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by Henry Peters
Filesize 48.91mb consisting of 68 pages | Format: EBook
File nameSmash_Comics_001.cbz
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NotesThere is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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Comic Book Cover For Smash Comics #1
Smash Comics #1 (1 of 86)
   By The Australian Panther
checking out the origin of 'Hugh Hazard and His Iron Man' ( not at all bad for the period) I find a police commissioner firing a flare into the sky to alert the hero. In August 1939, does this predate the Bat Signal? Just had to add this. Only serious source of info on George Brenner. Most sources, which are brief, credit his character 'The clock' as the first masked comic hero. This source is more accurate and gives more detail. http://qualitycomics.blogspot.com.au/2014/04/george-brenner-full-story.html But seriously, check the link and tell me, 'Did George Brenner look like ARNOLD or not?'
Additional Information
PublicationAugust 1939 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1 | Frequency: monthly
FeaturingHugh Hazzard and His Iron Man
CreditsPencils: Ed Cronin? | Inks: Ed Cronin?
ContentGenre: Science Fiction | Characters: Bozo the Robot; Espionage [Black Ace] (inset); Abdul the Arab (inset); Archie O'Toole (inset); Wings Wendall (inset)
Comic StoryThe Black Spot (9 pages)
SynopsisThe Black Spot (a political group) takes over Argentina and conquers most of the rest of South America, before Black Ace intervenes.
FeaturingEspionage Starring Black Ace
CreditsScript: Will Eisner [as Will Erwin] (signed) | Pencils: Will Eisner [as Will Erwin] (signed) | Inks: Will Eisner [as Will Ervin] (signed)
ContentGenre: Spy | Characters: Espionage [Black Ace]; Colonel Atwater; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Batu; The Black Spot (Villains); Vlamir Koran (Introduction); Mara Hani (Introduction, Dies)
NotesFeature continued from Feature Comics #22, where the hero was called Black X. Black Ace becomes Black X again with issue #6. No explanation given.
Comic StoryThe Big Radio Hoax (2 pages)
FeaturingPhilpot Veep
CreditsScript: John Devlin | Pencils: John Devlin | Inks: John Devlin
ContentGenre: Detective-mystery | Characters: Philpot Veep (intro); Waldo
Comic StoryEscape From Devil's Island (1 page)
FeaturingExciting Adventures
CreditsScript: Terry Gilkison? [as Terry] | Pencils: Terry Gilkison? [as Terry] | Inks: Terry Gilkison? [as Terry]
ContentGenre: Non-fiction
Comic StoryThe Murder of Max Gorman (7 pages)
FeaturingChic Carter
CreditsScript: Vernon Henkel | Pencils: Vernon Henkel (signed) | Inks: Vernon Henkel
ContentGenre: Detective-mystery | Characters: Chic Carter (intro); Monahan, DAILY STAR editor; Gloria Gorman; Van Drenn (villain, intro); Rocco (villain, intro)
Comic StoryThe King's Visit (4 pages)
SynopsisKing Julius of Slobodka visits Shickshinny and gets kidnapped
FeaturingSimple Simon
CreditsScript: Ed Conin | Pencils: Ed Cronin (signed) | Inks: Ed Cronin
ContentGenre: Adventure; Humor | Characters: Simple Simon; King Julius; Slaughterhouse
Notes(only appearance)
Comic StoryMickey Rooney (1 page)
FeaturingScreen Snapshots
CreditsScript: Bernard Baily (signed) | Pencils: Bernard Baily (signed) | Inks: Bernard Baily (signed)
ContentGenre: Biography | Characters: Mickey Rooney
Comic StoryMajor Drake Is Missing (7 pages)
FeaturingWings Wendall
CreditsScript: Vernon Henkel | Pencils: Vernon Henkel | Inks: Vernon Henkel
ContentGenre: Spy | Characters: Wings Wendall (intro); Major Drake; Balov (villain)
Comic StoryApple of Invisibility (2 pages)
FeaturingArchie O'Toole
CreditsScript: Will Eisner? [as Bud Thomas] | Pencils: Will Eisner? [as Bud Thomas] | Inks: Will Eisner? [as Bud Thomas]
ContentGenre: Humor; Children | Characters: Archie O'Toole; Gil O'Teen (Villain)
Notescontinued from FEATURE COMICS #22
Comic StoryIntroducing the Invisible Hood (4 pages)
SynopsisThe Maharajah of Raas is willing to pay a million dollars for the return of a stolen sacred Indian necklace, and Inspector Blake calls in Kent Thurston because of his knowledge of precious gems. Donning a simple disguise, Thurston uses a gas gun to convince a culprit to cooperate as to the location of this necklace.
FeaturingHooded Justice
CreditsScript: Art Pinajian [as Art Gordon] (signed) | Pencils: Art Pinajian [as Art Gordon] (signed) | Inks: Art Pinajian [as Art Gordon] (signed)
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: The Invisible Hood [Kent Thurston] (introduction); Inspector Bill Blake; Maharajah of Raas; Peter Robinson; Butch (villain); Spike (villain)
NotesMany sources confuse the name of this hero with the name of the feature. In this issue, it was titled "Hooded Justice" and it starred the "Invisible Hood". Here he did not have the power of invisibility, merely donning a red monk's cloak and domino mask.
Comic StoryThe Baseball Fixers (6 pages)
FeaturingClip Chance at Cliffside
CreditsScript: George Brenner | Pencils: George Brenner [ as Scott Sheridan] | Inks: George Brenner
ContentGenre: Sports | Characters: Clip Chance; Bob Brack; Slick (Villain); Butch (Villain)
Notescontinued from FEATURE COMICS #16
Comic StoryThe Ghost Express (4 pages)
FeaturingCaptain Cook of Scotland Yard
CreditsScript: Toni Blum? | Pencils: William A. Smith [as Will Arthur] | Inks: William A. Smith
ContentGenre: Detective-mystery | Characters: Captain Cook; Kelly; The "Ghost Engineer" (Intro, Villain)
Notescontinued from FEATURE COMICS #22. Writer id by Bob Hughes.
Text StoryMystery At Catalina: Chapter 1 (2 pages)
FeaturingTony Parelli
CreditsScript: Jeffrey Spain | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: Adventure
Comic StoryVeron Gomez (1 page)
CreditsScript: Gill Fox | Pencils: Gill Fox (signed) | Inks: Gill Fox (signed)
ContentGenre: Sports | Characters: Vernon Gomez
Comic StoryThe Treachery of Murdock (7 pages)
FeaturingAbdul the Arab
CreditsScript: Vernon Henkel | Pencils: Vernon Henkel | Inks: Vernon Henkel
ContentGenre: Adventure | Characters: Abdul the Arab (intro); Hassan; Ali Bey; Col. Simpson; Sylvia Simpson; Murdock (Villain, Intro, Dies)
Comic StoryIron Monster At Large Again (7 pages)
SynopsisMad scientist Von Thorp sends his metal robot on a rampage through the city, leaving the Police at their wits' end, so they call in Hugh Hazzard, who manages to stow away inside the robot. The robot returns to von Thorp's hideout, whom Hazzard manages to capture. Learning that the Police plan a watery grave for the robot, Hazzard rushes in to save it, naming him Bozo the Iron Man, and using him as his new crime-fighting partner.
FeaturingHugh Hazard and His Iron Man
CreditsScript: George Brenner [as Wayne Reid] (signed) | Pencils: George Brenner [as Wayne Reid] (signed) | Inks: George Brenner [as Wayne Reid] (signed)
ContentGenre: Science Fiction | Characters: Hugh Hazzard; Bozo the Robot (introduction, origin): Commissioner Hunt; Inspector Burke; Chief Blane; Pat; Dr. Von Thorp (villain, introduction)
NotesBrenner probably created Bozo from the golden robot Elektro, which was made by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation and presented to the 1939 New York World's Fair. It was 7' tall and performed a variety of feats, but could not house a human being.
AdvertisementDan And the Gang go to bat with Grips (1 page)
FeaturingGrips Athletic Club; Beacon Falls Rubber Footwear
Notesprinted in two colors- red only.
AdvertisementJust Out the Fastest Loading Air Rifle in History (1 page)
FeaturingDaisy Air Rifles
Notesback cover
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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