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Four O'Clock 007

Four O'Clock
PublisherFour O'Clock | Date: | Lang: English
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File nameFour_OClock_007__1897_08.College_Publications___DPP_.cb
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NotesCollege Publications) (DPP)
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Four O'Clock 007
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Four O'Clock 007
   By Byron Sorgent
What a fantastic glimpse into the past! I was originally looking for Horror, but this caught my eye purely because of the date. I actually learned something historical about the town next to mine...through an advertisement! The stories in Four o"clock made it easy to feel like you were relaxing in the late afternoon in 1897, doing what people back then did for entertainment.
   By Byron Sorgent
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that on a few pages there seemed to be some type of paper overlays. They look too pristine and white to be part of the original but, from the drawings on them, they certainly look like they belong. Can you help me out here? Thanks and what a terrific site!!
   By crashryan
Fascinating. Tipping all the plates in must have been a time- and money-intensive process. I presume the publisher saved money by not printing the entire magazine on quality stock. But the idea of having the plates overlay the text so you have to fold them back to read the story is strange. Narf, do you own the original of this magazine? Can you tell us more about it?
   By nagymarci
Hey Byron, It's just a tip, but the reason those pictures look so different, because the had to be printed on a different, much finer type of paper which they later had to glue into the magazine. I'm guessing they are litographs, as opposed to most of the magazine which is clearly not. They used this technique in some old hungarian magazines I own, from about the same era (they're mostly about art and architecture). In more sophisticated (and more expensive) publishings, they had the whole picture page made from the finer paper, and sometimes they even added a thin, protective page between the text and the picture pages.
Additional Information
Content:Four O'Clock [# 7, August 1897] ed. Charles Fletcher Scott (A.L. Swift and Co., 5c, cover by Carl Werntz) from a copy online at comicbookplus.com. Details supplied by Denny Lien.
Page 8:"Looking over the wall to the white cloud piled in the south" by Jane Ames
Page 9:When Love Is Young - short story by Charles Fletcher Scott
Page 13Comparison - poem by Laura Lee
Page 14:Across the Bay - poem by William Chandler Bagley
Page 15:In the Shadow of the Wall - short story by Zona Gale
Page 21:Celia - poem by Charles Bracy Lawton
Page 22:Sparrow - A College Sketch - short story by Ralph D. Small
Page 28:The Broken Lute by Jean Wright
Page 29:The Last Note - poem by Martha E. Guerin
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