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Intimate Love #8 - Version 2

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Intimate Love
PublisherBetter / Nedor / Standard / Pines | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by movielover
Filesize 42.42mb consisting of 37 pages | Format: EBook
File nameIntimate_Love_008__upgrade__JVJ_tilliban_soothsayr_movi
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SourceThis book was scanned from a copy in the JVJ Archive.
Notesoriginally scanned and edited by tilliban with parts cut out of 2 pages. Undamaged pages scanned by soothsayr and edited by movielover Art by Severin & Elder in "Sweethearts Forever".
There is more information about this book at the bottom of the page
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Intimate Love #8 - Version 2 (5 of 27)
Additional Information
PublicationSeptember 1950 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1 | Frequency: quarterly
CreditsPencils:? (photograph) | Inks:? (photograph) | Colors:? (photograph) | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: Romance
Comic StoryI Scorned Love! (10 pages)
SynopsisNancy’s friend Ken Ford is badly injured in an auto accident. The doctor says he must have a reason to live, and Nancy agrees to marry Ken to save his life. Nancy, feeling trapped, tries to find a way to get out of the engagement. She dates co-worker Roy, who insists she break the news to Ken that she doesn’t want to marry him. Nancy can’t do it, but Ken finds out anyway. But then Nancy realises she really has fallen in love with Ken, and they reconcile.
CreditsPencils: Dan Loprino (signed) | Inks: Al Hartley (signed) | Job #: R-174
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Nancy Terris; Ken Ford; Roy Winters; Dr. Michael
Text ArticleAccent on Charm (1 page)
SynopsisBeauty tips
CreditsScript: Martha Hale (credited) | Letters: typeset
Text StoryLand of Romance (1 page)
CreditsScript: Sally Devers (credited) | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: Romance
Comic StorySweethearts Forever - Mark Twain and Olivia Langdon (3 pages)
CreditsPencils: John Severin (signed) | Inks: Will Elder (signed) | Job #: R-180
ContentGenre: Non-fiction; Romance
Comic StoryTears for Two (8 pages)
SynopsisKen and Linda return from their honeymoon to discover Linda’s wealthy parents have completely furnished their new home in expensive style. Ken is upset. Later, when Linda’s mother continues to shower them with gifts, Ken tells his wife that he’s nearly lost his job because his rich wife is making him live beyond his income. Linda leaves him and moves back in with her parents. Ken convinces his in-laws to allow the newly-married couple to live independently and Linda promises to live on Ken’s salary from now on.
CreditsPencils: John Celardo (signed) | Inks: John Celardo (signed) | Job #: R-163
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Linda; Ken; Linda's mother; Linda's father
Text StoryHeart for Rent (1 page)
CreditsScript: Jane Hobart (credited) | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: Romance
Comic StoryMy Rival Heart (6 pages)
SynopsisPriscilla, the daughter of a humble fisherman, meets wealthy artist Jon Blake, who’s staying at a nearby resort hotel. He uses her as a model and invites her to a dance, but she learns he’s engaged to rich Sheila Granby and runs off angrily. Jon is later injured in a car accident; Priscilla agrees to pose so he can finish an important painting. Sheila destroys the painting and this makes Jon realise he loves Priscilla, not Sheila.
CreditsPencils: Paul Robinson | Inks: Paul Robinson | Job #: R-146
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Priscilla Brooks; Dad Brooks; Jon Blake; Sheila Granby
NotesArt identification by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr.
Comic StoryLove Letters (2 pages)
CreditsPencils: Paul Robinson | Inks: Paul Robinson | Job #: R-176
ContentGenre: Romance
NotesArt identification by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr.
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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