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Speed Comics #16

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Speed Comics
PublisherHarvey Comics | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by movielover
Filesize 78.44mb consisting of 102 pages | Format: EBook
File nameSpeed_Comics_016__inc__no_ibc__rangerhouse_movielover_N
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Notesinc, no ibc, Rangerhouse scans, Movielover edits
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Speed Comics #16 (16 of 47)
   By crashryan
I wonder how Harvey figured he could produce 100-pagers to sell for the same price as a regular 64-page comic. The pages may be smaller but they seem to have about the same amount of art on them. If Harvey paid lower page rates to keep the hundred-pagers' cost down, I'd think the artists would have kicked. If it were Victor Fox he wouldn't give a damn, but from what I've read Harvey was a more sensible businessman. Maybe increased production costs was one of the reasons the Pocket Comics line failed. Or maybe kids just preferred full-size comics, even with a lower page count.
   By lonespaceranger
I've heard that they were too easy to put in a pocket and carry out of the store. There must have been some advantage to the format, or at least some perceived theoretical advantage. Could some of the stories have been inventory tales already bought and paid for? Something about cheaper printing, or more advantageous "time" on the presses? It is too early in the Golden Age I would think for reprints. It doesn't appear to be cheaper stuff purchased for a song from a lesser known shop.
Additional Information
PublicationJanuary 1942 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1
FeaturingCaptain Freedom
CreditsPencils: Al Avison | Inks: Al Avison
Comic StoryThe Weird Whirlpool (12 pages)
FeaturingShock Gibson
CreditsPencils: Arthur Cazeneuve | Inks: Arthur Cazeneuve
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: Adolf Hitler (Villain); Bundists (Villain; Intro); Franklin D. Roosevelt (Guest Appearance); Mayor Gordian (Intro)
Comic StoryThe Hermit of Strange Island (12 pages)
FeaturingCaptain Freedom
CreditsPencils: Arthur Cazeneuve? | Inks: Arthur Cazeneuve?
ContentCharacters: The Hermit of Strange Island (Villain; Intro); the Nazis (Villain)
Text StoryShock Gibson Rides the Airways (2 pages)
FeaturingShock Gibson
CreditsPencils: Arthur Cazeneuve (?) (Illustration) | Inks: Arthur Cazeneuve (?) (Illustration) | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: Superhero | Characters: Shock Gibson
Notesillos by Arthur Cazeneuve?
Comic Story"What a strange way for a grown-up marine to act..." (10 pages)
FeaturingBiff Bannon
CreditsScript: Art Helfant | Pencils: Art Helfant | Inks: Art Helfant
Comic StoryThe Wrath of El Toro (11 pages)
FeaturingCrash, Cork, and the Baron
CreditsPencils: Art Gates | Inks: Art Gates
ContentCharacters: El Toro (Intro); Conchita (Intro); Hans Holtz (Villain; Intro); the Nazis (Villain)
Comic StoryThe Sleeping Death (12 pages)
FeaturingPat Parker
ContentCharacters: "The Monster" (Villain; Intro; Death); the Nazis (Villain)
NotesPat's first case in costume
Comic Story"Coffee and doughnuts, Bimbo." (2 pages)
FeaturingBimbo's Beanery
CreditsScript: Art Helfant | Pencils: Art Helfant | Inks: Art Helfant
ContentGenre: Humor
Comic StoryThe Buried Treasure (12 pages)
FeaturingSpeed Taylor
CreditsPencils: Edd Ashe [as Ed Ashe] (see notes) | Inks: Edd Ashe [as Ed Ashe] (see notes)
ContentCharacters: Professor Books (Intro); Diane Books (Intro)
Notes"Ed Ashe Westport, Conn." written on the first page of the original art for this story, in what appears to be contemporary ink (circa 1941-42). It seems logical that Edd Ashe originally signed his name with one 'd' in "Ed", but changed it later for professional reasons.
Text StoryClaws of Murder (2 pages)
FeaturingThe Zebra
CreditsLetters: typeset
Comic StoryThe Desert Rat (12 pages)
FeaturingTed Parrish
CreditsPencils: Al Avison | Inks: Al Avison
ContentCharacters: The Desert Rat (Villain; Intro); Pierre Moyer (Intro); Myrna Leigh (Intro)
Cartoon"Private Pinky, what's today's date?" (1 page)
FeaturingPrivate Pinky
CreditsScript: Art Helfant | Pencils: Art Helfant | Inks: Art Helfant
ContentGenre: Humor
Notesinside front cover
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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