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Love Problems and Advice, Illustrated #2

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Love Problems and Advice, Illustrated
PublisherMcCombs | Date: | Lang: English
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Filesize 45.49mb consisting of 65 pages | Format: EBook
File nameLove_Problems_and_Advice_Illustrated_2_13pOrigArt_McCom
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NotesNow with 13 Pages of Original Art! Original scanner unknown. new covers and Orig art from HA added in by Krac
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Love Problems and Advice, Illustrated #2 (2 of 2)
Comic Book Cover For Love Problems and Advice, Illustrated #2
Love Problems and Advice, Illustrated #2 (2 of 2)
Additional Information
PublicationAugust 1949 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1 | Frequency: bi-monthly
Cover"How can Marion be so cruel and show me up this way in front of Jack"
CreditsPencils: Lee Elias (signed) | Inks: Lee Elias (signed)
ContentGenre: Romance
ContentsContents (1 page)
CreditsColors:? (red, white, blue) | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: Romance
Comic StoryI Fell In Love With the Man of My Dreams (9 pages)
Synopsis15-year-old Candy has a crush on 21-year-old Bob, a friend of her brother. Bob’s companion is Betty, who is his own age, but Candy plots to win him away. After Candy helps Bob during an emergency at a charity dance, they become friendly although he’s shocked to learn her true age. However, he kisses her on her 16th birthday. “He calls for [her] after school” each day and promises to wait for Candy to graduate before they marry.
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Candy Barker; Joe Barker; Bob Jackson; Blanche; Betty Hale; Don Jall
Comic StoryCan First Love Be True Love? (1 page)
SynopsisDoris and Paul fall in love at first sight but she “couldn’t be sure it would last.” The unnamed love advisor in the last panel says "the best test...is to wait a few months.”
CreditsPencils: Bob Powell
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Doris Bennett; Paul Roberts
Comic StoryI Was Betrothed to a Stranger (7 pages)
SynopsisFrank gives Alice an engagement ring but her “old-countryish” father says he’s arranged for her to marry Tony, the son of a fellow immigrant. Alice finds Tony “a corpulent, loud-mouthed oaf” but wonders if she must repay her parents’ sacrifices with one of her own. However, when Alice is trapped in a burning house, Tony acts cowardly while Frank rushes in to save her. Her parents change their minds and approve of Frank as a future son-in-law.
CreditsInks: Lee Elias?
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Alice Weska; Papa Weska; Mama Weska; Tony Zacco; Frank Hale; Gustav Zacco; Mrs. Zacco
NotesAlice's hair is blonde, turns red on page 3, and then back to blonde on page 4.
Text StoryKnow Your Own Mind! (1 page)
CreditsPencils:? (illustration) | Inks:? (illustration)
ContentGenre: Romance
Comic StoryBe Punctual! (2 pages)
SynopsisSmart Sue is punctual and pleases her boyfriend. Silly Millie is always late and loses her boyfriend.
FeaturingHow to Hold Your Man
CreditsScript: Merilla Herman | Pencils: Vic Herman (signed) | Inks: Vic Herman (signed)
ContentGenre: Humor; Romance | Characters: Smart Sue; Silly Millie
NotesSilly "Millie" is originally spelled "Milly" and then changes in the very next panel to "Millie."
FeaturingDear Peggy: Love Problems & Advice
CreditsScript:? [as Peggy] | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: Romance
AdvertisementHollywood Roddy McDowall at Monogram Pictures Studio (1 page)
FeaturingAdventures of Popsicle Pete
Comic StoryI Was Tormented! (8 pages)
SynopsisBabs and Belle are twins, but Babs is “such a droop compared to Belle” that Babs loses all of her boyfriends to her sister. Babs falls in love with lawyer Jeff; he says he’d never leave her for her “slinky sister.” Belle pulls her usual fake “fainting” gimmick and kisses Jeff when he helps her up—an upset Babs runs into traffic and is hit by a car. In the hospital, Belle apologises and Jeff proposes to Babs.
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Babs; Belle; Bill; Paul; Jeff
Comic StoryWas It Love Or Pity? (8 pages)
SynopsisNurse Julia loves doctor Stuart, but he’s the boyfriend of fellow nurse Bea, whose father is head of the hospital where they all work. Stuart feels like a kept man but is unable to break up with the domineering Bea. Meanwhile, he and Julia work on a polio serum. When Bea tries to keep Stuart from responding to a polio outbreak, he and Julia go there together. Bea vows revenge but her father says Stuart’s untested serum saved many lives. He also says he’s glad Stuart “got away from my daughter...she’d ruin any man!” Stuart and Julia embrace.
CreditsPencils: Bob Powell
ContentGenre: Romance | Characters: Dr. Stuart Taylor; Bea Mathews; Julia Prentiss; Adolph; Dr. Mathews
Publisher advertisement"What Would You Do If You Had These Problems?" (1 page)
SynopsisHouse ad. The top half of the page is for "Love Problems and Advice" and reproduces the cover of issue no. 3. The bottom half of the page is an ad for "Crown Comics" and reproduces the cover of issue no. 19.
Text StoryThe Man I Love (1 page)
CreditsScript:? [as J. L.] | Pencils:? (illustration) | Inks:? (illustration)
ContentGenre: Romance
CartoonFrom Dawn To Dusk (1 page)
Synopsis4 spot cartoons. Each cartoon has the "joke" in a dialogue balloon. Under each cartoon there is typeset text describing the garments being worn by the characters.
CreditsScript: Vic Herman | Pencils: Vic Herman (signed) | Inks: Vic Herman (signed) | Letters:?; typeset
ContentGenre: Romance
NotesFashion advice
Text StoryI Loved Two Men! (1 page)
CreditsScript:? [as R. B.] | Letters: typeset
ContentGenre: Romance
Advertisement"Gramps- what is Bossy doing?"
FeaturingFleers Dubble Bubble
CreditsPencils: Ray Thompson | Inks: Ray Thompson
Letters PageThe Wishing Well; The Last Word (1 page)
ContentGenre: Romance
PSAMessage to Parents: If Polio Hits Your Area This Year... (1 page)
CreditsLetters: typeset
NotesPSA from "The National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis"
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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