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Lots 'O' Fun Comics

Robert Allen Co: Lots "O" Fun Comics
PublisherRobert Allen Co: Lots 'O' Fun Comics | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by IRA Collection / a nonny moose
Filesize 35.46mb consisting of 36 pages | Format: EBook
File nameLots_O_Fun_Comics__remaindered_Catholic_Pictorial_1_.cb
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 6.5/10 (2 votes)
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Notesfrom the IRA Collection, Rangerhouse scans, a nonny moose edits
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Lots 'O' Fun Comics
Comic Book Cover For Lots 'O' Fun Comics
Lots 'O' Fun Comics
   By The Australian Panther
Still couldn't open it. Couldn't rate it either. I could download it tho. Glad I did. This has two of the earliest Alex Toth stories I've ever seen.
   By Kracalactaka
I have put in a call for help to Mark, I have deleted the first version, and re-upped a slightly tweaked 2nd ver and people are still having probs.
   By dwilt
I couldn't open it yesterday, today I can. I wonder if some child eagerly got "Lots ' Fun" comics and then was disappointed to discover it was full of... religious stories!? Perhaps the publisher's definition of "fun" was different than most people's.
   By Kracalactaka
Mark Fixed it. The problem was the double quotes ( "O" ), once it was changed to 'O', all was well
   By Comeekz
One of the most oddly named comics ever...
   By bowers
The cover promises kids "An hour of laughs", but they really get saints, martyrs, a hanging, and a burning at the stake! Oh my.... Cheers, Bowers
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