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Nightwing & Tiger: NSA

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Nightwing & Tiger: NSA
« on: November 27, 2017, 09:43:13 PM »

I'm a big fan of comic book continuity and enjoy reading about superheroes passing down their mantles to the next generation, and nowhere is this done better than in DC Comics' Batman-Nightwing storyling.

Nightwing is merely Robin (Dick Grayson), Batman's ally, who dons Batman's mantle and takes over as the primary crusader since Batman is considering retiring.

Nightwing has his own crusades and adventures and does not want to be 'linked' to Batman. However, Nightwing does sometimes work with the Tiger (DC Comics), a martial-intelligence 'operative' and sometime ally and once-enemy of Nightwing, who is reminiscent of an 'inverted rendition' of Ethan Hunt (fictional combat-oriented slick intelligence-operative from the Mission: Impossible film-series, portrayed by Hollywood movie superstar Tom Cruise).

Here's a yarn about Nightwing and Tiger working together on an NSA mission involving cyber-warfare, biological weapons, and of course, Al Jazeera TV.


"Dick Grayson, you're an idiot."

These were the first words Tiger spoke to Dick Grayson (aka, 'Robin') while the young vigilante was training himself and preparing to deal with large-scale complex political turbulence involving the CIA and/or the NSA. Since then, Grayson donned a new suit (much more mature) and became 'Nightwing.' Tiger was still 'Tiger,' but the two were now allies, working together on an important new NSA-mandated secret-mission in Algeria and Syria involving the transport of biological weapons and the development of very sophisticated Internet 'super-viruses.' Tiger and Nightwing were now America's best defense (in terms of intelligence and skill).

Tiger and Nightwing believed Algeria's development of wind-energy farms (far superior to anything America was developing in wind-energy) was a 'cover' for an underground cyber-warfare driven Internet virus-generating base of operations. Nightwing surmised that Algeria was now tied to ISIS (the fanatical Middle Eastern terrorist group suspected of the attack on an Egyptian Mosque on Black Friday which resulted in the deaths of over 300 Sufi-Muslims, considered to be too 'lenient/negotiable' with America and U.S. President Donald Trump). Nightwing believed Algeria wanted to work closely with ISIS to bring forth a new 'axis of fundamentalism' which would stretch from North Korea to Cuba. Adding fuel to such 'fire' was the fact that emergent media (i.e., Al Jazeera TV) now made anti-capitalism 'sentiment' much more 'accessible' in modern networking (e.g., Facebook!). The world had changed, and Tiger and Nightwing were commanded to keep up.

Tiger recommended that he and Nightwing bring all kinds of special gear, including infrared-vision goggles for improved night-vision, tranquilizer-darts (silent but deadly!), and of course an experimental new invisibility-cloaking device designed for espionage-oriented missions in the Middle East. Tiger joked to Nightwing and said that once this NSA mission was over, the two should travel to Casablanca and enjoy lots and lots (and lots) of whiskey and lounge-piano music. This mission was crucial to the Trump Administration's new military offensive/stance regarding the macro-treatment of any and all groups arrayed against America and modern capitalism/commerce (which included North Korea!). Tiger agreed with Nightwing that Algeria would profit from a merger with Syria, which would draw in other like-minded Muslim nations (such as Libya!).

Nightwing also brought a sophisticated computer-algorithm network/Internet scrambler which he planned to use to disrupt data transmissions and insert a code-decoder which would relay anti-virus 'prescriptions' back to the NSA. If Tiger and Nightwing succeeded, the world (and President Trump!) would feel much more secure about 'communiques' between the Middle East and other regions embedded in anti-American 'sentiments' (e.g., North Korea). After about one full year's worth of work, Tiger and Nightwing felt they had accomplished enough to deliver the necessary stability-reports to the NSA. The two were given special medals, and President Trump recommended they become best-friends and consistent allies. For now though, Tiger and Nightwing merely thought about R&R in Casablanca. Even Batman called to congratulate Nightwing but reminded him (no surprise!), "Remember Dick; protect your innocence!"


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