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Rangers of Freedom Comics #1

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Rangers Comics
PublisherFiction House | Date: | Lang: English
Uploaded  by freddyfly
Filesize 47.34mb consisting of 68 pages | Format: EBook
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NotesComplete! A freddyfly gift to Fiction House fandom for Christmas 2010!
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Comic Book Cover For Rangers of Freedom Comics #1
Rangers of Freedom Comics #1 (1 of 70)
   By Ratty
This is an interesting peek into the American psyche on the eve of the country's entry into WW2. Just two months before the attack on Pearl Harbor the lead story has young "extra ordinary examples of American youth" volunteer to fight "Super Brain", a super villain schemer in the Fu Manchu mold, rather than Hitler directly. Indeed issue #2 retcons the story to be set in the near-future of 1948 with Hitler demoted to merely an "adventurer" Super Brain is using. Needless to say, things quickly changed after the attack on Pearl Harbor. And by issue 5 the original titular "Rangers of Freedom" team would be replaced by a less super-themed group of Army Rangers. It's interesting to note that many of the other stories in issue #1 deal with 5th columnist saboteurs. If you can put yourself in the time, it gives an incredible sense of foreboding. America was just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Additional Information
PublicationOctober 1941 | Price: 0.10 USD | Pages: 1
CoverThe Super-Brain
FeaturingRangers of Freedom
CreditsPencils: Dan Zolnerowich (signed) | Inks: Dan Zolnerowich (signed)
ContentGenre: Adventure | Characters: The Rangers of Freedom [Biff Barkley; Tex Russell; Percy Cabot]; Super-Brain (villain)
Comic Story"As fiendish sabotage terrorizes the citizens of the United States..." (12 pages)
SynopsisBiff, Tex and Percy are brought by the FBI to Washington D.C. and informed that a mysterious mental force is behind the attack on America's democracy and that only young minds can resist their powers. The three accept the challenge and form the "Rangers of Freedom", only to be captured by the Super-Brain, subjected to an intense brain compelling ray and ordered to go to the nation's capitol and kidnap the President of the United States.
FeaturingRangers of Freedom
CreditsScript:? [as Captain Raymond Colt] (signed) | Pencils: Joe Doolin | Inks: Joe Doolin
ContentGenre: Adventure | Characters: The Rangers of Freedom [Biff Barkley; Tex Russell; Percy Cabot, the Little Corporal] (introduction with origin; not the Marine heroes featured in #5-7); guest stars: President Franklin D. Roosevelt; Gloria Travers (Miss America of 1941, name revealed next issue); The Super-Brain (villain, introduction); the Nazis (villains)
Comic Story"Jock, Mac, Harry and Terry are at the..." (9 pages)
FeaturingThe Royal Watch
CreditsScript:? [as Stacy Kent] | Pencils: Jim Chambers? | Inks: Jim Chambers?
ContentGenre: War | Characters: The Royal Watch [Jock; Mac; Harry; Terry] (intro of all); Sgt. Harkness; Captain Carruthers; Villains: Herman (intro; dies); Nazi spies (intro; die)
Comic Story"The toughest little eggs in Steel City are..." (8 pages)
FeaturingDefense Patrol
CreditsPencils: Don Lynch | Inks: Don Lynch
ContentGenre: Adventure | Characters: The Defense Patrol [Pedro; Tony; Socker; Nick; Spike; Tom; Fatso; Izzy] (intro; origin); Captain Thomason; Villains: Von Sourpuss (intro); Nazis
NotesOriginally credited to Stan Asch, but the following stories in this feature, with the same artwork, are credited to Don Lynch. He is also credited on this feature by Jerry Bails' Who's Who. Asch's signed art is quite different, with much googly-eyed faces as in Lawbreaker Suspen Stories.
Comic Story"Jeep Milarkey, on guard at a southern army..." (4 pages)
FeaturingJeep Milarkey
CreditsScript:? [as Pat O'Hara]
ContentGenre: Humor | Characters: Jeep Milarkey (intro; an MP); Lt. Kitty Tone (an Army nurse); Villains: Nazis
Comic Story"Living on an isolated plantation on the barren..." (7 pages)
FeaturingAnzac Hawks
CreditsScript:? [as Talbot Cook] | Pencils: Bob Jenney | Inks: Bob Jenney
ContentGenre: War | Characters: The Anzac Hawks [Tommy Armitage; Betty Armitage; Roy Blake] (intro; origin; only appearance); Villains: Van Der Meer (intro); Nazis
NotesThis is the only appearance of the Anzac Hawks.
Comic Story"Rocky Hall, a champion tracker, has been chosen..." (8 pages)
FeaturingRocky Hall Jungle Stalker
CreditsScript:? [as Buck Masters] | Pencils: Robert Bugg? | Inks: Bob Hebberd?
ContentGenre: Jungle | Characters: Rocky Hall (intro); Gay-Ree (Gary Murray; a jungle boy; intro); Villains: Snake-Men (intro)
NotesHW and HS see some possible Jim Chambers and HW adds Tom Gill to the list of suspects.
Comic Story"Legend. Five adventurous friends, all expert sailors, have..." (8 pages)
FeaturingSea Squad
CreditsScript:? [as Caleb Banks] | Pencils: Harry Fisk? | Inks: Harry Fisk?
ContentGenre: Adventure | Characters: The Sea Squad [Jackson; Rick Davis; three unnamed others] (intro; origin); Sam Squidd (intro); Villains: Nazis
NotesThis is the only appearance of the Sea Squad.
Comic Story"Dr. Stuart, the unofficial adviser to the Chinese government..." (8 pages)
FeaturingDon Stuart of the Far East Rangers
CreditsScript:? [as John Campbell]
ContentGenre: War | Characters: Don Stuart (intro); Dr. Stuart (intro; his father); Hilda Von Bellows (intro); Sing Hi (intro); Sing Lo (intro); Lt. Lee Wing (intro); Villain: Von Bellows (intro)
The data in the additional content section is courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under a Creative Commons Attribution License. More details about this comic may be available in their page here
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