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Thumbnail for Private LivesThe full title for this series is: "Private Lives by Edwin Cox. Candid Cartoons of the World's Celebrities. The Unconventional News of the News-names".

It was syndicated to American newspapers by Edwin Cox and Jack Bliss from November 1938 to May 1943. Jack Bliss was the artist for the complete series.

Usually appearing in the Sunday Comics section, it consists of a single large cartoon panel surrounded by smaller cartoon boxes. It features famous people of the the day, including politicians and media celebrities.
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Private Lives

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Private Lives pt.2 31 movielover Aug 30, 2012 62.52 1852 79
Private Lives pt.3 63 movielover Aug 30, 2012 63.48 1754 73
Private Lives pt.4 69 movielover Aug 30, 2012 61.79 2809 94
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