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Thumbnail for FanzinesThe work of avid and rabid fans goes here. From fanzines to remastered public domain works to new contributions.

Many thanks to Jean Bails for permission to carry her late husband Jerry's great zines. If you like these visit www.twomorrows.com and www.billschelly.com to buy nice modern reprints of some great zines.
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Thumbnail for AKAtorial
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:AKA 02 | Uploaded: Nov 17, 2015
Categories:Mixed Bag
UK fanzines carried here with the blessings of the creators.

Alter Ego

Thumbnail for Alter Ego
Title:Alter Ego
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Alter Ego 09 | Uploaded: Apr 16, 2014
Categories:Mixed Bag
Alter-Ego is Trademarked to Roy and Dann Thomas. Issues 8-10 are copyright to Roy Thomas who has graciously given CB+ permission to host these great books. Thank Roy if you get the chance. These were reprinted in much nicer form by TwoMorrows. (ALTER EGO: THE BEST OF THE LEGENDARY COMICS FANZINE) a second volume is currently being readied for publication. The book is still available at


Thumbnail for Batmania
Issues Available:19
Latest Issue:Batmania 01 | Uploaded: Apr 17, 2010

Heroines Showcase

Thumbnail for Heroines Showcase
Title:Heroines Showcase
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Heroines Showcase 17 | Uploaded: Jul 22, 2016
This fanzine contains artwork by Trina Robbins, Dick Giordano and others. Publications without a copyright through February 1989 are public domain.

The Illustrated Comic Journal

Thumbnail for The Illustrated Comic Journal
Title:The Illustrated Comic Journal
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:The Illustrated Comic Journal 12 | Uploaded: Aug 25, 2013
Categories:Mixed Bag

K-A CAPA alpha

Thumbnail for K-A CAPA alpha
Title:K-A CAPA alpha
Issues Available:20
Latest Issue:K-a 01 | Uploaded: Apr 17, 2010
Categories:Mixed Bag
APA stands for Amateur Press Association. Contributers donate pages to each issue which is then compiled and sent to the members. This is one of the legendary Jerry Bails fanzines.

Paper Empire

Thumbnail for Paper Empire
Title:Paper Empire
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Paper Empire 01 | Uploaded: Jan 16, 2017
Categories:Science Fiction | Superhero
Produced by Dominic Regan,c. 1984, this 'zine features the adventures of Captain Empire, plus Black Ice. By issue # 4, the title changed to Captain Empire.
alos features early work by Andrew hope.
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