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Thumbnail for Nick Carter StoriesPublished weekly by Street & Smith Publications based in New York.

A magazine for boys featuring the adventures of Nick Carter, a detective who solves criminal cases using ingenuity and wits rather than violence and brute force. It ceased publication in 1915. It was revived as Nick Carter Detective Magazine in 1933 until Jun 1936.
It was preceded by The Nick Carter Detective Library, The New Nick Carter Library, and The New Nick Carter Weekly.
Nick Carter has appeared in a variety of formats (Books/Radio/Films/Television) for more than a century.
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Nick Carter Stories

New Nick Carter Library 04 - Trim Among the Esquimaux 37 Pulpshmoo Jan 1, 2015 79.22 2876 106
New Nick Carter Weekly 462 - The Marixburg Affair 36 unknown / Pulpshmoo Sep 8, 2013 14.38 3952 179
New Nick Carter Weekly 515 - Plot of the Poisoner 36 unknown / Pulpshmoo Sep 8, 2013 12.97 2952 165
New Nick Carter Weekly 708 - The Tightening Coil 36 OtherEric Nov 14, 2014 28.44 2179 106
Nick Carter Stories 126 - The Crime of the White Hand 33 josemas Jun 5, 2012 61.16 3705 201
Nick Carter Stories 129 - The Jewels of Wat Chang 33 josemas Jun 7, 2012 59.26 2762 175
Nick Carter Stories 136 - The Man They Held Back 33 josemas Jun 7, 2012 56.29 3017 161
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