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Crime and Detective

The Black Mask

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Title:The Black Mask
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:The Black Mask v1 06 | Uploaded: May 14, 2014
Categories:Crime | Detective
The Black Mask was a monthly Pulp magazine published by Pro-Distributors Publishing based in New York, USA.
It ran from April 1920 to July 1951 for a total of 340 issues.
April 1920 - April 1927 as The Black Mask
May 1927 - July 1950 as Black Mask
September 1950 - May 1951 as Black Mask Detective and finally:
July 1951 as Black Mask Detective Magazine
It then merged with Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

Black Mask initially started life as a general pulp running various types of fiction from Adventure to Romance to Westerns. However, it was the appointment of Joseph T. Shaw as editor in November 1926 that saw Black Mask transformed into what is now generally regarded as the finest detective pulp magazine ever published.
It became the single most influential detective magazine, introducing the 'Hard-Boiled' detective to the mystery genre, and inspiring film noir movements in film and television.
It counts amongst its authors such heavyweights of the genre as, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and John D. MacDonald and many others.

Complete Detective Cases

Thumbnail for Complete Detective Cases
Title:Complete Detective Cases
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Complete Detective Cases v09 01 | Uploaded: Oct 21, 2013
Categories:Crime | Detective
Published quarterly by Postal Publications based in New York.

These detective magazines are filled with supposedly true stories about various criminals. Stories of murder and other lurid crimes predominate throughout. A look at the covers reveals another important aspect of the magazine's appeal. The covers all show images of a woman, generally showing as much of her legs and cleavage as possible. At the time these magazines would not have been considered respectable, but were they thought to be pornographic?
Most of the art used in the detective magazines was by Jack Kirby with other artists providing less numerous contributions. Early issues list Joe Simon as Art Director.

Crack Detective

Thumbnail for Crack Detective
Title:Crack Detective
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Crack Detective v10 02 | Uploaded: Oct 5, 2013
Categories:Crime | Detective
Crack Detective (Stories)

Published every other month by Columbia Publications based in New York.

Robert W. Lowndes: Editor

One of the most memorable feature of this pulp is the lurid covers depicting a gorgeous dame either being threatened or interestingly enough having the upper hand.

Crack Detective ran for 10 issues (May 1942 - Sep 1943) it then became:
Crack Detective Stories which ran for a further 34 issues (Nov 1943 - Sep 1949)

It was preceeded by:
Detective Yarns 11 issues (Jun 1938 - Apr 1941)
Black Hood Detective 1 issue (Sep 1941)
Hooded Detective 2 issues (Nov 1941 - Jan 1942)
It then became:
Famous Detective 3 issues (Nov 1949 - Mar 1950)
Famous Detective Stories 32 issues (Jun 1950 - Oct 1956) and finally
Crack Detective & Mystery Stories 4 issues (Dec 1956 - Jul 1957)

Detective Story Magazine

Thumbnail for Detective Story Magazine
Title:Detective Story Magazine
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Detective Story Magazine v19 05 | Uploaded: Sep 16, 2017
Detective Story Magazine

Published fortnightly then weekly by Street & Smith Publications based in New York.

Detective Story Magazine was an American magazine published from October 15, 1915 to Summer, 1949 (1,057 issues). It was one of the first pulp magazines devoted to detective fiction and consisted of short stories and serials.
From February 21, 1931 to its demise, the magazine was titled Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine. During half of its 34-year life, the magazine was popular enough to support weekly issues.
Its authors included Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & Sax Rohmer

Dixon Hawke

Thumbnail for Dixon Hawke
Title:Dixon Hawke
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Dixon Hawke's Casebook 16 - The Case of the Laughing Jackdaw | Uploaded: Jun 16, 2017
Categories:Crime | Adventure | Detective
The other, other "Great Detective", Dixon Hawke (although fans would say Hawke was a better read than Sexton Blake) appeared in The Dixon Hawke Library in 1919, which ran 576 issues till 1941. His adventures also appeared in the subsequent Dixon Hawke Case Books, plus the weekly paper, "Adventure" and in the Sunday Post. The library issues were smaller than pocket libraries.
Compilations of Dixon Hawke stories from "Adventure", the British weekly storypaper can be found in the "Compilations" section

Front Page Detective

Thumbnail for Front Page Detective
Title:Front Page Detective
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Front Page Detective v14 14 | Uploaded: Oct 9, 2013
Categories:Crime | Detective
Published monthly by Dell Publishing Co. based in Washington.

Front Page Detective was a forerunner to the comic books Dell would subsequently become more famous for.
A long running title, it featured articles and photographs on real-life crimes plus the odd fiction story thrown in for good measure.
Its covers were designed to be eye-catching with shocking titles e.g. 'She Saw Her Mother And Sister Mutilated'.

The Illustrated Detective Magazine

Thumbnail for The Illustrated Detective Magazine
Title:The Illustrated Detective Magazine
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:The Illustrated Detective Magazine v04 03 | Uploaded: Aug 11, 2012
Published monthly by Tower Magazines Inc. Based in New York.

Launched in 1929, Illustrated Detective Magazine was a smooth, bright-coloured, slick-papered publication that was sold exclusively in Woolworth's and was aimed mainly at female customers.
Beginning with the October 1932 issue, the magazine title became "Mystery - The Illustrated Detective Magazine" with the subtitle printed in much smaller type. The subtitle was eventually dropped.
It ran for 69 issues.

Nick Carter Stories

Thumbnail for Nick Carter Stories
Title:Nick Carter Stories
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:New Nick Carter Library 04 - Trim Among the Esquimaux | Uploaded: Jan 1, 2015
Categories:Crime | Detective
Published weekly by Street & Smith Publications based in New York.

A magazine for boys featuring the adventures of Nick Carter, a detective who solves criminal cases using ingenuity and wits rather than violence and brute force. It ceased publication in 1915. It was revived as Nick Carter Detective Magazine in 1933 until Jun 1936.
It was preceded by The Nick Carter Detective Library, The New Nick Carter Library, and The New Nick Carter Weekly.
Nick Carter has appeared in a variety of formats (Books/Radio/Films/Television) for more than a century.

Old Broadbrim

Thumbnail for Old Broadbrim
Title:Old Broadbrim
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Old Broadbrim Weekly 0032 | Uploaded: Oct 25, 2013
Categories:Crime | Detective
Published weekly by Street & Smith Publications based in New York.

It ran for 51 issues from October 4th 1902 - September 19th 1903

Josiah Broadbrim is a Quaker Detective. His Quaker characteristics include pacifism, wearing grey clothing and a broad-brimmed hat (his name therefore has a second meaning as Quakers were often called 'broadbrim' with reference to their headgear).

The old detective is a master of disguise and his stories reportedly contain the true solutions of many of the great mysteries of crime that have never before been explained.

Old Cap. Collier Library

Thumbnail for Old Cap. Collier Library
Title:Old Cap. Collier Library
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Old Cap. Collier Library 0750 | Uploaded: Oct 27, 2013
Categories:Crime | Detective
Published initially weekly and later as a semi monthly by Munro's Publishing House based in New York.

First issue published in 1883 - Last issue published in 1899

Features detective stories with a changing roster of main characters who solve the crimes.

The title character Cap Collier (his first name is never revealed) was featured in 34 of the stories. He fits the traditional model of the dime novel detective. No-one seems to know his origins and he assists the police without any official standing.

Sexton Blake Library

Thumbnail for Sexton Blake Library
Title:Sexton Blake Library
Issues Available:234
Latest Issue:Sexton Blake Library S3 013 - One of Seven | Uploaded: Jan 10, 2018
Categories:Crime | Detective
Published initially weekly and later as a semi-monthly by The Amalgamated Press based in London.

First issue was published September 1915 - Last issue published October 1968

Sexton Blake is a fictional detective who appeared in many British comic strips and novels throughout the 20th century, ably assisted by his young companion Tinker. He was famously described as 'the poor man's Sherlock Holmes'.

Sexton Blake's adventures appeared in a variety of publications, primarily Union Jack (also on this site), running to over 4,000 stories by some 200 different authors.

Startling Detective

Thumbnail for Startling Detective
Title:Startling Detective
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Startling Detective v05 26 | Uploaded: Jun 9, 2017
Categories:Crime | Detective
Also known as Startling Detective adventures, a crime story pulp series, published by Fawcett.


Ten Detective Aces

Thumbnail for Ten Detective Aces
Title:Ten Detective Aces
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Ten Detective Aces v46 03 | Uploaded: Jun 13, 2017
Categories:Crime | Detective
Published initially monthly then subsequently bi-monthly by Magazine Publishers Inc. (A Division Of Ace Comics) based in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Preceded by The Dragnet Magazine which ran for 16 issues (Oct 1928 - Mar 1930).
It then was renamed Detective Dragnet which ran for 25 issues (Apr 1930 - Dec 1932).
It finally became Ten Detective Aces which ran for 161 issues (Mar 1933 - Sep 1949).

In Ten Detective Aces you find a large variety of stories showing the human side of life; stories of the hard-boiled detective presenting life in stark reality; horror stories, stories from the murderer's point of view. Detective stories are usually set against an American background, but occasionally a story featuring an American hero against a foreign setting is also used.

True Detective Mysteries

Thumbnail for True Detective Mysteries
Title:True Detective Mysteries
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:True Detective v65 02 | Uploaded: Sep 16, 2017
True Detective Mysteries began publication in 1924, similar in format to True Story, also published by McFadden. The "True" in both titles was false advertising; most of the stories were simply fiction and illustrated using posed models. True Detective Mysteries switched primarily to true crime articles by 1930. Also know later as just True Detective.
Crime Fiction Stories v01 01 101 cimmerian32 May 12, 2013 42.74 2905 111
Detective Short Stories v03 05 116 Gorgon776 Apr 1, 2014 102.04 2794 126
Hooded Detective v03 02 100 Kracalactaka Jul 2, 2017 77.31 965 94
Inside Detective v23 07 51 Darwination / Oldschool / DREGS Oct 21, 2013 61.82 2241 68
Mammoth Mystery v02 01 180 unknown / hoover Oct 5, 2013 115.19 2292 103
Master Detective v50 05 85 DREGS Oct 21, 2013 60.72 2268 73
Real Detective Tales and Mystery Stories v11 02 92 unknown / hoover Sep 26, 2013 43.83 2339 107
Sensational Crime Confessions v02 01 51 narfstar Jun 21, 2013 5.55 2001 87
The New York Detective Library 0408 36 Pulpshmoo Oct 27, 2013 88.96 2122 52
Triple Detective v02 02 197 Gorgon776 Apr 1, 2014 172.36 1994 92
True Crime Detective 73 Darwination / DPP Oct 5, 2013 41.43 2167 87
Young Broadbrim Weekly 071 37 Pulpshmoo Oct 27, 2013 154.53 1570 42
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