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Thumbnail for Romance SeriesRomance Series was a short lived British Pulp of 5 editions, published by William C. Merrett Publications based in London. It was published in 1945-1946.
Each magazine consisted of one complete story with a romantic theme.
They were all written by Winston Cardew, which is one of the many pen names of Charles Hamilton (8 August 1876-24 December 1961). His best known pen name is Frank Richards whose most famous creation is Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School.
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Romance Series

Romance Series 001 Peg's Angel 37 Naveed Haque / paw broon May 31, 2012 19.86 1896 65
Romance Series 002 The Man Who Came Back 35 Naveed Haque / paw broon May 31, 2012 20.88 1498 49
Romance Series 003 Love Wins At Last 36 Naveed Haque / paw broon May 31, 2012 21.13 1615 48
Romance Series 004 The Girl From Monte Carlo 36 Michael Bailey / paw broon May 31, 2012 179.58 1365 62
Romance Series 005 For Love Of A Land Girl 36 Michael Bailey / paw broon May 31, 2012 179.74 1472 53
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