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Army Romances

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Title:Army Romances
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Army Romances v02n01 | Uploaded: Aug 12, 2012
Army Romances is a short lived title published quarterly in New York, from 1945 to 1946.

The title explains all, short stories with an Army based romantic theme.

Only three issues apparently were published although there may be more.

Dream World

Thumbnail for Dream World
Title:Dream World
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Dream World v02 02 | Uploaded: Aug 12, 2012
Dream World is a American Romantic magazine published monthly by Constructive Publishing Corporation (A Division of MacFadden Publishing) based in Jamaica, New York.

Pulp fiction short stories with a Romantic theme with posed photographs throughout.

The magazine ran from 1924-1934 approximately.

Ginger Stories

Thumbnail for Ginger Stories
Title:Ginger Stories
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Ginger Stories v02 04 | Uploaded: Jun 8, 2017
Categories:Romance | Humor
Ginger Stories was a risque men's magazine published by King in the 1920's and 1930's.

Peg's Companion

Thumbnail for Peg's Companion
Title:Peg's Companion
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Peg's Companion 351 | Uploaded: Oct 13, 2012
Categories:Romance | Media/Stars | Mixed Bag
Peg's Companion was a women's magazine published weekly by C. Arthur Pearson Ltd based in London.
It ran for 572 issues from Nov 1921-Oct 1932 and was a companion magazine to Peg's Paper. It appears to be aimed at young working class women.

Peg's Paper

Thumbnail for Peg's Paper
Title:Peg's Paper
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Peg's Paper 482 | Uploaded: Oct 25, 2012
Peg's Paper was a women's magazine published weekly by C. Arthur Pearson Ltd based in London. It ran from 1919-1940 for approximately 1100 issues.

This magazine was aimed at working class girls, full of fantasy-fuelling fiction involving mostly cross-class romance. In these serial novels, viscounts and sheikhs had an odd habit of hanging around places where ordinary girls might trip over them and steal their hearts.

Ranch Romances

Thumbnail for Ranch Romances
Title:Ranch Romances
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Ranch Romances v194 04 | Uploaded: Jun 13, 2017
Categories:Romance | Western Romance
Ranch Romances, by far the most successful of the western romance pulps, enjoyed a 47-year run and over 860 issues published from September 1924 through November 1971. It changed publishing hands several times during its history.
Originally published by Clayton Magazines from 1924-1933, Warner Publications from 1934-1950, Best Books from 1950-1955, Literary Enterprises from 1955-1959 and finally Popular Library Inc. from 1959-1971.
Commonly known as 'The Last Pulp Standing,' outlasting all other pulp magazines.
The women in the stories were strong and self-sufficient, but still feminine. The heroines were what the readers wanted to be, living the life they wanted to lead. These stories weren't about romance as much as they were about a lifestyle.

Rangeland Romances/Love Stories

Thumbnail for Rangeland Romances/Love Stories
Title:Rangeland Romances/Love Stories
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Rangeland Romances v51 01 | Uploaded: Sep 30, 2013
Categories:Romance | Western Romance
Rangeland Romances/Love Stories was published by Popular Publications Inc. based in New York. It ran from 1935-1955 for 217 issues, with a slight name variation (Rangeland Love Stories) from August 1936-May 1937.
Featured love stories of the old west. Along with Hollywood and western novels this romanticised a period of time to something it never was.

Real Western Romances

Thumbnail for Real Western Romances
Title:Real Western Romances
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Real Western Romances v01 02 | Uploaded: Oct 16, 2012
Categories:Romance | Western Romance
Real Western Romances was published by Columbia Publications Inc. based in New York.

It was published between December 1949 to March 1960. Initially supposed to be published monthly it swiftly changed to Bi-Monthly, then quarterly, then every six months, finally Bi-Monthly again. It ran for approximately 57 issues over its eleven year publication.
It had a slight name variation to Western Romances, from April 1952-July 1952, May 1957-November 1957 and lastly from May 1958 until its demise.

Featured love stories set in the old west, usually with a hunky Cowhand/Sheriff and a damsel in distress.

Romance Series

Thumbnail for Romance Series
Title:Romance Series
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Romance Series 003 Love Wins At Last | Uploaded: May 31, 2012
Romance Series was a short lived British Pulp of 5 editions, published by William C. Merrett Publications based in London. It was published in 1945-1946.
Each magazine consisted of one complete story with a romantic theme.
They were all written by Winston Cardew, which is one of the many pen names of Charles Hamilton (8 August 1876-24 December 1961). His best known pen name is Frank Richards whose most famous creation is Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School.

Romantic Movie Stories

Thumbnail for Romantic Movie Stories
Title:Romantic Movie Stories
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Romantic Movie Stories v06 26 | Uploaded: Aug 11, 2012
Categories:Romance | Media/Stars
Romantic Movie stories published by Fawcett Publications based in Louisville, Kentucky.
Published monthly from December 1933 - July 1951 for a total of 225 issues, approximately, plus 8 Annuals/Yearbooks published between 1941-1949.
It changed its name in March 1937 to Romantic Movie Story Magazine, the Romantic was dropped after two issues to Movie Story Magazine. In September 1947 it became just Movie Story.
The premise of the magazine was short adaptations of films in story form, mostly B Pictures, starring the stars of the time with stills from the various movies. It also included features on the stars, plus a few articles, mostly movie related.

Saucy Stories

Thumbnail for Saucy Stories
Title:Saucy Stories
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Saucy Stories v13 02 | Uploaded: Jun 13, 2017
Risque romance pulp.

Spicy Stories

Thumbnail for Spicy Stories
Title:Spicy Stories
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Spicy Stories v08 03 | Uploaded: Jun 16, 2017
Risque 1930's men's pulp title.
Gay Life Stories v01 02 52 Archive Jun 20, 2017 54.50 457 23
Gayety v01 06 69 ufikus Jul 11, 2017 62.46 1031 33
La Paree Stories v05 02 66 darwination Jun 20, 2017 33.87 434 21
Lovers 1 6 darkmark Sep 11, 2014 990.76 2555 38
North-West Romances v16 03 132 movielover Jul 7, 2017 133.05 566 45
Northwest Romances v16 05 132 jvh-sas Jul 4, 2017 137.02 542 42
Northwest Romances v17 03 97 Darwination / DPP Oct 5, 2013 92.16 1842 45
Snappy v16 11 68 Archive Sep 6, 2017 15.48 693 45
True Romances v25 03 123 Gorgon776 Oct 1, 2013 144.49 1551 49
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