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Science Fiction

Amazing Stories

Thumbnail for Amazing Stories
Title:Amazing Stories
Issues Available:82
Latest Issue:Amazing Stories v13 11 - The 4-Sided Triangle - William F. Temple | Uploaded: Sep 23, 2017
Categories:Adventure | Science Fiction
Amazing Stories is an American science fiction magazine launched in April 1926 by Hugo Gernsback's Experimenter Publishing. Ziff-Davis took over publication in April 1938. It ran for 284 issues until it finished in March 1953.
The first issue featured stories by H.G. Wells, Jules Verne & Edgar Allen Poe. Later issues saw the first appearance of the great science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov.
It was the first magazine devoted solely to science fiction. Before Amazing, science fiction stories had made regular appearances in other magazines, including some published by Gernsback, but Amazing helped define and launch a new genre of pulp fiction.
Other than some scattered stories, issues were not renewed until 1954.

Amazing Stories Quarterly

Thumbnail for Amazing Stories Quarterly
Title:Amazing Stories Quarterly
Issues Available:20
Latest Issue:Amazing Stories Quarterly v7 01 - The Second Deluge - Garrett P. Serviss | Uploaded: Jun 19, 2017
Categories:Science Fiction
Sister publication to Amazing Stories. Published originally by Experimenter Publishing Co. From January 1928 to October 1934, it ran for 22 issues. It was taken over by Ziff-Davis who published it from July 1940 to January 1951 for a further 27 issues. A total of 49 issues.
It featured stories by H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and latterly by Edgar Rice Burroughs.


Thumbnail for Astounding
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Astounding v07 03 - The Sargasso of Space - Edmond Hamilton | Uploaded: Sep 23, 2017
Categories:Science Fiction
Started in 1930 by Clayton, Street & Smith continued the series in 1933. It went through a few title variations: Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Astounding Stories, Astounding Stories of Science Fiction, Astounding Science Fiction, etc. But for simplicity's sake and to keep the numbering straight we'll just use "Astounding".

Issues starting from Vol 46 (1951) were renewed on this title.


Fantastic Adventures

Thumbnail for Fantastic Adventures
Title:Fantastic Adventures
Issues Available:61
Latest Issue:Fantastic Adventures v10 02 - Slaves of the Worm - Richard S. Shaver | Uploaded: Aug 8, 2017
Categories:Science Fiction
Fantastic Adventures was published by Ziff-Davis based in New York. It ran from May 1939 to March 1953 for a total of 129 issues.
It consisted mainly of Fantasy and Science Fiction based stories.
The cover art, mostly tended to focus on beautiful women in dramatic situations. A regular cover artist was H.W. McCauley, whose covers were popular with the readers. However the magazine did receive some criticism over his portrayals of attractive and often partially clothed women.
The majority of stories were written by a small group of writers who wrote under house names. They include, William P. McGivern, David Wright O'Brien, Don Wilcox, Chester S. Geier, Rog Phillips, Leroy Yerxa, Robert Moore Williams, Robert Bloch and Berkeley Livingston. They did however also source stories from outside writers, who include August Derleth and L. Ron Hubbard.

Fantasy Book

Thumbnail for Fantasy Book
Title:Fantasy Book
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Fantasy Book v2 1 - Kleon of the Golden Sun - Ed Earl Repp | Uploaded: Oct 4, 2013
Categories:Science Fiction
Fantasy Book is published by Fantasy Publishing Co. based in Los Angeles. It ran for 8 issues from 1947 to 1951.
Although classed as a pulp magazine, each issue was released in two formats - one on pulp paper, the other on better book-grade paper.
In its short run it boasted such writers as Robert Bloch, L. Ron Hubbard and Forrest Ackerman who is probably better known for publishing 'Famous Monsters of Filmland'.

Frank Reade Library

Thumbnail for Frank Reade Library
Title:Frank Reade Library
Issues Available:98
Latest Issue:v02 037 - The Electric Man | Uploaded: Dec 28, 2014
Categories:Adventure | Science Fiction
Frank Reade was the protagonist of a series of dime novels published primarily for boys. The first novel, Frank Reade and His Steam Man of the Plains, an imitation of Edward Ellis's The Steam Man of the Prairies (1868), was written by Harry Enton and serialized in the Frank Tousey juvenile magazine Boys of New York, February 28 through April 24, 1876. The four Frank Reade stories concerned adventures with the character's inventions, various robot-like mechanisms powered by steam.

A very long series of juvenile novels followed which featured the son of Frank Reade, Frank Reade Jr., as its teenaged inventor-hero. These stories were written by Luis P. Senarens (1865-1939) with the pseudonym Noname. Extremely popular during their time, they were often reprinted and new stories have been created as recently as 2011, in the pulp short story collection, Wildthyme in Purple.

Frank Reade Jr. inventions included airships of the dirigible-balloon and helicopter type,[1] submersibles, steam-driven and electrical land vehicles, and steam-powered robots.

The Frank Reade stories are perhaps the best known of the many boys' invention fiction series published in America during the later 19th century. Frank Reade Jr. has appeared as an older man in Alan Moore's Nemo: Heart of Ice, and the Reade family as a whole has also been featured in Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett's Frank Reade: Adventures in the Age of Invention. (source: wikipedia.org)

Imaginative Tales

Thumbnail for Imaginative Tales
Title:Imaginative Tales
Issues Available:21
Latest Issue:Imaginative Tales v04 06 - The Ship from Infinity - Edmond Hamilton | Uploaded: Jun 17, 2017
Categories:Science Fiction
Imaginative Tales was published Bi-monthly by Greenleaf Publishing Company. It ran from September 1954 to November 1958 for a total of 26 issues.
Imaginative Tales originally focused on fantasy, rather than science fiction, but later switched to science fiction adventure stories. Its authors included Philip K. Dick, Robert Bloch and Robert Silverberg.

New Worlds

Thumbnail for New Worlds
Title:New Worlds
Issues Available:16
Latest Issue:New Worlds v14 040 - The Con Game - Lan Wright | Uploaded: Sep 6, 2017
Categories:Science Fiction
New Worlds is a British pulp Science Fiction magazine published by Nova Publications Ltd. based in London.
The Chairman of this company was none other than the English writer John Wyndam famous for 'The Midwich Cuckoos' (Village of the Damned) and 'The Day of the Triffids'. Michael Moorcock also a well known writer edited the magazine for a brief spell.
It ran from July 1946 to December 1967. It was initially intended to be published quarterly then bi-monthly, but problems with printers and strikes meant that early publication dates were sporadic. It finally settled down to a monthly run from April 1954 until its demise in December 1967. Total issues: 178.
Writers who contributed stories included, John Wydham, Arthur C. Clarke and J.G. Ballard amongst others.

Planet Stories

Thumbnail for Planet Stories
Title:Planet Stories
Issues Available:64
Latest Issue:Planet Stories v06 06 - The Lost Tribes of Venus - Erik Fennel | Uploaded: Aug 4, 2017
Categories:Science Fiction
Planet Stories was an American pulp science fiction magazine published by Fiction House, based in New York. It ran between November 1939 to May 1955 for a total of 71 issues.
It featured adventure stories based in space or on other planets. One of the writers most associated with Planet Stories is Ray Bradbury who submitted an early story from his 'Martian Chronicles' work.
The artwork also centred on attractive women, with scantily clad damsels in distress or alien princesses on almost every cover.

Rocket Stories

Thumbnail for Rocket Stories
Title:Rocket Stories
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Rocket Stories 2 - Blood on My Jets - Algis Budrys | Uploaded: Jun 6, 2017
Categories:Science Fiction
Rocket Stories is a short lived American pulp magazine published by Space Publications based in New York. It only ran for three issues in 1953. It was edited by the writer Lester Del Rey (Marooned on Mars) for the first two issues and by the writer Harry Harrison (Stainless Steel Rat) for the last.
Rocket Stories was a companion magazine to Fantasy Fiction, Space Science Fiction and Science Fiction Adventures. All four magazines were closed down when the publisher lost interest.
Stories are standard Science Fiction fare.


Thumbnail for Saturn
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Saturn 3 - MX Knows Best - Gordon R. Dickson | Uploaded: Jun 21, 2013
Categories:Science Fiction | Horror | Mixed Bag
Saturn, Magazine for Science Fiction and Fantasy is a short lived American pulp magazine published by Candar Publishing Company based in Holyoke, Massachusetts. It ran for five issues from March 1957 to March 1958.
Despite contributions from authors of the calibre of Harlan Ellison and Robert A. Heinlein, the magazine generated little interest. The publisher decided to change direction from Science Fiction and the magazine was re-launched as Saturn Web Detective Stories.

Scientific Detective Monthly

Thumbnail for Scientific Detective Monthly
Title:Scientific Detective Monthly
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Scientific Detective Monthly v01 04 - Black Light - Henry Leverage | Uploaded: Dec 17, 2013
Categories:Crime | Detective | Science Fiction
Scientific Detective Monthly was a pulp magazine published by Techni-Craft Publishing Co. of New York for the first ten issues, and then by Fiction Publishers, Inc., also of New York. It ran for fifteen issues beginning in January 1930 until August 1931.
It was intended to focus on detective and mystery stories with a scientific element.
The title changed to Amazing Detective Tales with the June 1930 issue to avoid readers thinking it was a serious Scientific Journal rather than a magazine meant to entertain. It had a further name change in February 1931 to Amazing Detective Stories.

The Spider

Thumbnail for The Spider
Title:The Spider
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:The Spider 5 - Empire of Doom - Grant Stockbridge | Uploaded: Dec 30, 2012
The Spider was published by Popular Publications Inc. based in New York. It ran for 188 issues from October 1933 to December 1943.
It was created as direct competition to Street and Smith Publications' vigilante hero, the Shadow.
The Spider, Master of Men! (magazine tagline) was millionaire playboy Richard Wentworth, who had served as a Major in World War I, and was living in New York City unaffected by the Great Depression. He was a crime-fighter wanted by the law for executing his criminal opponents, and pre-dated later similar comic book superheroes such as Batman.
First 12 issues of this classic series are PD

Startling Stories

Thumbnail for Startling Stories
Title:Startling Stories
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Startling Stories v01 02 | Uploaded: Sep 30, 2013
Categories:Science Fiction
Startling Stories was an American pulp science fiction magazine, published from 1939 to 1955 by publisher Ned Pines' Standard Magazines. It was initially edited by Mort Weisinger, who was also the editor of Thrilling Wonder Stories, Standard's other science fiction title. Startling ran a lead novel in every issue; the first was The Black Flame by Stanley G. Weinbaum. When Standard Magazines acquired Thrilling Wonder in 1936, it also gained the rights to stories published in that magazine's predecessor, Wonder Stories, and selections from this early material were reprinted in Startling as "Hall of Fame" stories. Under Weisinger the magazine focused on younger readers and, when Weisinger was replaced by Oscar J. Friend in 1941, the magazine became even more juvenile in focus, with clichéd cover art and letters answered by a "Sergeant Saturn". Friend was replaced by Sam Merwin, Jr. in 1945, and Merwin was able to improve the quality of the fiction substantially, publishing Arthur C. Clarke's Against the Fall of Night, and several other well-received stories.

Vol 22 and beyond were renewed, so DO NOT UPLOAD PAST VOL 21.

Thrills Incorporated

Thumbnail for Thrills Incorporated
Title:Thrills Incorporated
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Thrills Incorporated 23 - Juggernaut of Jago - Ace Carter | Uploaded: Jun 19, 2017
Thrills Incorporated is an Australian pulp magazine published by Associated General Publications based in Sydney. It was first published in March 1950 and ran for 23 issues until its demise in June 1951.
It featured mostly standard Science Fiction fare, although of note in some of its earlier editions it plagiarised better known writers e.g. In issue #8 Synthetic Alibi by D.K. Garton is actually a story by Ray Bradbury - Marionettes Inc.

Wonder Stories - Hugo Gernsback

Thumbnail for Wonder Stories - Hugo Gernsback
Publisher:Wonder Stories - Hugo Gernsback
Available Online:Titles: 5 | Books: 103
Latest Comic Book:Air Wonder Stories 08 - The Vanishing Fleet - Henrik Dahl Juve | Uploaded: Sep 28, 2013
Titles:Air Wonder Stories (11) | Science Wonder Quarterly (3) | Science Wonder Stories (12) | Wonder Stories (66) | Wonder Stories Quarterly (11)
Categories:Science Fiction
The Wonder Stories series of titles were founded by Hugo Gernsback, who is credited with creating the first magazine entirely devoted to science-fiction, "Amazing Stories" first published April 1926. Unfortunately, three years later Gernsback's publishing company was forced into bankruptcy, and he lost control of the title.

Undaunted, Gernsback soon published three new pulp magazines: Air Wonder Stories, Science Wonder Stories and Science Wonder Quarterly.

Before he launched, Gernsback mailed letters announcing the new magazines. The lists he used bore an uncanny resemblance to the subscription lists of Amazing Stories, which due to the bankruptcy were no longer his property!

Over the next seven years Gernsback's Wonder Stories appeared in various guises, but always with his claim that the reading of science fiction held great educational benefits giving "the pupil a fundamental knowledge of science and aviation."
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