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Thumbnail for Kaanga ArchivesKannga first appeared in Jungle Comics #01 (January 1940) published by Fiction House. He appeared in all 163 issues of Jungle Comics. He appeared in his own title as well, Kaanga Comics, which ran for 20 issues.

Classed as one of the most successful of the comic book Tarzan clones, Kaanga is a white boy orphaned when his family and the members of their expedition are slaughtered in the Congo.
The boy is adopted and raised by a tribe of 'ape-men'. As an adult, he meets up with a group of white explorers who re-educate him in their ways and he falls in love with one of them, Ann Mason. The pair marry and live in the jungle fighting all sorts of evil from rogue animals, witch doctors, smugglers, poachers, and Nazis.
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Kaanga Archives

Kaanga vol.1 -Jungle Comics Archive (Fiction House) 338 prime user May 4, 2016 104.95 2359 140
Kaanga vol.2 -Jungle Comics Archive (Fiction House) 350 prime user May 13, 2016 116.66 1490 101
Kaanga vol.3 -Jungle Comics Archive (Fiction House) 308 prime user May 13, 2016 103.42 1345 93
Kaanga vol.4 -Jungle Comics Archive (Fiction House) 316 prime user May 13, 2016 106.88 2087 98
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