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All-Star Comics # 1 published. The Justice Society of America, the first superhero teams in comic book history first appear in All Star Comics # 3. The team is conceived by Editor Sheldon Mayer and writer Gardner Fox in which the third issue creates the Justice Society of America, the first superhero group.

Gardner Fox & Harry Lampert create "the Flash" for DC. Flash Comics # 1. "Robin the Boy Wonder" makes his first appearance in Detective # 38.

Captain America, created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, first appears in Captain America Comics # 1, published by Timely Comics. Appearing a year before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the cover shows Captain America punching Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the jaw. The comic sold nearly one million copies. Comics during WW II were filled with patriotic heroes & propaganda. They were supplied to troops by The U.S. military.

Will Eisner's "the Spirit" makes his first appearance. The Spirit, created by writer-artist Will Eisner, first appears in a Sunday-newspaper comic book insert. The seven-page weekly series is considered one of the comic-art medium's most significant works, with Eisner creating or popularizing many of the styles, techniques, and storytelling conventions used by comics professionals decades later.

C.C.Beck & William Parker create "Captain Marvel", he makes his first appearance in Whiz Comics #1", 1940. Captain Marvel by Bill Parker & Charles Clarence Beck's character starts a long litigation by DC Comics (then known as National/All American) that lasted years and eventually lead to the company leaving the comic book field in the 1950's.

The War Exchange Conservation Act was passed in Canada. It restricted the importation of nonessential goods including comics. This essentially kick started the Canadian comics industry. Bing Bang Comics, Lucky Comics and Rocket Comics. Freelance, Commander Steel, Red Rover, Dr. Destine, Purple Rider, Better Comics, and Iron Man by Vernon Miller are the Canadian comic characters that appeared around 1940.

The Shadow & Doc Savage get comic book titles published by Street & Smith. Dale Messick's "Brenda Starr" makes her first appearance in the Chicago Tribune. "Daredevil" makes his first appearance in Silver Streak # 6. Walt Disney's Comics & stories #1 published. Planet Comics published. The first comic book devoted to science fiction. February 1940.

Fantomah is a fictional character, best remembered as the being the first comic book super heroine that actually displayed super powers. Created by Fletcher Hanks, the character first appeared in Jungle Comics #2, published by Fiction House. Fantomah exhibited a large number of magical abilities, generally as required by the story's plot. Among others, she demonstrated the ability to fly, transform objects Into different objects, levitate other objects, cause humans to mutate into other forms, and so on. Generally, whenever Fantomah used her powers, she would change her face from a normal human woman to a blue-skinned skull-like visage. May 8, 1940: Chicago Daily News Literary Editor Sterling North denounced comic books as "a poisonous mushroom growth of the last two years," adding that comics were "Guilty of a cultural slaughter of the innocents."

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Virtual Newsstand For 1940



A WWII ration book
Due to the war, food rationing begins in Great Britain. Initially it is bacon, butter & sugar, but will soon be extended more ...


Walt Disney's Pinocchio
Following the success of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Walt Disney's second full-length animated film 'Pinocchio' released more ...


Hitler and Mussolini
Adolf Hitler & Benito Mussolini meet at Brenner Pass in the Alps. They agree an alliance against France & Great Britain more ...


A Booker T. Washington Postage Stamp
Booker T. Washington is the first African-American to be depicted on a U.S. postage stamp. He will later appear on coinage more ...


Neville Chamberlain
Neville Chamberlain, resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His replacement is Winston Churchill more ...


The Dunkirk evacuation
The Dunkirk evacuation ends. It has rescued 338,226 British, French & Belgian troops trapped in the French harbor & beaches more ...


An Observer Corps Spotter
The 'Battle of Britain' begins. Germany fails to destroy Britain's air defences. It is the first turning point in World War II more ...


Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky founder of the 'Red Army' is assassinated in Mexico, with an ice axe by NKVD agent Ramon Mercader more ...


A giant deer from Lascaux
Four French teenagers discover cave paintings in Lascaux, France. They depict hunting scenes & are over 17,000 years old more ...


Edison Arantes do Nascimento is born. Known as 'Pele' he is regarded by many as the all time best football (Soccer) player more ...


The result of the Coventry Blitz
The city of Coventry, England is attacked by 500 Luftwaffe bombers. 60,000 of the city's 75,000 buildings are destroyed more ...


F. Scott Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald one of America's greatest writers, author of 'The Great Gatsby' & 'Tender Is the Night' dies aged 44 more ...

Unknown Month In 1940

Battle of Britain - 338,226 troops rescued in Dunkirk - Leon Trotsky assassinated - Cave paintings discovered in Lascaux more ...
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