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Image Representing 1944
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U.S.A. : Contact Comics # 1 Aviation Press makes its debut in July starring golden eagle, flamenco and Black Venus.

U.K. : The Dandy has also to be the first British comic to have it's own superhero, The Amazing Mr. X, firmly based on Superman, private investigator agent mild mannered, Les Manners, took off his glasses and whipped on tight black pants, white top with a red "X" on it and put on his mask black hat and do not forget the flowing cape that went down front of his chest. Then he flew into action save the damsel and help anyone in distress. The brave Les Manner, aka Mr. X, the masked and caped crime-fighter, who was so strong he could tear the tails off aeroplanes it was a shame that His arch nemeses weren't glamorous. He would chase people who stole, leap from roofs in pursuit of small time crooks. The character first appeared in issue 272, dated August 5th 1944, his adventures lasted for only 14 issues.

Canada: Brok Windsor made his debut in the spring of 1944 best-a fantasy adventure that is now in the "land beyond the mists", in northern Canada. West Coast Editorial (Maple Leaf Publications) Best Comics Vol 3 NO. 3 April / May In 1944 Brok was an athletically built Canadian Medical Doctor who always spent a month each summer vacationing shirtless at the Lake of the Woods which is a real place tucked into the corner of Ontario that borders Manitoba and Minnesota, with parts of the lake sticking out into both those places. One of these summers, Brok encounters a strange, thick mist and, instead of avoiding it, decides to explore and sail through it. After an arduous journey he comes through it just before nightfall to encounter a large island where, tired from his ordeal, he falls asleep on the shore.. When he wakes up the next morning feeling strange energy and realizes that his pants are in tatters. When Brok picks up the medical kit, he realizes that he has grown to the size of a Basketball Center, with proportions of more than two meters high. Brok will realize that the island also has great many surprises in store for him.

Australia : Kazanda Again "Kazanda, Wild Girl Forbidden Kingdom" (February 1944) was a sign Kazanda jungle queen who lived in a no name "lost continent" lost civilizations populated by strange monsters and even stranger inhabitants, which was discovered by Westerners with adventure and mayhem then ensuing. Along with the normal skills and abilities possessed by most jungle queens Kazanda also has minor psychic powers leave cause plants to grow more faster than normal, and speed healing in herself and others. And while she cannot control the animals of the jungle they do trust her so that she is able to calm ferocious ones. Kazanda first appeared in the series in Australia in black and white (blue and white in her second start for some reason) called Kazanda Wild Girl and the Forbidden Kingdom, which appeared in the comics in Australia. Brodie was drawn by Ted Mack in Wellington, New Zealand, and written by Peter Amos alias Archie E. Martin.

Nazi ruled France: 1944 - La Griffe eminence (THE GREY CLAW) debuts at LE Moustique. CHU FEN-hits. Inspector Higgins and his assistant, Miller, investigating alleged death of Prof. Cuberry. The scientist was apparently killed by a vicious crime lord known only as The Grey Claw. The Claw is actually Dr. Stone, a chemist and one of the former colleagues in Cuberry. The Gray Claw then embarks on a reign of terror. His tool is a giant robot called Bandera, and a gorilla with the brain of Cuberry, whom the Grey Claw killed, and Kathy the teacher, now brainwashed into a poor villain nicknamed the "Lady in Black". After a variety of ghastly crimes, the Claw is eventually is killed by an insane man named Flag during the police's assault on his lair. Kathy is saved and becomes good again. But is the "Lady in Black" gone for good?

L'Enigmatique Fen-Chu (Fen-Chu The Enigmatic) by George Fronval (published by S.E.N. in 1944 with a superb cover by Brantonne) is yet another Asian mastermind bent on world conquest. Operating from his hidden Tibetan lair and armed with invincible robots, Fen-Chu prochaims: "I am Fen-Chu, master of the world. I have made unknown powers serve my will. I'm invulnerable. I am invincible. All are powerless before me. Tomorrow, I will rule the world. I fear nothing. My enemies can search for me everywhere, but they will never find me, for I am nowhere. Soon, my great scheme will move forward, and the whole world will be mine!"

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Virtual Newsstand For 1944



Soviet soldiers in Leningrad
After 2 years the Siege of Leningrad is lifted. It has cost the lives of 2 million Russians & millions more sick or injured more ...


Captain Sue Dauser
Sue S. Dauser, Superintendent of the Navy Nurse Corps, becomes first female commissioned Captain in the history of the U.S. Navy more ...


End of Harry tunnel
76 Royal Air Force POWs escape from Stalag Luft III by tunnel they name 'Harry'. 3 will make it home & 50 will be executed more ...


Rudolf Vrba
Rudi Vrba & Alfred Wetzler escape from Auschwitz. Their report gives first detailed information about the atrocities more ...


USS England
USS England (DE-635), a Buckley-class destroyer escort sinks 6 Japanese submarines in 12 days, an unparalleled feat more ...


D-Day landings
155,000 Allied troops arrive on the beaches of Normandy. D-Day landings are the largest amphibious operation in history more ...


The Wolf's Lair conference room
Adolf Hitler survives an assassination attempt by Claus von Stauffenberg, the bomb only slighty injures him more ...


Two Polish resistance fighters
The Polish resistance begin the Warsaw Uprising. After 63 days they will be defeated due to a lack of outside support more ...


Sherman Hussars
The British 11th Armoured Division liberates Antwerp in Belgium & the exiled Belgian government returns to Brussels more ...


Erwin Rommel
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel commits suicide rather than face trial & certain execution for conspiring against Hitler more ...


Tirpitz being attacked
After previous attacks, Operation Catechism a force of 32 Lancaster bombers finally sink the German battleship Tirpitz more ...


Glenn Miller
An airplane carrying bandleader Glenn Miller disappears over the English Channel. He was traveling to entertain troops in France more ...

Unknown Month In 1944

Siege of Leningrad is lifted - Hitler survives assassination attempt - Rommel commits suicide - The Tirpitz is sunk more ...
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