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Image Representing 1952
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Jump on our Virtual Newsstand as we journey back to 1952. See and read the comic books on sale month by month, and find out the major news of the day.

Please note: The Virtual Newsstand is a big project that began April 2013. We are still working on this and it will be completed sometime in 2014.

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Virtual Newsstand For 1952



Vincent Massey
Vincent Massey is sworn in as the 18th Governor General of Canada, he is the first who was actually born in the country more ...


Formal portrait of George VI
King George VI of the United Kingdom dies after a long illness. His daughter is proclaimed Queen Elizabeth II more ...


Wernher von Braun
Wernher von Braun publishes the first of his series of magazine articles in Collier's titled 'Man Will Conquer Space Soon!' more ...


A Boeing B-52
The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress makes its maiden flight. It is now intended to keep the B-52 in service until 2045 more ...


William Fox
William Fox film producer dies. He founded the Fox Film Corporation in 1915 & the Fox West Coast Theatres chain in the 1920s more ...


Insignia of the US Army Special Forces
U.S. Army Special Forces, known as the 'Green Berets' is created. The main primary mission is unconventional warfare more ...


Eva Peron
Eva Peron the second wife of President Juan Peron & the First Lady of Argentina since 1946 dies, aged just 33 more ...


John Cage
Composer John Cage's composition 4'33" is first performed. Musicians do nothing apart from being present on stage more ...


A family watching TV
Television debuts in Canada when Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) opens the first station in Montreal, Quebec more ...


The United Nations Building
The United Nations move into their new building in New York City. It has been designed by Le Corbusier & Oscar Niemeyer more ...


Board for The Mousetrap
The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie opens in the West End of London. It is still running, making it the longest running play in history more ...


Image of the Great Smog 1952
London suffers severe air pollution, causing many fatalities. The 'killer fog', coins the word 'Smog', from 'smoke' & 'fog' more ...

Unknown Month In 1952

Eva Peron dies aged 33 - Green Berets are created - The Mousetrap opens - United Nations move into new building more ...
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