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Thumbnail for Ranch RomancesRanch Romances, by far the most successful of the western romance pulps, enjoyed a 47-year run and over 860 issues published from September 1924 through November 1971. It changed publishing hands several times during its history.
Originally published by Clayton Magazines from 1924-1933, Warner Publications from 1934-1950, Best Books from 1950-1955, Literary Enterprises from 1955-1959 and finally Popular Library Inc. from 1959-1971.
Commonly known as 'The Last Pulp Standing,' outlasting all other pulp magazines.
The women in the stories were strong and self-sufficient, but still feminine. The heroines were what the readers wanted to be, living the life they wanted to lead. These stories weren't about romance as much as they were about a lifestyle.
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Ranch Romances

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