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Catechetical Guild Educational Society
Available Books:Titles: 4 | Books: 369
Latest Book:Treasure Chest v19 08 | Uploaded: Nov 5, 2015
Publication History: Active: 1942 - | Number of Series: 41 | Number of Issues: 274
Branding:Indicia Publishers: 4 | Brand Groups: 0 | Brand Emblems: 0
Indicia Publishers:Catechetical Guild | Catechetical Guild Educational Society and Artists and Writers Guild, Inc. | Impact Press | The Guild Press
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Catechetical Guild Educational Society

Heroes All

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Title:Heroes All
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Heroes All v4 17 | Uploaded: Apr 28, 2008
Categories:Non-fiction | Religious
Publication History:Issues: 76 |  Sequence: v1 #1 - v6 #5 |  Dates: 1943 - Mar 1948
External Links:Grand Comics Database


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Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Topix v06 04 | Uploaded: May 8, 2015
Publication History:Issues: 117 |  Sequence: v5 #1 - v10 #15
External Links:Grand Comics Database

Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact

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Title:Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact
Issues Available:362
Latest Issue:Treasure Chest v19 08 | Uploaded: Nov 5, 2015
Categories:Religious | Non-fiction
Publication History:Issues: 496 |  Sequence: v1 #1 - v27 #8 |  Dates: Mar 1946 - 1972
External Links:Grand Comics Database

One Shots

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Title:One Shots
Issues Available:4
One Shots:Behold the Handmaid [1954] | God's Heroes In America 1 | Is This Tomorrow | The World is His Parish - Story of Pope Pius XII
Latest Issue:The World is His Parish - Story of Pope Pius XII | Uploaded: Jan 13, 2015
Categories:One Shots
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