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As we are a polite site, it's ladies first, so we start with the queen of comic pirates. Lai Choi San, better know as The Dragon Lady, or Madam Deal, made her debut in 1934 appearing in the first Sunday strip of Terry and the Pirates. She and Terry frequently clashed, but enjoyed an uneasy truce during the World War II. It is not lost on readers that the Dragon Lady has a bit more than just a crush on Terry's friend Pat Ryan.

A real gem is Captain Mors. The former submarine captain designed two air ships. Operating from a secret base and donning a mask he became a pirate of the skies and space, but his motives are good. He is a Robin Hood character, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Starring in Buccaneers is Captain Daring. Although he purports to be a pirate Daring is in fact working to bring them to justice. There is an obvious similarity between the swashbuckling Captain Daring and Errol Flynn.

Our time is up and we must set sail. So mateys, hoist the Jolly Roger and enjoy the books beneath!

We have 22 titles and 374 issues in our 'Pirates Category' for you to enjoy.

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Pirates Comics And Books

Cover For Buccaneers
Online: 9 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 9
From: Jan 1950
To: May 1951
Seq: 19 - 27
El Capitán Coraje
Cover For El Capitán Coraje
Online: 5 Books
Publishing History
From: 1946
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona in 1946, this is a good looking comic featuring the masked hero Capitan Coraje.
Captain Kidd
Cover For Captain Kidd
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 2
From: Jun 1949
To: Aug 1949
Seq: 24 - 25
Publisher:Fox Feature Syndicate
Description:CAPTAIN KIDD (Fox) 1949 Series. No. 24, Jun 1949 - no. 25, Aug 1949. Formerly DAGAR (Fox) 1948 Series. SERIES COMPLETE!!!
Captain Mors
Cover For Captain Mors
Online: 1 Book
Publishing History
From: 1908
To: 1911
Publisher:Pulp Fiction
Description:Thanks to Jess Nevins for permission to carry these from his website. Translated from the German by Justin Gilbert
Captain Tornado
Cover For Captain Tornado
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
From: 1952
To: 1955
Publisher:L. Miller & Son
Description:There is some dubiety about the number ofissues in this series and the dates of publication. What we can say is that the series ran to around 40 - 42 issues starting with issue #50 in 1952. All issues featured French reprints with art by Roubinet.
Cover For Chacal
Online: 10 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 20
Seq: 1 - 20
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Spanish landscape. Published by Marco, Barcelona.
The Crimson Comet Comic
Cover For The Crimson Comet Comic
Online: 4 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 69
From: 1949
Seq: 1 - 69
Publisher:Australian & New Zealand Comics
Description:Australian superhero series featuring Ralph Rivers, private eye and sometime government agent, who is surgically altered to have huge wings and dons the costume of The Crimson Comet to fight crime.
El Diablo de Los Mares
Cover For El Diablo de Los Mares
Online: 32 Books
Publishing History
From: 1947
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Great pirate adventure with El Diablo de Los Mares. 1947. Published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona.
El Duque Negro
Cover For El Duque Negro
Online: 43 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 1
From: 1959
Seq: 1 - 1
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Published by Editorial Maga. Valencia. Landscape historical adventure hero.
El Espiritu de la Selva
Cover For El Espiritu de la Selva
Online: 91 Books
Publishing History
From: 1961
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Spanish masked hero in the tradition of The Phantom. Uses a whip and a gun. Published by, Editorial Maga, Valencia.
The Hawk Archives
Cover For The Hawk Archives
Online: 19 Books
Publisher:Comic Book Compilations
Description:The Hawk first appeared in Feature Funnies #03 (Quality), however after issue #12 of Feature Funnies, 'The Hawk' jumped ship to Jumbo Comics (Fiction House). He appeared in 74 issues, continually until issue #65, then intermittently until his final appearance in issue #127 (September 1949). In the 17th Century, 'The Hawk' is an escaped galley slave who brings more...
El Hijo del Diablo de Los Mares
Cover For El Hijo del Diablo de Los Mares
Online: 22 Books
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Ediciones Toray, Barcelona. With thanks to and courtesy of - - http - //howtoarsenio.blogspot.co.uk/
Long John Silver
Cover For Long John Silver
Online: 3 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 3
From: Aug 1956
To: Mar 1957
Seq: 30 - 32
Cover For Mutiny
Online: 3 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 3
From: Oct 1954
To: Feb 1955
Seq: 1 - 3
Publisher:Stanley Morse (Key)
Orlan el Luchador Invencible
Cover For Orlan el Luchador Invencible
Online: 16 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 1
Seq: 1 - 1
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Published by Editorial Marco, Barcelona. Orlan is the youngest Viking warrior fighting against invading Romans.
El Pirata Cobra Blanca
Cover For El Pirata Cobra Blanca
Online: 12 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 1
Seq: 1 - 12
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Spanish landscape comic published by Editorial Cies, Madrid.
Pirates Comics
Cover For Pirates Comics
Online: 4 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 4
From: Feb 1950
To: Sep 1950
Seq: 1 - 4
El Temible Pirata
Cover For El Temible Pirata
Online: 6 Books
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Pirate adventure comic. Landscape. Published by Editorial Grafidea, Barcelona.
Terciopelo Negro
Cover For Terciopelo Negro
Online: 5 Books
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:The adventures of Terciopelo Negro are set in historical Venice. The man in the velvet domino mask fights villainy on the canals and through the alleys and palaces of city.
Terry and the Pirates
Cover For Terry and the Pirates
Online: 3 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 3
From: Jun 1955
To: Oct 1955
Seq: 26 - 28
Terry and the Pirates
Cover For Terry and the Pirates
Online: 24 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 24
From: Apr 1947
To: Apr 1951
Seq: 3 - 26
Publisher:Harvey Comics
Description:(1947 Series) April 1947 - April 1951 Issues - 24 (#3-26) Tracking - Numbering continues from BOY EXPLORERS COMICS (Harvey/Family Comic) 1946 Series, Continues as TERRY AND THE PIRATES (Charlton) 1955 Series #26. This created a situation where there are two issue nos 26. COMPLETE SERIES Artists on this series include Milton Caniff. PLEASE NOTE - We also have a collection more...
Terry and The Pirates
Cover For Terry and The Pirates
Online: 58 Books
Publishing History
From: 1934
Publisher:Newspaper Comic Strips
Description:A classic adventure comic strip, Milton Caniff's Terry and the Pirates. Caniff's masterful work on Terry garnered him the very first Cartoonist of the Year award in 1946 as well as the nickname 'the Rembrandt of the comic strip.' What we have here are the earliest Terry strips, illustrating Caniff's knack for spirited storytelling - complete with exotic locales, more...
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