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Available Books:Titles: 176 | Books: 2028
Latest Book:Fightin' Army 52 | Uploaded: May 28, 2015
Publication History: Active: 1933 - 1995 | Number of Series: 381 | Number of Issues: 6491
Branding:Indicia Publishers: 20 | Brand Groups: 6 | Brand Emblems: 22
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Army Attack

Thumbnail for Army Attack
Title:Army Attack
Issues Available:9
Latest Issue:Army Attack 39 | Uploaded: Nov 23, 2014

Army War Heroes

Thumbnail for Army War Heroes
Title:Army War Heroes
Issues Available:15
Latest Issue:Army War Heroes 22 | Uploaded: Mar 16, 2014
Issues 1-22? 23 is copyright 18 is not so please check indicia of 19-22 before uploading.

Atom the Cat

Thumbnail for Atom the Cat
Title:Atom the Cat
Issues Available:8
Latest Issue:Atom the Cat 17 | Uploaded: Feb 22, 2014

Atomic Bunny

Thumbnail for Atomic Bunny
Title:Atomic Bunny
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Atomic Bunny 13 | Uploaded: Dec 3, 2014

Atomic Mouse

Thumbnail for Atomic Mouse
Title:Atomic Mouse
Issues Available:40
Latest Issue:Atomic Mouse 46 | Uploaded: May 23, 2015

Atomic Rabbit

Thumbnail for Atomic Rabbit
Title:Atomic Rabbit
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Atomic Rabbit 11 | Uploaded: Jun 8, 2014


Thumbnail for Attack
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Attack v3 03 | Uploaded: Jan 26, 2015

Badge of Justice

Thumbnail for Badge of Justice
Title:Badge of Justice
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Badge of Justice 22 | Uploaded: Jan 10, 2011
(1955 Series)
January 1955 - October 1955


Issues published:4 (#22,2-4

continues from Crime and Justice (Charlton, 1951 series).

Artists on this title include John Belfi, Dick Giordano, Sal Trapani & Albert Tyler

Battlefield Action

Thumbnail for Battlefield Action
Title:Battlefield Action
Issues Available:27
Latest Issue:Battlefield Action 53 | Uploaded: Apr 16, 2015

Billy the Kid

Thumbnail for Billy the Kid
Title:Billy the Kid
Issues Available:27
Latest Issue:Billy the Kid 19 | Uploaded: May 19, 2015

Black Fury

Thumbnail for Black Fury
Title:Black Fury
Issues Available:33
Latest Issue:Black Fury 30 | Uploaded: Feb 8, 2015

Blue Beetle

Thumbnail for Blue Beetle
Title:Blue Beetle
Issues Available:20
Latest Issue:Blue Beetle (1967) 01 | Uploaded: Dec 29, 2013


Thumbnail for Bo
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Bo 1 | Uploaded: Jul 22, 2012
Bo was a comic strip dog whose reprint appeared in many comics from different publishers.

Brenda Starr

Thumbnail for Brenda Starr
Title:Brenda Starr
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Brenda Starr 013 | Uploaded: Jul 27, 2012

Brides in Love

Thumbnail for Brides in Love
Title:Brides in Love
Issues Available:18
Latest Issue:Brides in Love 42 | Uploaded: Aug 13, 2014

Captain Atom

Thumbnail for Captain Atom
Title:Captain Atom
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Captain Atom 89 | Uploaded: Feb 23, 2013
The big gun of the Charlton Action Heroes for your enjoyment because good old Charlton did not bother to do a proper copyright.

Captain Gallant

Thumbnail for Captain Gallant
Title:Captain Gallant
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Captain Gallant 2 | Uploaded: Jul 22, 2012

Career Girl Romances

Thumbnail for Career Girl Romances
Title:Career Girl Romances
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Career Girl Romances 39 | Uploaded: Aug 13, 2014

Charlie Chan

Thumbnail for Charlie Chan
Title:Charlie Chan
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Charlie Chan 6 | Uploaded: Jul 22, 2012

Charlton Premier

Thumbnail for Charlton Premier
Title:Charlton Premier
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Charlton Premier 2 | Uploaded: Mar 7, 2010

Cheyenne Kid

Thumbnail for Cheyenne Kid
Title:Cheyenne Kid
Issues Available:20
Latest Issue:Cheyenne Kid 48 | Uploaded: May 27, 2015

Cody of the Pony Express

Thumbnail for Cody of the Pony Express
Title:Cody of the Pony Express
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Cody Of The Pony Express 10 | Uploaded: Jul 18, 2012

Confidential Diary

Thumbnail for Confidential Diary
Title:Confidential Diary
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Confidential Diary 014 | Uploaded: Aug 17, 2013

Cowboy Love

Thumbnail for Cowboy Love
Title:Cowboy Love
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Cowboy Love 28 | Uploaded: Jul 22, 2012

Cowboy Western

Thumbnail for Cowboy Western
Title:Cowboy Western
Issues Available:45
Latest Issue:Cowboy Western 48 | Uploaded: Oct 11, 2013

Crime and Justice

Thumbnail for Crime and Justice
Title:Crime and Justice
Issues Available:26
Latest Issue:Crime And Justice 17 | Uploaded: Jul 27, 2012
(1951 Series)
March 1951 - September 1955

Issues published: 25 (1-21, 23-26)

Title Notes: Issue #22 does not exist.

Tracking: Continues as Badge of Justice (1955A series) #22 [1].
Possibly continued as Rookie Cop (1955 series) #27 onwards.

Artists on the title include John Belfi, Steve Ditko, Bob Forgione, Dick Giordano, Sy Moskowitz, Mike Roy & Joe Shuster

Cynthia Doyle, Nurse in Love

Thumbnail for Cynthia Doyle, Nurse in Love
Title:Cynthia Doyle, Nurse in Love
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Cynthia Doyle, Nurse in Love 66 RAW | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2015


Thumbnail for D-Day
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:D-Day 2 | Uploaded: Jun 12, 2012


Thumbnail for Danger
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Danger 014 | Uploaded: Jul 27, 2012

Danger and Adventure

Thumbnail for Danger and Adventure
Title:Danger and Adventure
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Danger And Adventure 024 | Uploaded: Jul 27, 2012
(1955 series)
February 1955 - February 1956

Issues: 6 (#22-27)

Tracking: Continues from This Magazine is Haunted (Charlton, 1954 series). Continues as Robin Hood and his Merry Men (1956 series).

Notes: Uses material acquired from Fawcett and Fox in some issues.

Artists on this title include Vince Alascia, Dick Giordano, Rocco Mastroserio, Bill Molno, Pete Morisi, Sal Trapani, & Maurice Whitman

Danny Blaze

Thumbnail for Danny Blaze
Title:Danny Blaze
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Danny Blaze 001 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2011

Davy Crockett

Thumbnail for Davy Crockett
Title:Davy Crockett
Issues Available:8
Latest Issue:Davy Crockett 1 | Uploaded: Oct 6, 2013

Death Valley

Thumbnail for Death Valley
Title:Death Valley
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Death Valley 007 | Uploaded: Jul 27, 2012

Doctor Tom Brent

Thumbnail for Doctor Tom Brent
Title:Doctor Tom Brent
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Doctor Tom Brent 5 | Uploaded: May 5, 2012

Don Winslow

Thumbnail for Don Winslow
Title:Don Winslow
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Don Winslow 070 | Uploaded: Jul 27, 2012

Drag-Strip Hotrodders

Thumbnail for Drag-Strip Hotrodders
Title:Drag-Strip Hotrodders
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Drag-Strip Hotrodders 4 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2015


Thumbnail for Eh!
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Eh! 1 | Uploaded: Jul 22, 2012

Fightin' Air Force

Thumbnail for Fightin' Air Force
Title:Fightin' Air Force
Issues Available:41
Latest Issue:Fightin' Air Force 47 | Uploaded: Apr 18, 2015
Issues 19-53 go here

Fightin' Army

Thumbnail for Fightin' Army
Title:Fightin' Army
Issues Available:38
Latest Issue:Fightin' Army 52 | Uploaded: May 28, 2015
Issues 33-77? go here. Not sure which issue was the last without a proper copyright. Do not post any issues with a proper copyright

Fightin' Five

Thumbnail for Fightin' Five
Title:Fightin' Five
Issues Available:14
Latest Issue:Fightin' Five 36 | Uploaded: Aug 18, 2013

Fightin' Marines

Thumbnail for Fightin' Marines
Title:Fightin' Marines
Issues Available:37
Latest Issue:Fightin' Marines 75 | Uploaded: Apr 14, 2015

Fightin' Navy

Thumbnail for Fightin' Navy
Title:Fightin' Navy
Issues Available:35
Latest Issue:Fightin' Navy 099 | Uploaded: Apr 21, 2015

First Kiss

Thumbnail for First Kiss
Title:First Kiss
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:First Kiss 20 RAW | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2015

Foreign Intrigues

Thumbnail for Foreign Intrigues
Title:Foreign Intrigues
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Foreign Intrigues 014 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2011

Frank Merriwell at Yale

Thumbnail for Frank Merriwell at Yale
Title:Frank Merriwell at Yale
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Frank Merriwell at Yale 1 | Uploaded: Jun 3, 2013


Thumbnail for Freddy
Issues Available:15
Latest Issue:Freddy 22 | Uploaded: Jan 16, 2015

From Here to Insanity

Thumbnail for From Here to Insanity
Title:From Here to Insanity
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:From Here to Insanity v1 08 (JVJ) | Uploaded: May 26, 2015

Frontier Scout, Dan'l Boone

Thumbnail for Frontier Scout, Dan'l Boone
Title:Frontier Scout, Dan'l Boone
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Frontier Scout, Dan'l Boone 12 | Uploaded: Jul 23, 2012

Funny Animals

Thumbnail for Funny Animals
Title:Funny Animals
Issues Available:8
Latest Issue:Funny Animals 88 | Uploaded: May 14, 2013

Gabby Hayes

Thumbnail for Gabby Hayes
Title:Gabby Hayes
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Gabby Hayes 056 | Uploaded: Feb 12, 2014

Ghostly Tales

Thumbnail for Ghostly Tales
Title:Ghostly Tales
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Ghostly Tales 64 | Uploaded: Sep 4, 2010
Formerly Blue Beetle

Giant Comics

Thumbnail for Giant Comics
Title:Giant Comics
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Giant Comics 1 - Atomic Mouse | Uploaded: Jun 11, 2013


Thumbnail for Go-Go
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Go-Go 4 | Uploaded: Sep 21, 2012


Thumbnail for Gorgo
Issues Available:26
Latest Issue:Gorgo 18 | Uploaded: Jun 28, 2013

Grand Prix

Thumbnail for Grand Prix
Title:Grand Prix
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Grand Prix 16 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2015


Thumbnail for Gunfighters
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Gunfighters 51 | Uploaded: Dec 18, 2014


Thumbnail for Gunmaster
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Gunmaster 03 | Uploaded: Jul 6, 2010

High School Confidential Diary

Thumbnail for High School Confidential Diary
Title:High School Confidential Diary
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:High School Confidential Diary 02 | Uploaded: Jul 6, 2010

Hillbilly Comics

Thumbnail for Hillbilly Comics
Title:Hillbilly Comics
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Hillbilly Comics 2 | Uploaded: Jul 23, 2012

Hot Rod Racers

Thumbnail for Hot Rod Racers
Title:Hot Rod Racers
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Hot Rod Racers 09 | Uploaded: Aug 18, 2013

Hot Rods & Racing Cars

Thumbnail for Hot Rods & Racing Cars
Title:Hot Rods & Racing Cars
Issues Available:46
Latest Issue:Hot Rods and Racing Cars 12 | Uploaded: Apr 4, 2015


Thumbnail for Hunk
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Hunk 08 | Uploaded: Jan 15, 2015

I Love You

Thumbnail for I Love You
Title:I Love You
Issues Available:26
Latest Issue:I Love You 30 RAW | Uploaded: Jan 24, 2015

In Love

Thumbnail for In Love
Title:In Love
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:In Love 5 | Uploaded: Nov 27, 2010


Thumbnail for Intimate
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Intimate 003 | Uploaded: Dec 22, 2010

Jack-in-the-Box Comics

Thumbnail for Jack-in-the-Box Comics
Title:Jack-in-the-Box Comics
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Jack-in-the-Box Comics 11 | Uploaded: Jul 27, 2012

Jerry Drummer

Thumbnail for Jerry Drummer
Title:Jerry Drummer
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Jerry Drummer 10 | Uploaded: Jul 27, 2012

Jim Bowie

Thumbnail for Jim Bowie
Title:Jim Bowie
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Jim Bowie 17 | Uploaded: Jul 18, 2012

Johnny Dynamite

Thumbnail for Johnny Dynamite
Title:Johnny Dynamite
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Johnny Dynamite 012 | Uploaded: Jul 14, 2008


Thumbnail for Judomaster
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Judomaster 098 | Uploaded: Feb 21, 2013
Why are there 11 issues here when it says Judomaster only had 10? Because the first issue was actually issue 4 of Charlton's Special War Series. Why was he in a war book? Because it tells the origin of how WWII Sgt. Rip Jagger became Judomaster while fighting the Japs.

Just Married

Thumbnail for Just Married
Title:Just Married
Issues Available:23
Latest Issue:Just Married 014 | Uploaded: Apr 7, 2015

Kid Montana

Thumbnail for Kid Montana
Title:Kid Montana
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Kid Montana 21 | Uploaded: Jan 14, 2015


Thumbnail for Konga
Issues Available:31
Latest Issue:Konga's Revenge 3 | Uploaded: Jun 29, 2013

Lash Larue Western

Thumbnail for Lash Larue Western
Title:Lash Larue Western
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Lash Larue Western 47 | Uploaded: Sep 7, 2013


Thumbnail for Lawbreakers
Issues Available:9
Latest Issue:Lawbreakers 007 | Uploaded: Jan 2, 2013

Lawbreakers Suspense Stories

Thumbnail for Lawbreakers Suspense Stories
Title:Lawbreakers Suspense Stories
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Lawbreakers Suspense Stories 15 | Uploaded: Jul 23, 2012

Li'l Genius

Thumbnail for Li'l Genius
Title:Li'l Genius
Issues Available:24
Latest Issue:Li'l Genius 44 | Uploaded: May 27, 2015

Li'l Rascal Twins

Thumbnail for Li'l Rascal Twins
Title:Li'l Rascal Twins
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Li'l Rascal Twins 14 | Uploaded: Jan 20, 2015
(1957 series)
September 1957 - January 1960

Issues: 13 (#6 - 18)

Tracking: Numbering continued from NATURE BOY (Charlton, 1956 series).

Artists on this title include Frank Johnson

Li'l Tomboy

Thumbnail for Li'l Tomboy
Title:Li'l Tomboy
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Li'l Tomboy 100 | Uploaded: Apr 7, 2015

Long John Silver

Thumbnail for Long John Silver
Title:Long John Silver
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Long John Silver 31 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2011

Love Diary

Thumbnail for Love Diary
Title:Love Diary
Issues Available:13
Latest Issue:Love Diary 23 | Uploaded: Jan 16, 2015

The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves

Thumbnail for The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves
Title:The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves 1 | Uploaded: Jun 19, 2012

Marine War Heroes

Thumbnail for Marine War Heroes
Title:Marine War Heroes
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Marine War Heroes 11 | Uploaded: Nov 22, 2014

Marines Attack

Thumbnail for Marines Attack
Title:Marines Attack
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Marines Attack 5 raw | Uploaded: Feb 21, 2015

Marvels of Science

Thumbnail for Marvels of Science
Title:Marvels of Science
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Marvels of Science 1 | Uploaded: Dec 22, 2010
(1946 Series)
March 1946-June 1946


Issues published: 1-4

Artists on this title include Herbert C. Browner, Sid Greene, Art Helfant, George A. Marko & Robert Sanders

Masked Raider

Thumbnail for Masked Raider
Title:Masked Raider
Issues Available:19
Latest Issue:Masked Raider 30 RAW | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2015

Maverick Marshal

Thumbnail for Maverick Marshal
Title:Maverick Marshal
Issues Available:8
Latest Issue:Maverick Marshal 1 | Uploaded: Oct 1, 2014

Monte Hale

Thumbnail for Monte Hale
Title:Monte Hale
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Monte Hale Western 88 | Uploaded: Jul 23, 2012

Mr. Muscles

Thumbnail for Mr. Muscles
Title:Mr. Muscles
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Mister Muscles 023 | Uploaded: Jul 28, 2012

My Little Margie

Thumbnail for My Little Margie
Title:My Little Margie
Issues Available:19
Latest Issue:My Little Margie 38 raw | Uploaded: Feb 27, 2015

My Little Margie's Boyfriends

Thumbnail for My Little Margie's Boyfriends
Title:My Little Margie's Boyfriends
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:My Little Margie's Boyfriends 11 | Uploaded: Jun 8, 2013

My Little Margie's Fashions

Thumbnail for My Little Margie's Fashions
Title:My Little Margie's Fashions
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:My Little Margie's Fashions 5 | Uploaded: Jul 23, 2012

My Secret Life

Thumbnail for My Secret Life
Title:My Secret Life
Issues Available:13
Latest Issue:My Secret Life 44 | Uploaded: Aug 19, 2013

Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds

Thumbnail for Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds
Title:Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds
Issues Available:43
Latest Issue:Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 14 | Uploaded: Apr 27, 2015

Nature Boy

Thumbnail for Nature Boy
Title:Nature Boy
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Nature Boy 005 | Uploaded: Dec 22, 2010

Navy War Heroes

Thumbnail for Navy War Heroes
Title:Navy War Heroes
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Navy War Heroes 2 | Uploaded: Apr 21, 2015

Never Again

Thumbnail for Never Again
Title:Never Again
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Never Again 8 | Uploaded: Jul 23, 2012

Nurse Betsy Crane

Thumbnail for Nurse Betsy Crane
Title:Nurse Betsy Crane
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Nurse Betsy Crane 24 | Uploaded: Jan 16, 2015

Nyoka the Jungle Girl

Thumbnail for Nyoka the Jungle Girl
Title:Nyoka the Jungle Girl
Issues Available:9
Latest Issue:Nyoka the Jungle Girl 22 | Uploaded: Jul 23, 2012

Out of this World

Thumbnail for Out of this World
Title:Out of this World
Issues Available:16
Latest Issue:Out of This World 05 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2011

Outer Space

Thumbnail for Outer Space
Title:Outer Space
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Outer Space 26 (v2 1) | Uploaded: Feb 17, 2011

Outlaws of the West

Thumbnail for Outlaws of the West
Title:Outlaws of the West
Issues Available:22
Latest Issue:Outlaws of the West 36 | Uploaded: Mar 17, 2015


Thumbnail for Peacemaker
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Peacemaker 05 | Uploaded: Feb 21, 2013

Pictorial Love Stories

Thumbnail for Pictorial Love Stories
Title:Pictorial Love Stories
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Pictorial Love Stories 23 | Uploaded: May 6, 2012

Police Trap

Thumbnail for Police Trap
Title:Police Trap
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Police Trap 006 | Uploaded: Jul 28, 2012

Public Defender in Action

Thumbnail for Public Defender in Action
Title:Public Defender in Action
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Public Defender in Action 10 | Uploaded: Jul 28, 2012

Pudgy Pig

Thumbnail for Pudgy Pig
Title:Pudgy Pig
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Pudgy Pig 2 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2011

Racket Squad in Action

Thumbnail for Racket Squad in Action
Title:Racket Squad in Action
Issues Available:29
Latest Issue:Racket Squad in Action 27 | Uploaded: Jul 28, 2012
(1952 Series)
May-June 1952 - March 1958

Issues: 1-29
Title Notes:
Indica for issues 23,28 and 29 all have title of "Racket Squad".
All other issues have indica title of "Racket Squad In Action".

Artists on this title include John Belfi, Steve Ditko, Bob Forgione, Dick Giordano, Sy Moskowitz, Joe Shuster, & Chic Stone

Ramar of the Jungle

Thumbnail for Ramar of the Jungle
Title:Ramar of the Jungle
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Ramar Of The Jungle 005 | Uploaded: Dec 22, 2010
RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE (Charlton) 1955 Series.
No. 2, Sep 1955 - no. 6, Sep 1956.

Continues from RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE (Toby) no. 1, 1954.


Range Busters

Thumbnail for Range Busters
Title:Range Busters
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Range Busters 010 | Uploaded: Jul 28, 2012


Thumbnail for Reptilicus
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Reptilicus 2 | Uploaded: Jun 11, 2012


Thumbnail for Reptisaurus
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Reptisaurus 5 | Uploaded: Jul 10, 2010

Robin Hood and His Merry Men

Thumbnail for Robin Hood and His Merry Men
Title:Robin Hood and His Merry Men
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Robin Hood and His Merry Men 28 | Uploaded: Jul 28, 2012

Rock and Rollo

Thumbnail for Rock and Rollo
Title:Rock and Rollo
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Rock and Rollo 18 | Uploaded: Oct 8, 2014

Rocky Lane Western

Thumbnail for Rocky Lane Western
Title:Rocky Lane Western
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Rocky Lane Western 82 | Uploaded: Jun 17, 2013

Rocky Lane's Black Jack

Thumbnail for Rocky Lane's Black Jack
Title:Rocky Lane's Black Jack
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Rocky Lane's Black Jack 27 | Uploaded: Jul 28, 2012

Romantic Secrets

Thumbnail for Romantic Secrets
Title:Romantic Secrets
Issues Available:24
Latest Issue:Romantic Secrets 52 | Uploaded: Aug 20, 2013

Romantic Story

Thumbnail for Romantic Story
Title:Romantic Story
Issues Available:17
Latest Issue:Romantic Story 086 | Uploaded: Jun 12, 2014

Rookie Cop

Thumbnail for Rookie Cop
Title:Rookie Cop
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Rookie Cop 31 | Uploaded: Jan 10, 2011
(1955 Series)
November 1955 - August 1957

Issues published: 7 (#27-33)

numbering continued from CRIME AND JUSTICE (Charlton, 1951)

Artists on this title include Dick Giordano, Rocco Mastroserio, Pete Morisi, Charles Nicholas & Maurice Whitman

Sarge Steel

Thumbnail for Sarge Steel
Title:Sarge Steel
Issues Available:8
Latest Issue:Sarge Steel 2 | Uploaded: Jun 11, 2012
While Sarge Steel is owned and trademarked to DC the original issues did not carry a copyright notice so by law they are public domain.

Scotland Yard

Thumbnail for Scotland Yard
Title:Scotland Yard
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Scotland Yard 2 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2011

Secret Agent

Thumbnail for Secret Agent
Title:Secret Agent
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Secret Agent 10 | Uploaded: Dec 2, 2014

Secrets of Love and Marriage

Thumbnail for Secrets of Love and Marriage
Title:Secrets of Love and Marriage
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Secrets of Love and Marriage 08 | Uploaded: Jul 19, 2014

Secrets of Young Brides

Thumbnail for Secrets of Young Brides
Title:Secrets of Young Brides
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Secrets of Young Brides 31 | Uploaded: Apr 7, 2015

Sheriff of Tombstone

Thumbnail for Sheriff of Tombstone
Title:Sheriff of Tombstone
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Sheriff of Tombstone 04 | Uploaded: Dec 3, 2014

Sherlock Holmes

Thumbnail for Sherlock Holmes
Title:Sherlock Holmes
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Sherlock Holmes 1 | Uploaded: Dec 14, 2013

Six-Gun Heroes

Thumbnail for Six-Gun Heroes
Title:Six-Gun Heroes
Issues Available:18
Latest Issue:Six-Gun Heroes 33 | Uploaded: Jun 27, 2014

Soldier and Marine Comics

Thumbnail for Soldier and Marine Comics
Title:Soldier and Marine Comics
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Soldier and Marine Comics 11 | Uploaded: Jul 17, 2012

Son of Vulcan

Thumbnail for Son of Vulcan
Title:Son of Vulcan
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 048 | Uploaded: Feb 21, 2013

Space Adventures

Thumbnail for Space Adventures
Title:Space Adventures
Issues Available:53
Latest Issue:Space Adventures 46 | Uploaded: Apr 5, 2014

Space War

Thumbnail for Space War
Title:Space War
Issues Available:21
Latest Issue:Space War 13 | Uploaded: Mar 14, 2014

Space Western

Thumbnail for Space Western
Title:Space Western
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Space Western 43 | Uploaded: Aug 31, 2013

Special War Series

Thumbnail for Special War Series
Title:Special War Series
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Special War Series 04 - Judomaster | Uploaded: Feb 21, 2013

Speed Demons

Thumbnail for Speed Demons
Title:Speed Demons
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Speed Demons 06 | Uploaded: Jun 6, 2012

Strange Suspense Stories

Thumbnail for Strange Suspense Stories
Title:Strange Suspense Stories
Issues Available:57
Latest Issue:Strange Suspense Stories 64 | Uploaded: Jun 13, 2014

Submarine Attack

Thumbnail for Submarine Attack
Title:Submarine Attack
Issues Available:29
Latest Issue:Submarine Attack 53 | Uploaded: Apr 5, 2015

Sue and Sally Smith, Flying Nurses

Thumbnail for Sue and Sally Smith, Flying Nurses
Title:Sue and Sally Smith, Flying Nurses
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Sue and Sally Smith, Flying Nurses 54 | Uploaded: Sep 16, 2013

Sunset Carson

Thumbnail for Sunset Carson
Title:Sunset Carson
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Sunset Carson 02 | Uploaded: Nov 1, 2014

Sweetheart Diary

Thumbnail for Sweetheart Diary
Title:Sweetheart Diary
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Sweetheart Diary 58 | Uploaded: May 3, 2015


Thumbnail for Sweethearts
Issues Available:16
Latest Issue:Sweethearts 045 | Uploaded: Mar 24, 2015

Tales of the Mysterious Traveler

Thumbnail for Tales of the Mysterious Traveler
Title:Tales of the Mysterious Traveler
Issues Available:13
Latest Issue:Tales of the Mysterious Traveler 05 | Uploaded: Jul 17, 2012

Teen Confessions

Thumbnail for Teen Confessions
Title:Teen Confessions
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Teen Confessions 02 | Uploaded: Oct 1, 2014

Teen Secret Diary

Thumbnail for Teen Secret Diary
Title:Teen Secret Diary
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Teen Secret Diary 004 | Uploaded: Aug 21, 2013

Teen-Age Confidential Confessions

Thumbnail for Teen-Age Confidential Confessions
Title:Teen-Age Confidential Confessions
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Teen-Age Confidential Confessions 10 | Uploaded: Aug 21, 2013

Teen-Age Love

Thumbnail for Teen-Age Love
Title:Teen-Age Love
Issues Available:23
Latest Issue:Teen-Age Love 49 | Uploaded: Jun 17, 2014

Teenage Hotrodders

Thumbnail for Teenage Hotrodders
Title:Teenage Hotrodders
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Teenage Hotrodders 10 | Uploaded: May 27, 2015

Terry and the Pirates

Thumbnail for Terry and the Pirates
Title:Terry and the Pirates
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Terry and the Pirates 28 | Uploaded: Feb 20, 2011

Tex Ritter Western

Thumbnail for Tex Ritter Western
Title:Tex Ritter Western
Issues Available:32
Latest Issue:Tex Ritter Western 39 | Uploaded: Feb 8, 2015

Texas Rangers in Action

Thumbnail for Texas Rangers in Action
Title:Texas Rangers in Action
Issues Available:30
Latest Issue:Texas Rangers in Action 35 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2015

The Thing

Thumbnail for The Thing
Title:The Thing
Issues Available:18
Latest Issue:The Thing 16 (alt) | Uploaded: Nov 30, 2013

This Is Suspense

Thumbnail for This Is Suspense
Title:This Is Suspense
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:This Is Suspense 24 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2011
THIS IS SUSPENSE (Charlton) 1955 Series.
No. 23, Feb 1955 - no. 26, Aug 1955.

This title is a temporary re-naming of the title STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES (Charlton) 1954 Series, which resumed its original title with issue no. 27.

This Magazine Is Crazy

Thumbnail for This Magazine Is Crazy
Title:This Magazine Is Crazy
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Crazy 008 Charlton | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2011

This Magazine is Haunted

Thumbnail for This Magazine is Haunted
Title:This Magazine is Haunted
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:This Magazine Is Haunted v2 12 | Uploaded: Jul 30, 2012


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Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Thunderbolt 01 | Uploaded: Jan 19, 2014
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As they were published after December 31, 1963 and before December 31, 1977 the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 (and subsequent Automatic Renewal Amendment June 26, 1992) states they are now in the public domain. This why we can house them here BUT:



Tim McCoy

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Title:Tim McCoy
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Tim McCoy 19 | Uploaded: Jan 7, 2013

Timmy the Timid Ghost

Thumbnail for Timmy the Timid Ghost
Title:Timmy the Timid Ghost
Issues Available:18
Latest Issue:Timmy the Timid Ghost 22 | Uploaded: Apr 20, 2015

Tom Cat

Thumbnail for Tom Cat
Title:Tom Cat
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Tom Cat 5 | Uploaded: Feb 8, 2015

Top Eliminator

Thumbnail for Top Eliminator
Title:Top Eliminator
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Top Eliminator 26 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2015

True Life Secrets

Thumbnail for True Life Secrets
Title:True Life Secrets
Issues Available:14
Latest Issue:True Life Secrets 16 | Uploaded: Mar 22, 2015

TV Teens

Thumbnail for TV Teens
Title:TV Teens
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:TV Teens 04 | Uploaded: Sep 7, 2013

U.S. Air Force Comics

Thumbnail for U.S. Air Force Comics
Title:U.S. Air Force Comics
Issues Available:20
Latest Issue:U.S. Air Force Comics 21 | Uploaded: Apr 19, 2015

Unusual Tales

Thumbnail for Unusual Tales
Title:Unusual Tales
Issues Available:51
Latest Issue:Unusual Tales 40 | Uploaded: May 30, 2014

War and Attack

Thumbnail for War and Attack
Title:War and Attack
Issues Available:9
Latest Issue:War and Attack 60 | Uploaded: Aug 13, 2014

War at Sea

Thumbnail for War at Sea
Title:War at Sea
Issues Available:23
Latest Issue:War at Sea 24 (alt) | Uploaded: May 19, 2015

War Heroes

Thumbnail for War Heroes
Title:War Heroes
Issues Available:27
Latest Issue:War Heroes 04 | Uploaded: Oct 7, 2014

Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles

Thumbnail for Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles
Title:Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles
Issues Available:8
Latest Issue:Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles 73 | Uploaded: Aug 3, 2012

Wild Frontier

Thumbnail for Wild Frontier
Title:Wild Frontier
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Wild Frontier 5 | Uploaded: May 7, 2013

Win a Prize Comics

Thumbnail for Win a Prize Comics
Title:Win a Prize Comics
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Win a Prize 001 | Uploaded: May 4, 2013

Wyatt Earp Frontier Marshal

Thumbnail for Wyatt Earp Frontier Marshal
Title:Wyatt Earp Frontier Marshal
Issues Available:34
Latest Issue:Wyatt Earp Frontier Marshal 41 | Uploaded: Mar 16, 2015

Yellowjacket Comics

Thumbnail for Yellowjacket Comics
Title:Yellowjacket Comics
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Yellowjacket Comics 04 | Uploaded: Dec 29, 2013

The Young Doctors

Thumbnail for The Young Doctors
Title:The Young Doctors
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Young Doctors 5 RAW | Uploaded: Jan 25, 2015

Young Eagle

Thumbnail for Young Eagle
Title:Young Eagle
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Young Eagle 004 | Uploaded: Jul 30, 2012

Young Lovers

Thumbnail for Young Lovers
Title:Young Lovers
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Young Lovers 017 | Uploaded: Jul 30, 2012


Thumbnail for Zaza
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Zaza The Mystic 011 | Uploaded: Jan 21, 2011

Zoo Funnies

Thumbnail for Zoo Funnies
Title:Zoo Funnies
Issues Available:26
Latest Issue:Zoo Funnies v2 05 | Uploaded: Nov 17, 2014

One Shots

Thumbnail for One Shots
Title:One Shots
Issues Available:13
One Shots:All-American Sports 1 | Emergency Doctor 1 | Fantastic Giants 24 | Green Planet 1 | Hercules 1 | Marco Polo 1 [1962] | Mysterious Suspense 1 | Registered Nurse 1 | Santa's Tinker Tots 1 | Summer Fun 2 | TNT Comics 1 | U. S. Marines 1 | War Wings 1
Latest Issue:U. S. Marines 1 | Uploaded: Oct 7, 2014
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