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Spanish Language Books

2 Americanos en Europa

Thumbnail for 2 Americanos en Europa
Title:2 Americanos en Europa
Issues Available:24
Latest Issue:Dos americanos en Europa 24 - Feliz regreso | Uploaded: Aug 7, 2014
Categories:Adventure | Crime | Spy/Espionage | Detective
Published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona. 1951? A lilliput/striscia format series with art by Francisco Darnis. With thanks to http://tebeosycomics.blogspot.co.uk/

Aguilla Negra

Thumbnail for Aguilla Negra
Title:Aguilla Negra
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Aguila Negra Completo | Uploaded: Jul 23, 2012
Spain early '50's. Editorial Bruguera, Barcelona

Alan Duff

Thumbnail for Alan Duff
Title:Alan Duff
Issues Available:32
Latest Issue:Alan Duff 30 El sitio (Fin de la colección) | Uploaded: Jun 26, 2014
Categories:Crime | Detective
Spain. Landscape. Graficos Marco, Barcelona.


Thumbnail for Alicia
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Alicia 141 El fiel jardinero (Fariña) | Uploaded: Jul 2, 2012


Thumbnail for Amok
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Amok 03 | Uploaded: Jan 16, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Masked/Mystery Men
Beautiful '40's masked hero comic. Spain. Hispano Americana de Ediciones, Barcelona. Landscape. One of many Phantom-like heroes.

Angeles de La Calle

Thumbnail for Angeles de La Calle
Title:Angeles de La Calle
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Ángeles de la calle nº 01 | Uploaded: Jan 3, 2014
Categories:Children/Teenagers | Adventure | Crime
Spanish Lilliput published by Hispano Americana de Ediciones, Barcelona.


Thumbnail for Apache
Issues Available:25
Latest Issue:Apache 25 | Uploaded: Feb 11, 2016
Categories:Western | Native Americans

La Araña Verde

Thumbnail for La Araña Verde
Title:La Araña Verde
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:La Araña Verde 2 | Uploaded: Dec 16, 2012


Thumbnail for Ardillita
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Ardillita 349 La princesa gigante | Uploaded: Jul 20, 2013
Categories:Children/Teenagers | Romance
Younger girl readers landscape title. Published by Graficas Munoz, Hospitalet, Spain. Late 1950's

Armando el intrépido

Thumbnail for Armando el intrépido
Title:Armando el intrépido
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Armando el intrépido 1 - El Castillo de las Maravillas | Uploaded: Aug 12, 2014
Categories:Adventure | Children/Teenagers

Atomo Kid

Thumbnail for Atomo Kid
Title:Atomo Kid
Issues Available:18
Latest Issue:Atomo Kid 29 Los hombres de las nieves | Uploaded: Jun 3, 2014
Categories:Science Fiction | Superhero | Adventure
Spanish translation of the French s.f hero title.

Aventuras Célebres

Thumbnail for Aventuras Célebres
Title:Aventuras Célebres
Issues Available:24
Latest Issue:Aventuras Célebres - Los Tres Mosqueteros Parte 3 | Uploaded: Nov 29, 2017
Categories:Classic Tales

Aventuras de Buffalo Bill

Thumbnail for Aventuras de Buffalo Bill
Title:Aventuras de Buffalo Bill
Issues Available:56
Latest Issue:Aventuras de Buffalo Bill 31 Momentos de angustia | Uploaded: Jun 30, 2014
Categories:Western | Western Heroes

Aventuras de Federico

Thumbnail for Aventuras de Federico
Title:Aventuras de Federico
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Aventuras de Federico 07 Fin de la colección | Uploaded: Jul 8, 2014
Categories:Children/Teenagers | Adventure

Aventuras de Juan y Luis

Thumbnail for Aventuras de Juan y Luis
Title:Aventuras de Juan y Luis
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Aventuras de Juan y Luis 11 La última aventura. Fin | Uploaded: Jul 10, 2014
Categories:Children/Teenagers | Adventure

Aventuras del FBI

Thumbnail for Aventuras del FBI
Title:Aventuras del FBI
Issues Available:18
Latest Issue:Aventuras del FBI 17 Oro, traicion y sangre | Uploaded: Jan 4, 2017
Categories:Crime | Adventure

Aventuras ilustradas

Thumbnail for Aventuras ilustradas
Title:Aventuras ilustradas
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Aventuras ilustradas 2 - El universo en guerra | Uploaded: Aug 12, 2014
Categories:Science Fiction

Aventuras y viajes

Thumbnail for Aventuras y viajes
Title:Aventuras y viajes
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Aventuras y viajes - Huracán y Polvorilla 03 - Un tiro por la espalda | Uploaded: Aug 4, 2014


Thumbnail for Barrabases
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Barrabases 035 | Uploaded: Oct 28, 2012
Categories:Humor | Sports
Chile. 1955. Football anthology with strips, cartoons and articles on players and football. For Americans - this football = soccer.


Thumbnail for Bengala
Issues Available:54
Latest Issue:Bengala 38 | Uploaded: Jan 27, 2016
Categories:Jungle | Adventure

Bill Cody

Thumbnail for Bill Cody
Title:Bill Cody
Issues Available:16
Latest Issue:Bill Cody 12 Guerra india | Uploaded: Sep 28, 2012
Categories:Western | Western Heroes
Editorial Grafidea, Barcelona. 1951. Landscape format western. The hero is described as the famous explorer, Bill Cody.

Bill Kraker

Thumbnail for Bill Kraker
Title:Bill Kraker
Issues Available:23
Latest Issue:Bill Kraker 24 Caídos en la trampa | Uploaded: Jun 27, 2014
Categories:Jungle | Adventure | Crime
Portrait format Spanish comic published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona. 1958

Bravo Español

Thumbnail for Bravo Español
Title:Bravo Español
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Bravo Español - Lucha de rayos | Uploaded: Aug 12, 2014

El Caballero de Las Tres Cruces

Thumbnail for El Caballero de Las Tres Cruces
Title:El Caballero de Las Tres Cruces
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:El Caballero De Las Tres Cruces 09 | Uploaded: Sep 18, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Romance
Published by Editorial Bruguera, Barcelona.

El Caballero Fantasma

Thumbnail for El Caballero Fantasma
Title:El Caballero Fantasma
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:El Caballero Fantasma 01 | Uploaded: Nov 8, 2012
Categories:Adventure | Masked/Mystery Men
Published by Impresos Cosmos, Valencia, Spain. 1947. Landscape. An early example of historical adventures, in this case the middle ages, featuring a masked hero who was done down by the crown.

El Caballero Negro

Thumbnail for El Caballero Negro
Title:El Caballero Negro
Issues Available:18
Latest Issue:El Caballero Negro 16 | Uploaded: Oct 21, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Masked/Mystery Men
Published by Editorial Marco, Barcelona. Another masked, historical hero.

Can Can

Thumbnail for Can Can
Title:Can Can
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Can Can 11 | Uploaded: Nov 25, 2012
Categories:Mixed Bag | Humor | Media/Stars
Weekly magazine published by Editrial Bruguera, Barcelona, commencing 1958. Full of cartoons, strips, jokes, articles and a back page film star pin up.

El Capitán Coraje

Thumbnail for El Capitán Coraje
Title:El Capitán Coraje
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:El Capitán Coraje 01 | Uploaded: Oct 4, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Masked/Mystery Men | Pirates
Published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona in 1946, this is a good looking comic featuring the masked hero Capitan Coraje.

El Capitán Júpiter

Thumbnail for El Capitán Júpiter
Title:El Capitán Júpiter
Issues Available:9
Latest Issue:Capitan Jupiter 01-1-2 | Uploaded: Jul 22, 2013
Categories:Superhero | Adventure | Crime | Masked/Mystery Men
Superhero comic from Chile.

El Capitán Marvel

Thumbnail for El Capitán Marvel
Title:El Capitán Marvel
Issues Available:79
Latest Issue:El Capitan Marvel 14 | Uploaded: Feb 27, 2014

Capitán Vélez, Lizárraga y Tomasín

Thumbnail for Capitán Vélez, Lizárraga y Tomasín
Title:Capitán Vélez, Lizárraga y Tomasín
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Capitán Vélez, Lizárraga y Tomasín - El Mago de Shangai | Uploaded: Aug 12, 2014

Capitan Coraje

Thumbnail for Capitan Coraje
Title:Capitan Coraje
Issues Available:15
Latest Issue:El Capitán Coraje 16 El castigo de un traidor | Uploaded: Jun 8, 2012
Categories:Adventure | Masked/Mystery Men
Spain. Landscape. 1950's. well-done adventures of the masked swordsman.

Capitan Sol

Thumbnail for Capitan Sol
Title:Capitan Sol
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Capitan Sol 06 | Uploaded: Sep 14, 2014
Categories:Superhero | Leading Ladies | Adventure | Crime
Complete 10 issue series of the masked Spanish hero, Capitan Sol. Art by Jose Grau. Published by Editorial Grafidea, Barcelona. 1948.

Cartucho Y 'Patata'

Thumbnail for Cartucho Y 'Patata'
Title:Cartucho Y 'Patata'
Issues Available:25
Latest Issue:Cartucho y "Patata" 25 | Uploaded: Jan 27, 2016
Categories:Children/Teenagers | Adventure | Animal

Casiano Barullo

Thumbnail for Casiano Barullo
Title:Casiano Barullo
Issues Available:24
Latest Issue:Casiano Barullo 24 Los apuros de Casiano - Fin de la colección | Uploaded: Jun 4, 2014
Categories:Adventure | Jungle
Published by Editoria Grafidea, Barcelona. Thrilling exotic adventures with the hero, Casiano Barullo.

Castor el Invincibile

Thumbnail for Castor el Invincibile
Title:Castor el Invincibile
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Castor, el invencible 10 | Uploaded: Jan 20, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Classic Tales
Spanish landscape series.


Thumbnail for Chacal
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:El Chacal 06 | Uploaded: Oct 5, 2012
Categories:Adventure | Pirates
Spanish landscape. Published by Marco, Barcelona.


Thumbnail for Chanoc
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Chanoc 0003 | Uploaded: Oct 28, 2012
Categories:Adventure | Jungle | Water/Boats
Mexico 1959. Subtitled, " Adventures of Sea and Jungle".


Thumbnail for Chicos
Issues Available:32
Latest Issue:Chicos - Eduardo Teixeira Coelho en revista Chicos | Uploaded: Jul 9, 2014
Categories:Adventure | Children/Teenagers | Mixed Bag

Clipper (El Coyote)

Thumbnail for Clipper (El Coyote)
Title:Clipper (El Coyote)
Issues Available:14
Latest Issue:El Coyote Ed. Cliper 007 | Uploaded: Jul 25, 2014
Categories:Western | Mixed Bag
Spanish anthology title. Featuring El Coyote.

Coleccion Comandos

Thumbnail for Coleccion Comandos
Title:Coleccion Comandos
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Comandos 26 | Uploaded: Sep 7, 2012
Categories:War/Armed Forces
Published by Editorial Valenciana, Valencia. Late 1950's. War series.

Coleccion Golondrina

Thumbnail for Coleccion Golondrina
Title:Coleccion Golondrina
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Coleccion Golondrina 30 | Uploaded: Aug 22, 2013
Categories:Fantasy/Whimsey | Romance
Spain. Landscape.

Colleccion Post Guerra

Thumbnail for Colleccion Post Guerra
Title:Colleccion Post Guerra
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Post Guerra 01 - Mercado Negro | Uploaded: Oct 7, 2016
Categories:War/Armed Forces | Adventure | Crime

Colleccion Sentimental

Thumbnail for Colleccion Sentimental
Title:Colleccion Sentimental
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Sentimental 317 Un ángel en la desgracia | Uploaded: Jan 9, 2013
Published by Exclusivas Graficas Ricart, Madrid. 1959. Series of unconnected sentimental, heart-tugging stories. Good excuse for a good greet.


Thumbnail for Comandos
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Comandos 14 | Uploaded: Jun 18, 2013
Categories:War/Armed Forces
Spanish landscape title featuring war stories from WW2.

Cuatro Capitanes

Thumbnail for Cuatro Capitanes
Title:Cuatro Capitanes
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Cuatro Capitanes 05 | Uploaded: Jul 15, 2012
Categories:Western | War/Armed Forces

D'Artagnan y los Tres Mosqueteros

Thumbnail for D'Artagnan y los Tres Mosqueteros
Title:D'Artagnan y los Tres Mosqueteros
Issues Available:13
Latest Issue:D'Artagnan y los Tres Mosqueteros 11 | Uploaded: Oct 1, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Religious | Romance | Classic Tales
Comic book version of the classic heroes. Published by Exclusivas Ferma, Barcelona. 1959?

El Defensor de La Cruz

Thumbnail for El Defensor de La Cruz
Title:El Defensor de La Cruz
Issues Available:13
Latest Issue:El Defensor de la Cruz 11 El correo de Roma | Uploaded: Jul 5, 2012
Categories:Adventure | Masked/Mystery Men
Landscape series. Another historical series with a mysterious masked swordsman. Great mask.

El Diablo de Los Mares

Thumbnail for El Diablo de Los Mares
Title:El Diablo de Los Mares
Issues Available:32
Latest Issue:El Diablo de los mares 26 | Uploaded: Mar 18, 2014
Categories:Pirates | Adventure
Great pirate adventure with El Diablo de Los Mares. 1947. Published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona.

Diamante Negro

Thumbnail for Diamante Negro
Title:Diamante Negro
Issues Available:20
Latest Issue:Diamante Negro 20 | Uploaded: Jul 18, 2016
Categories:Masked/Mystery Men | Adventure
One tier landscape comic, colour cover, b&w interiors. No idea of the publisher.

Diego Valor

Thumbnail for Diego Valor
Title:Diego Valor
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Diego Valor vol1 06 (031-036) | Uploaded: Mar 27, 2013
Categories:Science Fiction | Adventure | Monsters
Diego Valor was a hugely popular Space hero not only in comics but on radio. Sort of the Spanish Flash Gordon.
These files are compilations of 6 piccolos - small landscape comics which appeared weekly.

Don Z

Thumbnail for Don Z
Title:Don Z
Issues Available:60
Latest Issue:Don Z 71 | Uploaded: May 3, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Masked/Mystery Men
Don Z is one of many Zorro type characters - masked, caped, armed with sword, he is a classic freedom fighter and wrighter of wrongs. This Spanish series appeared originally in landscape format, published by Editorial Maga, Valencia.

Dos Corazones

Thumbnail for Dos Corazones
Title:Dos Corazones
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Dos corazones 015 | Uploaded: Jun 8, 2012

El Duende

Thumbnail for El Duende
Title:El Duende
Issues Available:40
Latest Issue:El Duende 37 El intrigante Pandit | Uploaded: Jul 30, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Masked/Mystery Men | Superhero | Fantasy/Whimsey
A genuine superhero, El Duende was a Spanish landscape comic published by Editorial Maga, Valencia.
As with many comics and characters from European countries, this hero appeared again in France in the mid '70's, re-named as Le Spectre, in a slightly larger pocket series, Fantastik.
Also as often happened, the format was changed, in this case from the Spanish landscape to pocket library sized portrait.

El Duque Negro

Thumbnail for El Duque Negro
Title:El Duque Negro
Issues Available:43
Latest Issue:El Duque Negro 035 | Uploaded: Dec 27, 2014
Categories:Adventure | Pirates
Published by Editorial Maga. Valencia. Landscape historical adventure hero.

El Encapuchado

Thumbnail for El Encapuchado
Title:El Encapuchado
Issues Available:27
Latest Issue:El Encapuchado 14 | Uploaded: Feb 13, 2016
Categories:Superhero | Crime | Adventure | Detective
Landscape weekly published by Exclusivas Gerpla, Barcelona. Printed by Imp Moderna, Paris. Featuring the adventures of the hooded crimefighter, El Encapuchado. Art by Adriano. 1946

El Espiritu de la Selva

Thumbnail for El Espiritu de la Selva
Title:El Espiritu de la Selva
Issues Available:91
Latest Issue:El Espiritu De La Selva 90 (Complete ccollection) | Uploaded: Dec 16, 2014
Categories:Masked/Mystery Men | Jungle | Adventure | Crime | Pirates
Spanish masked hero in the tradition of The Phantom. Uses a whip and a gun. Published by, Editorial Maga, Valencia.

Flecha Negra

Thumbnail for Flecha Negra
Title:Flecha Negra
Issues Available:23
Latest Issue:Flecha Negra 19 | Uploaded: Oct 4, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Classic Tales | Robin Hood | Adventure | Adventure | Adventure
With illustrations by Boixcar, this is a good looking comic. Hints of The Black Arrow and Robin Hood.

Flechas y pelayos

Thumbnail for Flechas y pelayos
Title:Flechas y pelayos
Issues Available:48
Latest Issue:Flechas y pelayos 042 | Uploaded: Jul 14, 2014
Categories:Mixed Bag | Adventure

Fredy Barton El Audaz

Thumbnail for Fredy Barton El Audaz
Title:Fredy Barton El Audaz
Issues Available:14
Latest Issue:Fredy Barton 03 | Uploaded: Apr 11, 2013
Categories:Science Fiction | Adventure | Monsters
Spanish S.F. series featuring the daring Fredy Barton and team fighting alien menace.

Gacela Blanca

Thumbnail for Gacela Blanca
Title:Gacela Blanca
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Gacela Blanca 038 - La Muerte del Renegado | Uploaded: Sep 13, 2012
Categories:Western | Native Americans
Published by Hispano Americana de Ediciones. Barcelona. Western adventures featuring Native American hero.

El Gavilan

Thumbnail for El Gavilan
Title:El Gavilan
Issues Available:25
Latest Issue:El Gavilan 17 | Uploaded: Nov 25, 2013
Categories:Western | Masked/Mystery Men
Piccolino/lilliput. Late '50's

Gente Menuda

Thumbnail for Gente Menuda
Title:Gente Menuda
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Gente Menuda (1935-03-03) | Uploaded: Aug 12, 2012


Thumbnail for Graciela
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Graciela 023 El collar (Fariña) | Uploaded: Jul 9, 2012
Ediciones Toray, Barcelona.


Thumbnail for Granizada
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Granizada 01 - Enero | Uploaded: Aug 12, 2014

El Guerrero del Antifaz

Thumbnail for El Guerrero del Antifaz
Title:El Guerrero del Antifaz
Issues Available:101
Latest Issue:El Guerrero del Antifaz 100 - Guerra los tunecinos | Uploaded: Aug 7, 2014
Categories:Masked/Mystery Men

Hazanas Belicas

Thumbnail for Hazanas Belicas
Title:Hazanas Belicas
Issues Available:29
Latest Issue:Hazañas Belicas (1ª Serie) 29 | Uploaded: Mar 17, 2016
Categories:War/Armed Forces
Spanish war series created by Guillermo Sánchez Boix (Boixcar). The first series of these weeklies ran from 1948 - 1949.

El Hijo del Diablo de Los Mares

Thumbnail for El Hijo del Diablo de Los Mares
Title:El Hijo del Diablo de Los Mares
Issues Available:22
Latest Issue:El Hijo del Diablo de los mares 13 | Uploaded: Sep 2, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Pirates | Jungle
Ediciones Toray, Barcelona.
With thanks to and courtesy of:-

Historia y Leyenda

Thumbnail for Historia y Leyenda
Title:Historia y Leyenda
Issues Available:20
Latest Issue:Historia y leyenda 12 Otger Cataló | Uploaded: Jun 26, 2014
Categories:Non-fiction | Classic Tales
Spanish landscape history series.

El Hombre de la Estrella

Thumbnail for El Hombre de la Estrella
Title:El Hombre de la Estrella
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:El Hombre de la Estrella 14 | Uploaded: Jun 22, 2017
Categories:Masked/Mystery Men | Adventure
Spanish landscape weekly published by Editorial Bruguera, Barcelona, 1947.
Art, story by Bornes.

Inspector Dan

Thumbnail for Inspector Dan
Title:Inspector Dan
Issues Available:50
Latest Issue:Inspector Dan 047 | Uploaded: Jan 28, 2015
Categories:Crime | Detective | Adventure | Horror
Excellent Spanish weekly with art by Eugeno Giner.

El Inspector Wade de Scotland Yard

Thumbnail for El Inspector Wade de Scotland Yard
Title:El Inspector Wade de Scotland Yard
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:El Inspector Wade de Scotland Yard 07 El tesoro de Chelford | Uploaded: Jul 10, 2014
Categories:Crime | Detective

Jack y Dolly

Thumbnail for Jack y Dolly
Title:Jack y Dolly
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Jack y Dolly 14 - El fumadero de opio | Uploaded: Aug 6, 2014
Categories:Adventure | Children/Teenagers

Jeque Blanco

Thumbnail for Jeque Blanco
Title:Jeque Blanco
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Jeque Blanco 04 Ladrones de diamantes | Uploaded: Jul 23, 2012
Categories:Adventure | Spy/Espionage
Spain 1952. Editorial Rollan, Madrid

Jim Pat

Thumbnail for Jim Pat
Title:Jim Pat
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Jim Pat 9 - El héroe de la pradera envenenada | Uploaded: Aug 6, 2014

El Jinete Enmascarado

Thumbnail for El Jinete Enmascarado
Title:El Jinete Enmascarado
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:El Jinete Enmascarado 07 - El misterio de la caverna | Uploaded: Jul 22, 2014
Categories:Western | Adventure

Jorge y Fernando

Thumbnail for Jorge y Fernando
Title:Jorge y Fernando
Issues Available:94
Latest Issue:Jorge y Fernando 90 - El espíritu vagabundo. Fin | Uploaded: Aug 6, 2014

Juan Bravo

Thumbnail for Juan Bravo
Title:Juan Bravo
Issues Available:33
Latest Issue:Juan Bravo 01 | Uploaded: Jul 14, 2017
Categories:Crime | Adventure
Spanish landscape title published by MAGA, Valencia, 1953 - April 1954. 33 issues with art by Jose Ortiz. Published fortnightly.

Juan Centella

Thumbnail for Juan Centella
Title:Juan Centella
Issues Available:15
Latest Issue:Juan Centella Almanaque 1945 | Uploaded: Jul 21, 2014

Junior Films

Thumbnail for Junior Films
Title:Junior Films
Issues Available:63
Latest Issue:Junior Films 17 - Almanaque | Uploaded: Jul 28, 2014

Kid Roney

Thumbnail for Kid Roney
Title:Kid Roney
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Kid Roney 05 Terror en la ciudad | Uploaded: Jul 2, 2014
Categories:Children/Teenagers | Adventure | Aviation


Thumbnail for Kit-Boy
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Kit-Boy 10 | Uploaded: Jul 4, 2016
Categories:Science Fiction | Adventure | Monsters | Atomic
Good S.F. comic published by Ediciones Soriano, Barcelona. Originally an Italian striscia, this was reprinted in larger form in Spain.

El Libertador

Thumbnail for El Libertador
Title:El Libertador
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:El Libertador 30 La boda del Libertador | Uploaded: Jul 30, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Robin Hood
Published by Editorial Garga, Valencia, Spain. Landscape. El Libertador is an athletic, daring, defender of Christianity, who, with his muscles of steel, intelligence and faith, fights against the Emperor and other tyrants in the pursuit of justice.


Thumbnail for Mamita
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Mamita 04 | Uploaded: Mar 20, 2013
Categories:Children/Teenagers | Fantasy/Whimsey
Santiago de Chile. 1931. Little stories for little people, almost fairy tales.

María Cortés y la Dra. Alden

Thumbnail for María Cortés y la Dra. Alden
Title:María Cortés y la Dra. Alden
Issues Available:8
Latest Issue:María Cortés y la Dra. Alden 8 - La agonía de un planeta | Uploaded: Aug 1, 2014
Categories:Science Fiction


Thumbnail for Maravillas
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Maravillas Almanaque para 1948 | Uploaded: Jun 26, 2014
Categories:Children/Teenagers | Mixed Bag


Thumbnail for Marcos
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Marcos 14 comiteca | Uploaded: Mar 20, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Science Fiction | Monsters
Published by Editorial Maga, Valencia.
A journey to Mars, a stowaway, thrilling escapades.


Thumbnail for Mari-Tere
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Mari-Tere 2.47. Señor Mota | Uploaded: Jul 21, 2012

Mascara Verde

Thumbnail for Mascara Verde
Title:Mascara Verde
Issues Available:14
Latest Issue:Mascara verde 07 | Uploaded: Sep 6, 2017
Categories:Adventure | Masked/Mystery Men
A 14 issue series published by Editorial Cíes in 1949, featuring the masked mystery man, Mascara Verde. Typical Spanish historical hero adventure. Landscape format.

Mendoza Colt

Thumbnail for Mendoza Colt
Title:Mendoza Colt
Issues Available:9
Latest Issue:Mendoza Colt 09 (097-108) | Uploaded: Jul 21, 2012
Spain. Late '50's. Editorial Rollan, Madrid

Los Mil Y Un Cuento

Thumbnail for Los Mil Y Un Cuento
Title:Los Mil Y Un Cuento
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Los mil y un cuentos 070 | Uploaded: Sep 13, 2012
Categories:Fantasy/Whimsey | Classic Tales
Published by Ameller, Barcelona. Piccolo/Lilliput. Adaptations of fairy tales.


Thumbnail for Montana
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:Montana 06 | Uploaded: Nov 6, 2013
Categories:Western | Adventure | Native Americans
Spanish western comic.

Mundo Futuro

Thumbnail for Mundo Futuro
Title:Mundo Futuro
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Mundo Futuro 099 | Uploaded: Dec 23, 2012
Categories:Science Fiction
Ediciones Toray, Barcelona. Series started in 1955 and each issue is a self-contained S.F.adventure.

El Murcielago

Thumbnail for El Murcielago
Title:El Murcielago
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:El Murcielago 06 | Uploaded: Dec 17, 2012
Categories:Masked/Mystery Men | Adventure | Crime
The Bat is an early masked mystery man comic from Spain. 1943. Landscape. By Boixcar.
The masked, hooded, caped hero has a crystal disk which emits various rays, which can destroy objects and knock people out. The single story is continued from issue to issue.

Orlan el Luchador Invencible

Thumbnail for Orlan el Luchador Invencible
Title:Orlan el Luchador Invencible
Issues Available:16
Latest Issue:Orlan el Luchador Invencible 07 | Uploaded: Sep 16, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Pirates
Published by Editorial Marco, Barcelona. Orlan is the youngest Viking warrior fighting against invading Romans.

Pacho Dinamita

Thumbnail for Pacho Dinamita
Title:Pacho Dinamita
Issues Available:20
Latest Issue:Pacho Dinamita 15 El boxeador asesino | Uploaded: Aug 18, 2012
Categories:Humor | Western
Spanish landscape series. Editorial Maga, Valencia. 1952.

Paco Pereda

Thumbnail for Paco Pereda
Title:Paco Pereda
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Paco Pereda 02 Competición deportiva | Uploaded: Jul 8, 2014
Categories:Sports | Adventure

Pancho Colate

Thumbnail for Pancho Colate
Title:Pancho Colate
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Pancho Colate 04 | Uploaded: Jun 8, 2012
Categories:Western | Humor

Pantera Rubia

Thumbnail for Pantera Rubia
Title:Pantera Rubia
Issues Available:45
Latest Issue:Serie La Selva 36 Pantera Rubia 26 | Uploaded: Jan 16, 2017
Categories:Jungle | Leading Ladies
This is the Spanish version of Blonde Panther (Pantera Bionda, in Italian) In this version, the censors insisted on covering our heroine up a bit and added the skirt.


Thumbnail for Patoruzito
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Patoruzito 132 | Uploaded: Jul 28, 2016
Categories:Mixed Bag


Thumbnail for Pelayos
Issues Available:101
Latest Issue:Pelayos 091 | Uploaded: Aug 4, 2014
Categories:Adventure | Mixed Bag


Thumbnail for Peneca
Issues Available:29
Latest Issue:El Peneca Suplemento | Uploaded: Mar 20, 2013
Categories:Mixed Bag
Chile. Mid 1940's. Weekly anthology for younger readers with a mix of prose, articles and text strips. Some of the illustrated prose appears to be from British storypapers but I can't figure out in which papers they might have originated. There are some well illustrated text strips.

El Pequeno Luchador

Thumbnail for El Pequeno Luchador
Title:El Pequeno Luchador
Issues Available:35
Latest Issue:El Pequeno Luchador 003 | Uploaded: May 13, 2013
Spanish landscape. Published by, Editorial Valenciana, Valencia.

El Pequeno Mosquetero

Thumbnail for El Pequeno Mosquetero
Title:El Pequeno Mosquetero
Issues Available:21
Latest Issue:El Pequeño Mosquetero #04 | Uploaded: Sep 5, 2013
Spanish landscape comic. Published by Editorial Toray, Barcelona. 1951. Created by Dulcet and Longarón. Nice art with a swashbuckling hero and an example of the classic Spanish historical adventure comic.
With thanks to and courtesy of:-


Thumbnail for Piluchi
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Piluchi 049 | Uploaded: Jul 15, 2012
Spain. Published by Hispano Americana de Ediciones, Barcelona.

El Pirata Cobra Blanca

Thumbnail for El Pirata Cobra Blanca
Title:El Pirata Cobra Blanca
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Pirata Cobra Blanca 11 | Uploaded: Jul 20, 2016
Categories:Pirates | Adventure
Spanish landscape comic published by Editorial Cies, Madrid.

Platillos Volantes

Thumbnail for Platillos Volantes
Title:Platillos Volantes
Issues Available:34
Latest Issue:Platillos Volantes (2º Serie) 02 Hombres contra Robots | Uploaded: Jan 5, 2014
Categories:Science Fiction
Spain. Exclusivas Graficas Ricart, Barcelona.

El Poder Invisible

Thumbnail for El Poder Invisible
Title:El Poder Invisible
Issues Available:36
Latest Issue:El Poder Invisible 32 - La esfinge sepultada | Uploaded: Jun 26, 2013
Categories:Crime | Masked/Mystery Men | Detective
Published by Exclusivas Ferma, Barcelona. Featuring, "The Terrible Invisible Power"

Poncho Libertas

Thumbnail for Poncho Libertas
Title:Poncho Libertas
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:Poncho Libertas 12 - Encarcelado | Uploaded: Aug 13, 2014


Thumbnail for Pulgarcito
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Pulgarcito 001 | Uploaded: Jul 24, 2012
Categories:Mixed Bag

El Puma

Thumbnail for El Puma
Title:El Puma
Issues Available:16
Latest Issue:La Leyenda del Puma 01 | Uploaded: Jun 26, 2014
Spain. Masked mystery man. Editorial Marco, Barcelona

Ray de Astur

Thumbnail for Ray de Astur
Title:Ray de Astur
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Ray de Astur 7 - La gran aventura | Uploaded: Aug 4, 2014
Categories:Science Fiction

Rayo Kit

Thumbnail for Rayo Kit
Title:Rayo Kit
Issues Available:13
Latest Issue:Rayo Kit 24 | Uploaded: Jun 8, 2012
Spain 1950's. Ediciones Toray. Landscape.

Red Dixon

Thumbnail for Red Dixon
Title:Red Dixon
Issues Available:25
Latest Issue:Red Dixon 2ª Serie 57 | Uploaded: Aug 13, 2012
Categories:Science Fiction
Spain. Editorial Marco, Barcelona 1945 to mid 1950's? Classic Spanish SF adventure strip.

Revista Juvenil Feminina

Thumbnail for Revista Juvenil Feminina
Title:Revista Juvenil Feminina
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Revista Juvenil Feminina 06 | Uploaded: Mar 4, 2014
Categories:Leading Ladies | Romance | Non-fiction | Children/Teenagers
Weekly, landscape, Spanish title for young ladies.

Ricardo Barrio

Thumbnail for Ricardo Barrio
Title:Ricardo Barrio
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Ricardo Barrio 4 - Barrio Chino | Uploaded: Aug 1, 2014

Ricardo Manteca y Jorgito Apuros

Thumbnail for Ricardo Manteca y Jorgito Apuros
Title:Ricardo Manteca y Jorgito Apuros
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Ricardo Manteca y Jorgito Apuros 02 | Uploaded: Dec 29, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Crime | Masked/Mystery Men | Detective
An 11 issue Spanish landscape comic from 1947. Looks like a rival to Roberto Alcazar, but short-lived. Published by EDITORIAL BRUGUERA, Barcelona.

Rico Tipo

Thumbnail for Rico Tipo
Title:Rico Tipo
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Rico Tipo 258 | Uploaded: Apr 6, 2015
Categories:Humor | Mixed Bag

Roberto Alcazar y Pedrin

Thumbnail for Roberto Alcazar y Pedrin
Title:Roberto Alcazar y Pedrin
Issues Available:87
Latest Issue:Roberto Alcázar 0074 - Una Herencia Peligrosa | Uploaded: Dec 31, 2015
Categories:Adventure | Crime | Science Fiction | Detective
Created in 1940 by Juan Bautista Puerto, this series of landscape comics, was published by Editorial Valenciana and ran for 1219 issues till 1976. Whether these figures include specials and reprints I don't know but this is a huge body of work and in the mid '50's was selling 100,00 copies a week. The series was originally called Roberto Alcázar, el intrépido aventurero español.

Santo. El Enmascarado de Plata

Thumbnail for Santo. El Enmascarado de Plata
Title:Santo. El Enmascarado de Plata
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Santo. El Enmascarado de Plata Year. Ano 1, 001 | Uploaded: May 18, 2012
Categories:Masked/Mystery Men | Adventure

Selección Aventurera

Thumbnail for Selección Aventurera
Title:Selección Aventurera
Issues Available:77
Latest Issue:Selección Grandes Películas 7 - A mí La Legión | Uploaded: Jul 29, 2014
Sub-Categories:Barton (6) | El Capitán Maravillas (2) | El Capitán Tormenta (2) | Juan y Ramiro (3) | McKay de la Policía Montada (2) | El Misterioso Dr Satán (3) | Richard y Bakutu (2) | Selección Grandes Películas (7) | Los Vengadores de la India (3)

Selección Grandes Aventuras

Thumbnail for Selección Grandes Aventuras
Title:Selección Grandes Aventuras
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Selección Grandes Aventuras - Gangsters en la selva | Uploaded: Jul 15, 2014
Categories:Adventure | Mixed Bag


Thumbnail for Serenata
Issues Available:19
Latest Issue:Serenata 023 Enemigas del amor | Uploaded: Jan 17, 2014
Categories:Romance | One Shots
Weekly romance series for young Spanish ladies, published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona. 1959. As additional appeal, the words to 3 popular songs are included, plus a photo of the artist on the back page.


Thumbnail for Suchai
Issues Available:226
Latest Issue:Suchai 226 - Danny, perro fiel | Uploaded: Aug 11, 2014
Categories:Children/Teenagers | War/Armed Forces | Spy/Espionage
Lilliput/piccolo. Hispano Americana de Ediciones, Barcelona


Thumbnail for Superhombre
Issues Available:68
Latest Issue:SuperHombre 61 Servicio de escolta | Uploaded: Jan 7, 2014
Categories:Superhero | Crime | Masked/Mystery Men
Spanish superhero. Not to be confused with Superman, this is a completely different character.

Tía Vicenta

Thumbnail for Tía Vicenta
Title:Tía Vicenta
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Tia Vicenta 135 | Uploaded: Nov 20, 2014

El Temerario

Thumbnail for El Temerario
Title:El Temerario
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:El Temerario 03 | Uploaded: Jun 2, 2013
Categories:Western | Western Heroes | Western Stars | Crime
Western series. Described as a formidable fighter and shooter who always acts for the law.

El Temible Pirata

Thumbnail for El Temible Pirata
Title:El Temible Pirata
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:El Temible Pirata 06 | Uploaded: May 27, 2013
Categories:Pirates | Adventure | Romance
Pirate adventure comic. Landscape. Published by Editorial Grafidea, Barcelona.

Terciopelo Negro

Thumbnail for Terciopelo Negro
Title:Terciopelo Negro
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Terciopelo Negro 01 | Uploaded: Sep 29, 2013
Categories:Adventure | Romance | Masked/Mystery Men | Pirates
The adventures of Terciopelo Negro are set in historical Venice. The man in the velvet domino mask fights villainy on the canals and through the alleys and palaces of city.

Thalma Klan

Thumbnail for Thalma Klan
Title:Thalma Klan
Issues Available:1
Latest Issue:Thalma Klan 1 - Los tesoros del Lago de Cristal | Uploaded: Aug 12, 2014

Tom Mix

Thumbnail for Tom Mix
Title:Tom Mix
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Tom Mix 36 - Enterrado vivo | Uploaded: Aug 12, 2014
Categories:Western | Western Stars


Thumbnail for Ultus
Issues Available:14
Latest Issue:Ultus 15 - La mariposa de oro | Uploaded: Jul 22, 2014
Categories:Adventure | Jungle

Los Vampiros del Aire

Thumbnail for Los Vampiros del Aire
Title:Los Vampiros del Aire
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Los Vampiros del Aire 02 - Al borde de la muerte | Uploaded: Jul 14, 2014
Categories:Superhero | Adventure | Monsters | Masked/Mystery Men
Classic series of Spanish landscape comics in the series, "Colleccion Grafica de Biblioteca de la Risa. " Flying heroes and villains, monsters, action, this series has the lot.

El Vengador del Mundo

Thumbnail for El Vengador del Mundo
Title:El Vengador del Mundo
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:El Vengador del Mundo 08 | Uploaded: Jul 12, 2016
16 issue series from 1945? Story by Fidel Prado, art by E Marculeta.

Los Vikingos

Thumbnail for Los Vikingos
Title:Los Vikingos
Issues Available:2
Latest Issue:Los vikingos 02 - El rey esclavo | Uploaded: Sep 28, 2012
Editorial Mateu, Barcelona. 1959. Landscape format.


Thumbnail for Yorga
Issues Available:15
Latest Issue:Yorga 11 | Uploaded: Sep 29, 2013
Categories:Jungle | Adventure | Animal
Published by Ediciones Hispano Americana, Barcelona. 1950.
With thanks to http://precisionquirurgica.blogspot.com.es/

El Zorro

Thumbnail for El Zorro
Title:El Zorro
Issues Available:25
Latest Issue:El Zorro 24 | Uploaded: Mar 31, 2016
Categories:Masked/Mystery Men | Adventure | Western | Crime
Yet another version of Zorro. This time a Spanish version published by Exclusivas Ferma, Barcelona.
Álbum de figurinha Balas futebol 1947 17 Juanco / paw broon Nov 3, 2014 6.86 2520 24
Aladino 36 36 paw broon Jul 23, 2012 14.99 3011 49
As de Espadas, El 001 12 paw broon May 24, 2012 16.97 2727 35
AS de la TRAPECIA El 12 Unknown / paw broon Oct 31, 2012 5.45 2913 30
Bengala 38 12 kukuyeye Jan 27, 2016 4.90 1203 12
Black Shadow Comics 1 34 mr_goldenage Mar 13, 2013 4.18 2736 25
Capitan Trueno, El 001 13 Napo58 / paw broon May 24, 2012 4.57 4265 93
Cascabel 104 12 Unknown / paw broon Oct 31, 2012 8.92 3067 29
Chispita El Hijo del Jinete Fantasma 001 12 Unknown / paw broon Nov 2, 2012 5.80 3223 29
Coleccion Lirio 03 por chani 1 12 Tebeos de factura hispana / paw broon Aug 22, 2013 13.40 2192 27
Coleccion Princesita Carolina 19 12 Unknown / paw broon Oct 16, 2012 15.35 2739 29
Colleccion 17 Anos 41 12 Unknown / paw broon Oct 5, 2012 6.29 2637 28
Cuentos andaluces Serie 5 nº 1 11 Integro Jul 26, 2014 12.88 2638 32
Cuentos de la Abuelita La Nina y La Florista 12 Tebeos de Factura Hispana / paw broon Jun 2, 2013 6.49 1876 19
Cuentos de la Abuelita La Riqueza de una Joven Pobre 12 Tebeos de Factura Hispana / paw broon Jun 2, 2013 6.59 1897 19
Cuentos Judios Serie 4 nº 2 12 Integro Jul 26, 2014 14.63 2536 31
Diamante Negro - 01 34 Unknown / paw broon Feb 21, 2015 16.59 2406 35
Dick Relampago 12 paw broon Oct 28, 2012 4.58 3235 29
Durga-Rani El Peneca 2096 15 bdvintagerares / paw broon Nov 10, 2015 9.22 1430 31
El Soplete del Hombre Infernal 18 paw broon May 14, 2012 13.46 2312 48
El Tesoro del Pirata 'Ke-Ko' 14 tebeos de factura hispana / paw broon Nov 22, 2012 4.57 2206 20
El Vengador (The Avenger) nº 1 34 Integro Jun 4, 2014 21.86 2012 37
En Busca de Aventuras 11 10 paw broon Mar 9, 2015 17.75 1680 25
Galator 18 Tebeos de Factura Hispana / paw broon Jun 23, 2013 22.94 1907 32
Intervalo 224 48 gustavea Jun 4, 2012 27.01 2164 34
Lindaflor 52 10 paw broon Oct 2, 2012 7.33 2366 19
Llanera Vengadora, La 030 33 paw broon May 27, 2012 7.87 4578 41
Los Mosqueteros 01 12 paw broon Jun 26, 2014 15.30 1833 24
Los tres mosqueteros (Tomás Porto) 34 Integro Jun 4, 2014 20.36 2157 42
Mil Mascaras 9 paw broon May 28, 2012 1.70 2860 32
Misterioso X 11 unknown / paw broon Jul 24, 2012 3.34 3171 51
Mundo Infantil, No. 1, 30 gustavea Jun 4, 2012 39.80 2424 22
Patoruzu 427 53 gustavea Jun 4, 2012 27.12 3736 52
Patoruzu 489 52 gustavea Jul 28, 2016 59.76 1317 17
Pimpinela 100 52 Carlos Jul 17, 2016 35.82 1477 36
Pimpinela 27 - David y Goliat 74 Carlos Aug 2, 2016 44.96 1600 31
Pinocho 001 18 Integro Jun 27, 2014 4.88 2087 30
Rayo Fantasma y Ayax 32 CRG / paw broon Feb 25, 2015 41.76 1900 49
Tamar 141 Entre dos fuegos 12 Farina / paw broon Feb 13, 2013 6.81 2478 31
Viriato y la Destruccion de Numancia - 1942 17 paw broon Aug 13, 2012 10.63 3396 47
Yelmo Negro 12 paw broon Mar 10, 2013 26.01 2915 36
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