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Although, this looks like a standard category, it is in fact a little bit of an oddity.

As most of our comics could be classified in one way or another as 'adventure' this would mean that we would have a massive amount of titles in this section.

So, what we have decided to do was to gather together adventure comics that do not appear in any other of the mainstream categories. This should then give them a bit more exposure, just in case they get overlooked.

The result is we have a rather interesting collection of titles, many of which are a little bit quirky.

We have 322 titles and 5,665 issues in our 'Adventure Category' for you to enjoy.

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Adventure Comics And Books


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Cover For Ultus
Online: 14 Books
Publishing History
From: 1943
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Undersea Agent
Cover For Undersea Agent
Online: 6 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 6
From: Jan 1966
To: Mar 1967
Seq: 1 - 6
Publisher:Tower Comics
Description:Complete - Some really great art and stories in these gems.
The Union Jack
Cover For The Union Jack
Online: 23 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 193
From: Jan 1880
To: Sep 1883
Seq: 1 - 193
Publisher:British Story Papers
Description:Union Jack was published by The Amalgamated Press based at Fleetway House in Farringdon Street, London. This first run was originally published on 1st January 1880 to 25th September 1883, for a total of 193 issues. The paper focused on adventure stories set around The British Empire or based at sea. It was superseded by The Union Jack Library.
Cover For Vaillant
Online: 18 Books
Publisher:French Language Books
Los Vampiros del Aire
Cover For Los Vampiros del Aire
Online: 11 Books
Publishing History
From: 1940
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Classic series of Spanish landscape comics in the series, 'Colleccion Grafica de Biblioteca de la Risa. ' Flying heroes and villains, monsters, action, this series has the lot.
El Vengador del Mundo
Cover For El Vengador del Mundo
Online: 10 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 16
From: 1945
Seq: 1 - 16
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:16 issue series from 1945? Story by Fidel Prado, art by E Marculeta.
Los Vengadores de la India
Cover For Los Vengadores de la India
Online: 3 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 3
Seq: 1 - 3
Publisher:Selección Aventurera
Los Vikingos
Cover For Los Vikingos
Online: 2 Books
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Editorial Mateu, Barcelona. 1959. Landscape format.
Voyage to the Deep
Cover For Voyage to the Deep
Online: 4 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 4
From: Sep 1962
To: Jan 1964
Seq: 1 - 4
Publisher:Dell Comics / Western Publishing
Wash Tubbs
Cover For Wash Tubbs
Online: 9 Books
Publishing History
From: 1924
Publisher:Newspaper Comic Strips
Description:The date is April 14, 1924 and Washington Tubbs II, a young bumbling store manager makes his comic strip debut. It started life as a daily gag about Tubbs's misadventures, but soon expanded to storylines. Just 12 weeks later the strip was reinvented. Its creator, Roy Crane, moved Tubbs from the comfort of the store to a life in the circus. Suddenly, Tubbs became a man of adventure more...
Wham Comics
Cover For Wham Comics
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 2
From: Nov 1940
To: Dec 1940
Seq: 1 - 2
Publisher:Centaur Publishing
The Wizard
Cover For The Wizard
Online: 232 Books
Publishing History
From: Sep 1922
To: Nov 1963
Publisher:British Story Papers
Description:One of the Big Five boys' story papers from D.C. Thomson. Featuring illustrated stories of adventure, sports, schooldays, crime, s.f. plus jokes. This paper ran from Sep 1922 for 1970 issues. The run ended in Nov. 1963. They bear no relation to the American pulps or, in fact, the British pocket libraries. They are in a class of their own being anthology story papers which more...
Cover For X-Venture
Online: 4 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 2
From: Jun 1947
To: Nov 1947
Seq: 1 - 2
Publisher:Victory Magazine Corporation
Cover For Xuxa
Online: 23 Books
Publishing History
From: 1951
Publisher:Portuguese Language Books
Description:Brazil. 1951. Striscia/piccolo. Published by, Casa Editora Vecchi, Ltda, Rio de Janeiro. With thanks to, http - //cheguavira.blogspot.co.uk/
Yarko the Great Archives
Cover For Yarko the Great Archives
Online: 3 Books
Publisher:Comic Book Compilations
Cover For Yorga
Online: 15 Books
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Published by Ediciones Hispano Americana, Barcelona. 1950. With thanks to http - //precisionquirurgica.blogspot.com.es/
Young Britain
Cover For Young Britain
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
From: Jun 1919
To: Nov 1923
Publisher:British Story Papers
Description:Young Britain was published weekly by The Amalgamated Press based at Fleetway House in Farringdon Street, London. It was first published on 14th June 1919 until 17th November 1923, when it becomes Young Britain (New Series). It had a total of 232 issues. It had the usual mixture of school, adventure and mystery stories for both boys and girls.
Young Heroes
Cover For Young Heroes
Online: 3 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 3
From: Feb 1955
To: Jun 1955
Seq: 35 - 37
Publisher:American Comics Group / ACG
Cover For Zamorro
Online: 6 Books
Publisher:Italian Language Books
Cover For Zaza
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 2
From: Apr 1956
To: Sep 1956
Seq: 10 - 11
Cover For Zorro
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 40
From: 1952
To: 1954
Seq: 1 - 40
Publisher:L. Miller & Son
Description:38 issue run. '52 - '54. Reprints of a French title. This version of Zorro with no sword or whip and a 'Z' on his shirt, bears little resemblance to the classic version. These stories might also have been reprinted in Italy.
El Zorro
Cover For El Zorro
Online: 25 Books
Publisher:Spanish Language Books
Description:Yet another version of Zorro. This time a Spanish version published by Exclusivas Ferma, Barcelona.
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