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Image for Superhero Comics And Books Action Comics #1, published in 1938, introduced a new character to the world and heralded in the era of Superheroes as we know them today. His name was Superman!

There was soon a whole comic book industry creating men, women and even animals who possessed an unimaginable array of superpowers. They were riding and flying high.

Coinciding with the end of World War II, superhero comics suffered a dip in sales. Other genres became popular. Crime, horror and romance became the biggest sellers. But over time, the superhero has recovered to yet again be the biggest comic book genre. Plus, as we all know superheroes have recently featured in a multitude of blockbusting films.

Unfortunately for this site, Superman, Spiderman and Batman are very much copyrighted. However, our massive collection of public domain superheroes are even more interesting and even Kryptonite cannot keep them from our grasp.

We have 207 titles and 3,889 issues in our 'Superhero Category' for you to enjoy.

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Superhero Comics And Books


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Wonder Comics
Cover For Wonder Comics
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 2
From: May 1939
To: Jun 1939
Seq: 1 - 2
Publisher:Fox Feature Syndicate
Wonderworld Comics
Cover For Wonderworld Comics
Online: 29 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 31
From: Jul 1939
To: Jan 1942
Seq: 3 - 33
Publisher:Fox Feature Syndicate
Description:WONDERWORLD COMICS (Fox) 1939 Series. No. 3, Jul 1939 - no. 33, Jan 1942. Formerly WONDER COMICS (Fox) 1939 Series.
Wow Comics
Cover For Wow Comics
Online: 73 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 69
From: 1940
To: Aug 1948
Seq: 1 - 69
Description:WOW COMICS (Fawcett) 1940 Series. No. 1, Winter 1940 - no. 69, Aug 1948.
Yankee Comics
Cover For Yankee Comics
Online: 8 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 4
From: Sep 1941
To: Mar 1942
Seq: 1 - 4
Publisher:Chesler / Dynamic
Yellowjacket Comics
Cover For Yellowjacket Comics
Online: 11 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 1
From: Sep 1944
To: Jun 1946
Seq: 1 - 1
Zip Comics
Cover For Zip Comics
Online: 47 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 47
From: Feb 1940
To: 1944
Seq: 1 - 47
Publisher:Archie / MLJ
Zip Jet
Cover For Zip Jet
Online: 2 Books
Publishing History
Issues: 2
From: Feb 1953
To: May 1953
Seq: 1 - 2
Publisher:St. John
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