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Thumbnail for Comic Book CompilationsOur favorite characters often appear in many different issues and take some finding. In this section some kind souls have gathered them all into one place!

Apart from the well known, such as the Fightin' Yank and Lady Luck, we also the slightly more obscure comic book characters like the Duke of Darkness and Mann of India.

So please enjoy the books we have here and give thanks to those who spent their time making them for us.

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Comic Book Compilations

Jungle Compilations

Thumbnail for Jungle Compilations
Title:Jungle Compilations
Issues Available:19
Latest Issue:Sheena In B&W | Uploaded: Nov 2, 2016
Sub-Categories:Kaanga Archives (4) | Tiger Girl Archives (3)

Science Fiction Compilations

Thumbnail for Science Fiction Compilations
Title:Science Fiction Compilations
Issues Available:48
Latest Issue:Captain Condor in Lion Annual | Uploaded: Oct 5, 2017
Sub-Categories:Astounding Stories Compilations (13) | Rocketman Archives (3) | S.F. Stories from British Weeklies (4) | Space Rangers Archives (6)
Categories:Science Fiction

Superhero Compilations

Thumbnail for Superhero Compilations
Title:Superhero Compilations
Issues Available:214
Latest Issue:Diana the Huntress | Uploaded: Nov 26, 2017
Sub-Categories:Amazing Man (4) | Blue Beetle Archives (13) | Bulletman Archives (16) | Capt. Marvel Archives (33) | Capt. Marvel Jnr Archives (21) | Daredevil Archives (6) | Eagle and Buddy Archives (4) | The Flame Archives (6) | Green Mask Archives (8) | The Heap Golden Age Archives (4) | Hydroman Archives (3) | Mary Marvel Archives (10) | Minute Man Archives (12) | Samson and David Archive (6) | Spy Smasher Archives (15) | V-Man Archives (3)

Western Compilations

Thumbnail for Western Compilations
Title:Western Compilations
Issues Available:30
Latest Issue:Buck Jones Stories - Crackajack Archive | Uploaded: Aug 11, 2016
Sub-Categories:Billy the Kid (UK Sun) Archives (3) | Firehair Archives (5) | Hopalong Cassidy Archives (4) | Tom Mix Stories (4)

Airboy Archives

Thumbnail for Airboy Archives
Title:Airboy Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Airboy Archive Part 3 | Uploaded: Aug 5, 2016
Categories:War/Armed Forces | Aviation
Airboy is a fictional flying hero based during the Second World War. He was created by writers Charles Biro and Dick Wood and artist Al Camy.

His name was David Nelson II, the son of an expert pilot and despite his youth an excellent pilot himself. An orphan, Davy was raised in a monastery by Franciscan monk Brother Francis Martier, who was himself a keen flyer. Martier created a revolutionary aircraft that flew by flapping its wings. Unfortunately, Martier was killed while test-flying it, because its fuel lines had been sabotaged. Davy rebuilt the craft, and wearing a uniform left to him by Martier, Davy named himself 'Airboy' and his new plane 'Birdie'. He helped the Allies during World War II, and soon earned the respect of enemy fliers.

The Art of Walt Kelly

Thumbnail for The Art of Walt Kelly
Title:The Art of Walt Kelly
Issues Available:7
Latest Issue:Peter Wheat Omnibus [PWN25-27] | Uploaded: Dec 26, 2015
Walter Crawford Kelly, Jr. (August 25, 1913 - October 18, 1973), better known as 'Walt Kelly', was an American animator and cartoonist, best known for the comic strip 'Pogo'.
He began his animation career in 1936 at Walt Disney Studios as a story man and animator, with credits on 'Pinocchio', 'Fantasia', and 'Dumbo'.
In 1941 Kelly transferred at the age of 28 to work at Dell Comics, where he worked exclusively during the 1940's. During this period, he created 'Pogo', which eventually became his platform for political and philosophical commentary.
He died in 1973 from diabetes complications, following a long and debilitating illness that had cost him a leg.

The Black Dwarf Archives

Thumbnail for The Black Dwarf Archives
Title:The Black Dwarf Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Black Dwarf Collection Pt2 | Uploaded: Dec 18, 2015
Categories:Science Fiction
Ex-Professional football player 'Shorty' Wilson retired from the game and decided to use his skills to 'turn the heat on the Underworld'. Taking the name 'The Black Dwarf' he dons a wide brimmed gaucho hat, a monk's robe and a red-lined cape. Shorty had no super powers, but was extremely athletic and an excellent scrapper. He was helped in his war on crime, by his sniper girlfriend Patricia 'Arsenic' Gaynes, explosives expert, Joseph 'Nitro' Lemerise, and the human fly, Terry 'Fly' Holcomb.
He first appeared in Spotlight Comics #01 (November 1944). His adventures were republished and reprinted under the name 'The Blue Monk' By St. John Publications.

Captain Wings Archives

Thumbnail for Captain Wings Archives
Title:Captain Wings Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Captain Wings Archive Vol.4 (Fiction House) | Uploaded: May 3, 2016
Categories:War/Armed Forces | Aviation
Captain Wings first appeared in Wings Comics #16 (December 1941) published by Fiction House. Written and created by Major T.E. Bowen.
His alter-ego is plain Captain Smith, who was both a special agent and a R.A.F. veteran. In his many adventures, the heroic pilot Captain Wings fought villains ranging from the Nazis to Communists and even space aliens.

However, starting with Wings Comics #23 the character undergoes a change of personality and background.
He is now Captain Boggs of the American Airforce, who during the Blitz over England fell subject to 'Blackouts' and was sent back to the USA to desk duty.
Frustrated he flies his own P-51 Mustang and wages his own private war on the Japanese and various costumed criminals. After the war he continues to fight Communists and U.F.O.s.

Charlie Chan Archives

Thumbnail for Charlie Chan Archives
Title:Charlie Chan Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Charlie Chan Stories from Quality's Feature Comics | Uploaded: May 4, 2015
Categories:Crime | Detective
The character of Charlie Chan was originally created by Earl Derr Biggers in 1919, while visiting Hawaii. He was inspired to create a Chinese-American police officer, as an alternative to the stereotypical Asian 'Yellow Peril' villains, in particular 'Fu-Manchu'.
He has appeared in six novels written by Earl Derr Biggers. The character has also appeared in many Feature Films, Radio Drama and Television Series, frequently assisted or hindered by 'Number One Son'.
He has also appeared in numerous comic books almost continually from 1940 through to 1960 and then sporadically afterwards. They include, Big Shot Comics published by Columbia Comics, Favorite Funnies published by DynaPubs Enterprises, Feature Comics published by Quality Comics and many versions entitled Charlie Chan Comics.

The Complete Torchy

Thumbnail for The Complete Torchy
Title:The Complete Torchy
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:The Complete Torchy part 5 | Uploaded: Apr 25, 2015
Categories:Children/Teenagers | Humor | Leading Ladies
Torchy's first appearance was as a comic strip in the Fort Hamilton Base newspaper in 1944. Her comic book debut was in Quality Comics' 'Doll Man' #8 in 1946. She was created by Bill Ward in 1944.

Torchy Todd, was the blonde bombshell that all the men loved. She began her long and colourful life mainly as a morale booster for the US Army. She is one of the most risqué comic characters of The Golden Age!

Torchy's depiction changed from story to story. Sometimes she was naive and didn't realise the effect she had on men. Other times she understood that effect, but couldn't quite get her head around the reason why she had it. Yet in other stories, Torchy deliberately used her assets to her own advantage.

Dixon Hawke

Thumbnail for Dixon Hawke
Title:Dixon Hawke
Issues Available:26
Latest Issue:The Trap That Hawke Set | Uploaded: Jun 28, 2017
Compilations of Dixon Hawke stories from Adventure.
This section complements the Dixon Hawke Library section in "Pulp Fiction".


Thumbnail for EAGZA
Issues Available:13
Latest Issue:Buck Ryan | Uploaded: Sep 24, 2017
Categories:Mixed Bag
Excellent compilations of classic Spanish strips and comics, featuring excellent art and story. Grateful thanks for producing and hosting these resources to:-

Fox Features Archives

Thumbnail for Fox Features Archives
Title:Fox Features Archives
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Fox Features Presents 10 | Uploaded: Jan 27, 2016
Categories:Mixed Bag
Fox Features Archives #01
The Birdman first appeared in Weird Comics #01 (Apr 1940). His last appearance was in Weird Comics #04 (June 1940).
A young Indian in the American Southwest, who not only flies but has the keen senses of a bird of prey.
He is apparently descended from an ancient Indian god. Armed with bow and arrow and knife he is a skilled fighter with or without his weapons.

Fox Feature Archives #02
Electro appeared in only one issue of Teen Ventures #17 (Dec 1950).
Electro otherwise known as Richard Darrow a famous inventor can become Electro, the master of electricity!

Fox Feature Archives #03
Bishop And Halo only appeared in Blue Beetle #24 (Aug 1943).
Halo was a crime fighter who disguised himself as a bishop.

Kalkor appeared in Fantastic Comics #22 and #23 (Sept/Nov 1941).
Kalkor was to be a high priest of Isis in Ancient Egypt, but a high priestess named Nagana, also known as the Queen of Evil, wanted him to forego his vows and rule Thebes by her side. Kalkor resisted her temptation and remained faithful to Isis. He confronted Nagana resulting in both the temple and city being destroyed, and Nagana becoming a statue.
3,000 years later, Nagana was found by archaeologists and was revived. In order to combat the Queen of Evil, Isis returned her faithful servant Kalkor to life. In order to blend in, Kalkor took on the civilian guise of John Kerry.

Lu-Nar The Moon Man appeared in Wonderworld Comics 28-33 (1941).
Lu-Nar or Lunar is an alien with some super-strength who crashed on earth and has some difficulty understanding our way of life. Beansie a cab driver befriends him and keeps a watchful eye on him.

Fox Feature Archives #04
Blackbird appeared in Blue Beetle #09 (Oct 1941).
Jake Baxter is the inventor and pilot of his own special airplane and is the heroic Blackbird when trouble arises. He's helped out by his mechanic Raftery.

Black Fury first appeared in Fantastic Comics #17 (Apr 1941).
The second incarnation of Black Fury was the alter ego of John Perry, gossip columnist for the Daily Clarion. Perry used his newspaper connections to uncover information on crime and corruption, which he would then fight in his costumed form. He had no superpowers, and was assisted by Chuck Marley (Kid Fury), the son of a slain policeman.

Fox Feature Archives #05
The Tumbler made his appearances in Green Mask 07 & 08 (1941).
Lee Brothers is a superb acrobat and trapeze artist for the circus. After an incident with criminals who killed his old trainer Sockey, the underworld thinks he is dead. He takes on the name of John Dowe and makes up a costume to become a mystery man using his circus performing name, the Tumbler.

Fox Feature Archives #06
Bronze Man appeared in Blue Beetle 42 & 44 (No issue 43). Major Randy Ronald is an ace of aces whose face was marred when escaping from the enemy and is presumed dead by the general public. In reality he goes around wearing the impassive bronze mask and waging war against injustice.

Thor appeared in Weird Comics 01-05 (1940).
Grant Farrel, an ordinary mortal is suddenly invested with the supernatural powers of the ancient god, Thor, son of Odin, supreme ruler of Valhalla!

Fox Feature Archives #07
Merciless the Sorceress appeared in All Your Comics #01 (Spring 1946)
The second version of Merciless the Sorceress was ruler of the land of Volcano People. Her enemies included Captain Bob Darlington, his assistant 'the Professor', and his pilot 'Happy' Jack Smiles. Her powers included transforming men into animals, being bulletproof, disintegration, flight, and numerous other powers.

Fox Feature Archives #08
The Black Rider, decked in black with a mask, Jack Cody is a modern western cowboy riding his horse Black Devil.
He first appeared in Weird Comics #17 (Aug 1941).

Night Bird aka newspaper photographer 'Lens' Crockett is secretly the non-powered mystery-man Night Bird. He is frequently paired up with lady reporter Dell Daniels.
He first appeared in Green Mask #06 (Aug 1941).

Typhon is a two-fisted type who is an undersea adventurer and inventor and commander of various submarines.
He first appeared in Weird Comics #01 (Apr 1940).

Frank Thomas Archives

Thumbnail for Frank Thomas Archives
Title:Frank Thomas Archives
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Frank Thomas Archives v2 - The Complete Eye (Centaur) | Uploaded: Mar 16, 2017
Categories:Mixed Bag
Publication History:Issues: 4 |  Sequence: #1 - #4 |  Dates: Jul 1936 - Nov 1936
External Links:Grand Comics Database
Frank Thomas (19141968) was an American Golden Age cartoonist who worked primarily for Centaur Publications.
For Centaur he created The Eye, Chuck Hardy, Dr. Hypno, and Solarman. Later in his career, he worked for Dell on The Owl, Billy and Bonnie Bee, Buddies and other characters. He wrote scripts for Andy Panda, Little Lulu, Woody Woodpecker and Little Scouts.

The Ghost Gallery Archives

Thumbnail for The Ghost Gallery Archives
Title:The Ghost Gallery Archives
Issues Available:18
Latest Issue:The Ghost Gallery Archives Vol 05 | Uploaded: Jul 8, 2017
The Ghost Gallery first appeared in Jumbo Comics #42 (Aug 1942) published by Fiction House and was a continuing feature until the final issue #167 in March 1953.
Ghost Gallery was an anthology series of supernatural stories. The host of the tales would often recount stories from his 'files', thus giving some continuity to the series. Quite a few of the stories had crime elements, and would have been considered as crime stories, except for a small supernatural component.

Golden Arrow Archives

Thumbnail for Golden Arrow Archives
Title:Golden Arrow Archives
Issues Available:18
Latest Issue:Golden Arrow Archive Vol 18 | Uploaded: Dec 27, 2017
Categories:Western | Adventure
Golden Arrow is a fictional hero who first appeared in his own strip in Fawcett Comics' Whiz Comics #02 (February 1940). The series ran until 1953 when Whiz Comics ceased publication. He also appeared in his own named magazine for 5 issues between 1942-1946.
Golden Arrow, otherwise known as Roger Parsons is the son of Professor Paul Parsons.
The Professor develops a revolutionary gas for balloon transportation. During a test run the balloon is shot down and both he and his wife are killed for the secret. His infant son Roger also aboard, miraculously survives the crash and is found, and subsequently raised by prospector Nugget Ned. Being raised in the wilderness, Roger grows up strong, quick and easily able to fend for himself. He also becomes highly skilled as an archer.
On his deathbed, Nugget Ned tells Roger about his real family and their deaths. As the Golden Arrow he avenges his father's death and goes on fighting crime.
Originally, the series appeared to be set in the Old West but it becomes apparent that it was set in the present day of the 1940's as he appears in a War Bond Drive in a Captain Marvel story.

The Green Hornet Archives

Thumbnail for The Green Hornet Archives
Title:The Green Hornet Archives
Issues Available:4
Latest Issue:Green Hornet Archive vol. 04 | Uploaded: Nov 21, 2015
Categories:Masked/Mystery Men | Crime
The Green Hornet first appeared on the radio in 1936.

His first appearance in comic books was December 1940, originally published by Heinit Comics it ran for six issues, when it was taken over by Harvey comics, where it ran until issue #47 (September 1949). 'The Green Hornet' has since appeared in numerous comic book publications to this day.

'The Green Hornet's' alter ego is Britt Reid a crusading newspaper publisher by day and vigilante by night, helping him in this is his oriental sidekick Kato. They have a souped-up automobile called 'The Black Beauty' and a gun that shoots knock-out gas. His night-time activities soon have the police on his trail and he's thought to be on the side of crime, a reputation he encourages.

It transpires that 'The Green Hornet' (Britt Reid) is a direct descendant of 'The Lone Ranger' (Real name John Reid). According to sources, John Reid took charge of his dead brother's son Dan Reid Jr. who subsequently inherited the Reid family Silver Mine and with this fortune, bought 'The Daily Sentinel'. Dan's son, Britt, later becomes the newspaper's publisher. He also takes up the family legacy of fighting crime as 'The Green Hornet'.

The Hawk Archives

Thumbnail for The Hawk Archives
Title:The Hawk Archives
Issues Available:19
Latest Issue:The Hawk Archive Vol 19 | Uploaded: May 26, 2017
Categories:Adventure | Pirates | Water/Boats
The Hawk first appeared in Feature Funnies #03 (Quality), however after issue #12 of Feature Funnies, 'The Hawk' jumped ship to Jumbo Comics (Fiction House). He appeared in 74 issues, continually until issue #65, then intermittently until his final appearance in issue #127 (September 1949).

In the 17th Century, 'The Hawk' is an escaped galley slave who brings together a group of other escaped slaves to become the freedom fighting pirates 'Hawks of the Seas'. He is helped primarily by 'Fluth' and the Native American 'Sagua'.

IBIS The Invincible Archives

Thumbnail for IBIS The Invincible Archives
Title:IBIS The Invincible Archives
Issues Available:23
Latest Issue:IBIS The Invincible Vol 10 | Uploaded: Mar 3, 2017
Ibis the Invincible first appeared in Whiz Comics #02 (February 1940) published by Fawcett Comics. He appeared in 43 issues of Whiz Comics and in 6 issues of his own magazine.
Like many magician superheroes introduced in the Golden Age of Comics, Ibis owes much to the popular comic strip character Mandrake the Magician.

Ibis begins his life as Amentep, a prince of ancient Egypt who was in love with the beautiful Princess Taia of Thebes. As a young man, Amentep is given the 'Ibistick', a talisman of incredible power, by the Egyptian god Thoth. Taia, is shot by a poisoned arrow by a cruel magician known as The Black Pharoh after refusing to marry him. Using his 'Ibistick', Amentep places Taia in suspended animation to allow her to heal. He casts a similar spell upon himself, hoping to be present when Taia revives.

4000 years later, the mummy of Amentep returns to life in an American museum in 1940. Now called 'Ibis', he sets out in search of Taia, eventually finding her at another museum. Now the couple are reunited, he now seeks to adjust to this new world, Ibis uses his vast powers to become a crimefighter.

illustrations from Spanish Pulps

Thumbnail for illustrations from Spanish Pulps
Title:illustrations from Spanish Pulps
Issues Available:6
Latest Issue:El Ultimo Vampiro | Uploaded: Oct 12, 2016
Categories:Adventure | Science Fiction | Crime | Science Fiction
Collections of covers and interior illustrations from Spanish pulps, c. 1930's, featuring winged villains; hooded mystery men and women; an adventuress and a superhero.

Iron Jaw Archives

Thumbnail for Iron Jaw Archives
Title:Iron Jaw Archives
Issues Available:5
Latest Issue:Iron Jaw Archive v5 | Uploaded: Mar 2, 2015
Categories:Crime | Spy/Espionage
Iron Jaw first appeared in Boy Comics #03 (April 1942) published by Lev Gleason. He made a further 21 times appearances.

An incident during WWI left a German soldier by the name of Von Schmidt horribly disfigured and doctors were forced to replace his jaw with one of metal. A villainous Nazi killer who has been reported dead many times. His most relentless foe is Chuck Chandler better known as 'The Crimebuster'. Iron Jaw could apparently take a large amount of punishment, such as a chair breaking across his head without flinching.

Jim Tyer Collection

Thumbnail for Jim Tyer Collection
Title:Jim Tyer Collection
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Jim Tyer Collection pt1 | Uploaded: May 18, 2013
Categories:Humor | Funny Animals
Jim Tyer (1904-1976) was an animator and occasional comic book artist. He began his career in the late 1920s working for Van Beuren studios on 'Aesop's Fables' until the mid 1930s.
He was with Fleischer and Famous Studios in the 1940s but is best known for his work for Terrytoons throughout the second half of the 1940s and the 1950s animating characters such as 'Tom Terrific', 'Heckle and Jeckle' and 'Mighty Mouse'. In the early 1960s he worked for Trans-Lux Productions on 'Felix the Cat' and 'Mighty Hercules' cartoons for television.

Lance O'Casey Archives

Thumbnail for Lance O'Casey Archives
Title:Lance O'Casey Archives
Issues Available:11
Latest Issue:Lance O'Casey Archive Vol 11 | Uploaded: Aug 25, 2017
Categories:Water/Boats | Adventure
Lance O'Casey first appeared in Whiz Comics #02 (Feb 1940) published by Fawcett Comics.
Helped by his pet monkey Mr. Hogan, Lance is an adventurer sailing the South Seas. Later on, O'Casey left his monkey and started travelling with a new first-mate named Mike Bellew. O'Casey and Bellew were down on their luck adventurers looking to transport cargo, search for the odd bit of treasure or help damsels in distress.

The Loony World Of Alan Fraser

Thumbnail for The Loony World Of Alan Fraser
Title:The Loony World Of Alan Fraser
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:The Loony World Of Alan Fraser Part3 | Uploaded: Oct 19, 2015
Alan Fraser was a British comic artist who contributed to magazines All Fun and Comic Adventures, published by D.C. Thomson. He drew funny comics such as 'Charlotte the Char' and 'Fore and Aft, the Nautical Boys' during the 1940s.

Phantom Lady Archives

Thumbnail for Phantom Lady Archives
Title:Phantom Lady Archives
Issues Available:9
Latest Issue:Phantom Lady Archives v3.1 - The Ajax Year | Uploaded: Mar 29, 2015
Categories:Crime | Leading Ladies
Phantom Lady first appeared in Police Comics #01 (Aug, 1941) published by Quality Publications.
The character appeared a further 23 times in Police Comics and in 11 issues of her own named magazine Phantom Lady. Numbering for this publication started at issue #13 - numbering continuing from Wotalife which finished at issue #12.
She also appeared briefly in Feature Comics (issues 69-71) as part of a crossover with 'Spider Widow' and 'The Raven'.
Her last appearance in the Golden Age was in Phantom Lady #23 (April 1949)

Her alter ego was Sandra Knight, the beautiful daughter of U.S. Senator Henry Knight. This first issue established that it was not her first appearance as the Phantom Lady, but it did not go into her origin. When the character was resurrected decades later by DC Comics she was given a proper origin, which was altered several times to give Sandra a more active role.
Sandra Knight assumed the identity of Phantom Lady, 'Mistress Of The Dark', in a costume consisting of a green cape and the equivalent of a one-piece yellow swimsuit. She used a 'black light projector', a device which allowed her to blind her enemies and make herself invisible. She drove a car whose headlights also projected black light when necessary. She was sometimes assisted by her fiance, Donald Borden, an agent of the U.S. State Department.

RangerHouse Archives

Thumbnail for RangerHouse Archives
Title:RangerHouse Archives
Issues Available:12
Latest Issue:003 - The Complete Purple Zombie | Uploaded: Jan 6, 2016
Categories:Mixed Bag

Sexton Blake Comic Strips

Thumbnail for Sexton Blake Comic Strips
Title:Sexton Blake Comic Strips
Issues Available:10
Latest Issue:Sexton Blake and Tinker -The League of Crime | Uploaded: Sep 26, 2017
Categories:Detective | Crime | Adventure
Compilations of Blake strips from Knockout Annuals.

Sky Girl Archives

Thumbnail for Sky Girl Archives
Title:Sky Girl Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Sky Girl Collection, The Rest of Part 1 | Uploaded: Jul 17, 2016
Categories:Adventure | Aviation
Sky Girl's first appearance was in Jumbo Comics #68 (Oct 1944) published by Fiction House. She appeared in Jumbo Comics until issue #129 (Nov 1949).

Ginger Maguire, nicknamed Sky Girl, was the star of several World War II aviation adventures, though was apparently not 'the sharpest knife in the drawer'.
She was constantly in search of a husband as well as a career in aviation. She eventually managed to get a job, ferrying military equipment around the Pacific. Although she could fly a plane, just not very well, so she often crashed planes and caused property damage.
Post-war, Sky Girl got a job as a waitress at an airport cafe and dyed her hair blonde, but still continued to have aerial adventures.

Splash Page

Thumbnail for Splash Page
Title:Splash Page
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Splash Page and the King of Diamonds | Uploaded: Sep 26, 2017
Categories:Crime | Adventure | Detective
Splash Page is a character from Sexton Blake stories. Comet and Knockout Annuals contained his solo stories.

Weird Stories of the Supernatural Archives

Thumbnail for Weird Stories of the Supernatural Archives
Title:Weird Stories of the Supernatural Archives
Issues Available:14
Latest Issue:Weird Stories of the Supernatural Archives Vol 14 | Uploaded: Apr 18, 2017
Weird Stories Of The Supernatural appeared as a regular feature in Jumbo Comics published by Fiction House. It began as 'The Diary of Dr. Hayward' in Jumbo Comics #01 (Sept 1938) and continued until issue #09 when it became 'Weird Stories Of The Supernatural'. It featured the same characters as in the previous strip, Dr. Hayward, Stuart Taylor and his girlfriend Laura.

Despite its title, 'Weird Stories of the Supernatural' was basically a time-travel series, although many of the adventures had a mysterious aspect to it.

Yarko the Great Archives

Thumbnail for Yarko the Great Archives
Title:Yarko the Great Archives
Issues Available:3
Latest Issue:Yarko the Great Part 3 | Uploaded: Feb 19, 2016
Categories:Crime | Adventure
Yarko The Great first appeared in Wonder Comics #02 (June 1939) published by Fox Publications. He was created by the legendary Will Eisner.
Wonder Comics was renamed Wonderworld Comics for issue #03. Yarko The Great appeared in all of the issues (#03-33). He made further appearances in The Blue Beetle #01 and Samson #04-05.

Yarko The Great was a stage magician with real magical powers. Travelling all over the world, he fought crime and injustice, as well as supernatural menaces, wherever he went. Yarko performed magic with gestures as well as spells (sometimes backward) but his power resided primarily in his eyes. When his eyes were covered, he was powerless.
Zanzibar the Magician compilation Part 1 71 mr_goldenage Feb 13, 2016 67.31 1702 101
Zanzibar the Magician Part 2 98 mr_goldenage Feb 14, 2016 84.61 1600 89
Zero the Silent, the first story 44 hoover / paw broon Jan 6, 2016 28.41 2593 93
ZORRO, A Double Bill 21 Mania dos quadradinhos / paw broon Jun 26, 2017 7.33 1011 31
ZX-5 Spies in Action Archive Vol 01 70 David Miles Sep 3, 2017 27.57 1062 81
ZX-5 Spies in Action Archive Vol 02 64 David Miles Sep 8, 2017 27.92 680 80
ZX-5 Spies in Action Archive Vol 03 64 David Miles Sep 15, 2017 19.32 558 62
ZX-5 Spies in Action Archive Vol 04 64 David Miles Sep 24, 2017 26.21 521 64
ZX-5 Spies in Action Archive Vol 05 86 David Miles Oct 8, 2017 23.83 931 73
ZX-5 Spies in Action Archive Vol 06 73 David Miles Nov 4, 2017 25.04 606 62
ZX-5 Spies in Action Archive Vol 07 66 David Miles Jan 1, 2018 42.19 269 37
ZX-5 Spies in Action Archive Vol 09 67 David Miles Jan 13, 2018 22.48 403 54
ZX-5 Spies in Action Archive Vol 10 67 David Miles Jan 13, 2018 26.71 483 52
ZX5-Spies in Action Vol 11 67 David Miles Feb 10, 2018 21.88 222 36
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